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Best Argumentative Research Paper Topics And Writing Tips

Today we are going to present to you the argumentative research paper topics that will help you more than you can imagine. We have a massive list of argumentative titles that are all obtained by teachers and experts from Papersowl; hence you may want to look at these. what are some good argumentative research paper topics?

Well, these depend on your needs and the needs of your school. Keep in mind that you will have to look for interesting argumentative research paper topics and write the paper at the end of the year. It is a very important piece of writing and the one that can make a massive difference with your grade. While other papers are easier, shorter, and have many straightforward titles, argumentative research paper topics differ. These are complex, require a lot of research and are focused on a long time frame.

If you are in high school or college, you will have to look for argumentative research topics and to write a well-researched paper. Keep in mind that here research has a huge role, and it is one of the essential writings you will need to complete during your education. This is just one of many reasons why so many students choose to use research paper writing service as quickly as possible. They get a well-written paper and, as you can assume, the best grade. At the same time, they get a lot more free time to use on other tasks.

We all know that students these days don't have enough time to complete everything they have on their to-do lists! These research paper topic ideas can help you more than you can imagine. All of the argumentative essay topic ideas are professional and common!

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What Is an Argumentative Research Paper?

You do need prompts for argumentative writing in order to end up with the best result. This type of writing is essential and very complicated. The main reason for that is the research you need to be done. You need to use all sorts of background information, facts, details, and so much more. The goal of the paper is to develop your argument or your stand related to something and defend it in the paper. You will use evidence for that, and you need to stay clear about what you think and try to tell others why you think like that. All research paper topics are complicated, but these ones are a bit more advanced.

Keep in consideration that expository paper is not the same as argumentative! In the first case, you will write a shorter paper that allows you to explain in general terms some issues. In the second case, you need to use actual facts, data, and so much more. In addition, the first type of paper is written during the class, so it is much shorter. The second is written at home, and it is much longer. To write research papers, you need to understand the topic. There is no need to add that you must present your stand as detailed as possible.

Some students like to write about professional athletes, and these are actually very common argumentative topics. But, as you shall see below, there are countless variations and examples of what and how you must write. The good thing is that you can always get research paper help for this type and any other and get the grade you need without investing weeks into writing. Yes, an argumentative paper will need days or even weeks to be completed! Time and effort are mandatory here. All college students or all writers at school and college need help at some point. For some of you, the best argumentative ideas can be sufficient. For others, you may need a complete type of help.

For this type of writing, students will have to use experiments, surveys, and other types of research. The goal is to have a paper on argumentative topics that are 100% accurate and reflect your opinion. Some of these papers come with age restrictions so you can see how complicated they are. Topics research is mandatory, and it is something you need to consider first.

How to Choose Argumentative Research Paper Topics?

Let's start with the basics. The first thing you will have to do is to choose the topic you will write on. It can be social media, online dating, gender equality, global warming, or anything in between. If you can choose the topic, choose the one that you are interested in. This will make research far easier and more appealing. Just imagine a scenario in which you must write about something you really hate or you are not interested in. This is the case with all research papers. If you do this, you will already have an argument or at least the base for your writing. Then, you can start writing. In some cases, you will have to write a paper on a topic that is already provided. It is a more complicated and annoying option, but you still need to invest a lot of time to understand the issues.

Another tip here is to choose a topic you are passionate about. This is an excellent choice and will help you. If possible, get an easy one. By using this, you can easily interest readers in what you have to say and provide accurate information that will help them understand your issue. If you like video games, you can write about them and make a good paper within days. Of course, you still have to include actual research facts. Don't use false pieces of information or anything similar. This is not a wise idea.

Controversial Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Here we have research paper topics that are controversial. What this means, in general, is that there are a lot of readers who have a stand on the topic. For instance, some will approve of it while others will believe that things should be banned. These are also the most interesting issues of them all, and you can see countless topics and related papers that are very popular and appealing. If you are planning to buy research paper, it will most likely be on one of these topics so you can understand how popular these are. All you have to remember is that these papers require from you to pick a side on a complicated theme that has been discussed for a long period of time and defend your opinion. It can be tough and extremely complicated.

  1. Should we accept and approve human cloning and use it for research or help humankind?
  2. Can soldiers use torture during interrogation?
  3. Is free speech something that has rules and exemptions?
  4. Is capitalism the only effective and desirable system?
  5. Is increased gun control mandatory these days?
  6. Are electric cars the only reliable future?
  7. Should we allow gay couples to adopt children?
  8. Should people remove the death penalty completely?
  9. Are PC games dangerous and cause violent behavior?
  10. Should abortion be controlled by the law or not?

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Sports Argumentative Research Paper Topics

For some of you, these are the best papers in the world. You all like sports, so writing about one is probably something you will want to do. There are countless issues you can cover here, and as such, we can see a lot of topics. For the lack of a better word, you will write about sports or something that is related to sport. There are countless examples, and actually, most students will write a paper or two on this topic at some point. Keep in mind that you must have a main point, and you must justify the claim using data and facts. You can't use your opinion only in this type of paper. Here are 10 topics that you will enjoy writing on.

