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Student Tips

Best Summer Jobs For College Students

23 Apr 2018

Finding summer jobs is a common practice among university and college students, who want to spend their summer usefully and earn some money. Some advantages of summer jobs for college students are obvious. Apart from making some money, such jobs can also give you some valuable experience, meet new people to gain not only friends but also some useful contacts, and increase your independence. However, there are many other benefits.

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Best Tips To Improve Critical Thinking Skills

05 Apr 2018

If you are a student of a college or university, you should understand the significance of knowledge. However, even if you’ve reviewed lots of information on the particular subject, it doesn’t make a good student or scientist of you. The way of thinking also matters and it gives you more advantages than just learning facts.

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List of Free Software For Students ​​​​​​​

02 Apr 2018

In the modern world, each student needs some computer software for studying in college and making the learning process more effective and less stressful. However, the problem is that almost all useful programs are quite expensive. If you are hoping to make the process of obtaining education simpler but can’t afford too pricey but useful softwares, do not panic yet because we have a solution for you! There are a lot of free software for students that will come in handy for you regardless of the subject you study and your academic level! Below is a list of the best computer programs to have if you are a student!

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History of Online Courses: an Infographic

27 Mar 2018

I’ve been striving to study all throughout my adulthood – but sometimes universities simply cannot offer you exactly what you need. There are countless subjects you can’t find at your high school, or college, or university, and sometimes, there are amazing courses from other majors you are not allowed to take.

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Time Management For College Students

19 Mar 2018

Time management is a great skill and opportunity for college students to learn how to have time for all the exercises they need to do while studying. In many cases, students do not know how to organize their time properly. They are often a part of different clubs and extracurricular activities, they spend much time with friends, or on social media. At the same time, they have to go to class and do exercises. Besides, their time is not planned well because they do not start at 9 AM and end at 5 PM.

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35 Best Debate Topics For College Students

13 Mar 2018

The debate is a usual and powerful practice in colleges, which is an essential part of the academic program and also quite an engaging activity for young people despite the fact that many students have problems while they are preparing to debate.

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Best Writing Tools For Students

23 Feb 2018

Within the framework of the modern academic program, all students have to work on various papers and eventually, spend at least 70% of their time in the university or college on writing. Since written assignments are something that each student faces almost on the daily basis, looking for ways to simplify the process is a good idea. How can you make essay writing simpler? The best way to make the process run faster and easier is to find convenient and effective online writing tools. Good writing tools for students can come in handy in various situations.

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5 Reasons To Use Google Docs For Writing Your Paper

21 Feb 2018

Google Drive is a multi-purpose cloud storage for keeping different types of files, which allows you to store all your documents, charts, audios, photos, and videos in one place and have constant access to all your files from different devices at any type of day or night. It also features many additional apps that give you a possibility to create files, presentations, and documents, with a possibility of further editing. Thus, it is a universal tool for various purposes.

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Best Science News For Students

22 Jan 2018

We have already observed an amazing technological and scientific progress that took place in the last decades, and even now, this process does not slow down. Our generation has witnessed many stunning scientific breakthroughs. In fact, today the world of science also does not stand still. It looks like during all these years the scientific progress has been only gaining momentum and today we finally stand on the threshold of the greatest, life-changing discoveries.

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Best 40 online math course

13 Nov 2017

Our team receives tons of requests from students who beg “please, write my essay” every day so it already became a usual thing. However, although essays have always been among students’ biggest struggles, there is another thing that always makes young people feel stressed and helpless. This thing is called math!

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