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  • 200 Best Debate Topics For College Students

    A debate is a usual and powerful task in colleges which is an essential part of the academic program and also quite an engaging activity for young people despite the fact that many students have problems while they are preparing to debate.

    06 May 2020 • Student Tips

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  • Best Tips to Write a Good Movie Review

    A movie review is one of the most often assigned forms of college written tasks but, despite its popularity, many students still have no clue how to write a movie review well. Writing a critical movie essay is not too difficult if you understand it...

    16 Apr 2020 • Student Tips

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  • How Can I Write A Speech About Myself: 7 Tips

    Why do you need to compose an autobiographical speech outline and what is it at all? Its concept is to demonstrate one's personality to achieve a specific goal. If you make a competent self-presentation about yourself, you can achieve significant s...

    08 Apr 2020 • Student Tips

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  • 9 Easy Rules to Make a Good PowerPoint Presentation

    Today, regardless of whether you are in a school, college or university, a PowerPoint presentation is a common and widely-used method of engaging students and evaluating their knowledge and skills. This form of a multimedia project is multipurpose....

    07 Mar 2020 • Student Tips

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  • 5 hints for preparing for a debate

    Many young students need to have their first public discussion so they try to find information on debate preparation online. It is not difficult to prepare yourself, but you should spend much time on it, especially if you don’t have much experience...

    22 Feb 2020 • Student Tips

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  • How To Write A Good Speech About Another Person

    Students are often asked to write a speech about other people. You can be assigned to talk about your friend, relative, teacher, or a famous person. To do it well, you should concentrate on what you can tell about this person to others and what you...

    16 Feb 2020 • Student Tips

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  • Easy Team Building Activities For College Students

    When you imagine a student, you think about learning at university, reading books, writing papers. However, they have many other activities that help them relax and entertain. Learning and relaxing are connected and playing or walking with other pe...

    12 Feb 2020 • Student Tips

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  • How To Make a Bullet List For APA Or MLA Formatting

    Whether you are writing a formal article, blogging, completing an academic essay or thesis, bullet lists are an important tool to add some flare to your work. There are, however, some important rules to follow when using lists in your work. We’ve c...

    25 Jan 2020 • Student Tips

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  • Actual Powerpoint Presentations Topics for Students

    Presentations are a useful tool for any college student. During the course of your college studies, you may have to give a presentation. This could be as part of a coursework assignment, or even as part of an end of term examination. Most students ...

    19 Jan 2020 • Student Tips

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