  1. Should all coaches make as much money as athletes?
  2. Are pro athletes role models?
  3. Should athletes be punished if they don't stand still during the National Anthem?
  4. Is rugby an extremely dangerous sport?
  5. How sport betting differs from online casino gambling?
  6. Are sports too much affected by computer prediction?
  7. Should we allow the use of drugs that can boost the performance of athletes?
  8. Should sport events be allowed during the pandemic?
  9. Are cheerleaders athletes as well?
  10. Should humans invent new Olympic sports?

Education Argumentative Research Paper Topics

When it comes to education, you need to write a lot about it. There are countless examples. These papers are some of the most commonly used, and they have a huge role. The goal here is to help students and teachers understand a specific idea better and even try to improve education. We have countless examples that are specially designed for high school. Others are only ideal for college. If you ever wrote a sociology research paper you may have touched on some of these ideas, and you probably know more about them than you may believe. Anyway, here are 10 examples that we like, are very appealing and can help you more than you can imagine.

  1. Should all people go to college?
  2. Is gap year something you need or a mistake you will make?
  3. Should the income of parents determine who goes to college?
  4. Are college years overrated?
  5. Are certain colleges more important and beneficial than others?
  6. Is college admission realistic and helpful?
  7. Is tuition for modern colleges way expensive?
  8. Do some majors come with a better career effect than others?
  9. Is prom something that is popular without a real reason?
  10. Should all schools have severe security these days?

Technology & Computer Science Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Here we have all the ideas you can imagine that are related to computers and technology of this kind. We can see that platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have a huge role here. Due to the popularity of these, your teacher will likely ask you to write an essay or two during education. Yes, social media has a huge role here, and it is one of the most commonly used ideas. Here are some ideas that can help you and are very interesting at the moment.

  1. Is artificial intelligence something we all need?
  2. Is technology beneficial or it is something that destroys us?
  3. Should we allow Facebook to collect our data?
  4. Should we have the ability to stay 100% anonymous while online?
  5. Are smartphones causing addiction?
  6. Are we more isolated due to technology nowadays?
  7. Are humans too much dependent on the web?
  8. Is the internet making us more lonely?
  9. Is the internet good or bad for humanity?
  10. Is technology developed for wars and conflict?

Government Argumentative Research Paper Topics

These ideas can be very confusing and complicated. This is because they touch the government, the way of life, institutions, and politics in general. You need to have a strong point of view when writing these argumentative essays. Your argumentative paper needs to be written from your own perspective and answer the main question here. In a nutshell, you will discuss something that is related to how the country works and are we going forward or going backwards.

  1. Are leaders taking us to the right direction?
  2. Should the minimum wage be increased?
  3. Why do many people consider the US to be the best country in the world?
  4. Are veterans being paid sufficiently?
  5. Why the first lady is so important these days?
  6. Are immigrants causing a lot of problems for the country?
  7. Why voting system we use now is failing?
  8. Is it moral to spy on other countries?
  9. How to spend a budget of one city well?
  10. Why national security is more important than our privacy?

Criminal Justice & Criminology Argumentative Research Paper Topics

These are special research topics and some that will help you if you want to study law. Let's just say that if you are studying law, you will have to write a lot about this. Keep in mind that criminology will investigate why a crime happens, the cost, effects, and similar aspects. Criminal justice, on the other hand, is developed to deal with criminals. Your paper structure must be advanced and must provide all the latest and issue-related data you can find. Here are 10 ideas that we really like.

  1. Using culture to explain crime
  2. Crime rates and criminal advancement in a city
  3. DAWN data collection: How does it work?
  4. Convict criminology benefits
  5. Postmodern criminology: Main issues
  6. Which role media has in criminology?
  7. Social media as a new place for criminals
  8. History of the criminal justice
  9. Nature of criminal behavior explained
  10. Ages and crime links explained

Social Studies Argumentative Research Paper Topics

The lack of a better word, here we can see topics and issues that are based on society and the world in general. You will have to explain something related to society and try to prove that it is beneficial or you are against that. The topics here are all fun and can be simple if you have the ability to choose the one you like. The research topic should include as much data and actual research if possible.

  1. Is monarchy beneficial?
  2. Is democracy the only system we need?
  3. Pros and cons of capitalism
  4. Major resources of the United States
  5. Personal identity elements
  6. Americanization or globalization
  7. What causes mass consumption
  8. Should voting be mandatory?
  9. Communication technologies and politics link
  10. Why is cultural diversity so important in the workplace?

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Debatable Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Yes, we also have great debatable topics for research paper that you will like. These ones are a bit special. For the lack of a better word, they can have two sides. You can be for or against a specific thing. You can also see that some of these are complicated to explain and do have a severe level of complexity. You need to have a strong argument, and you need to keep it strong as long as possible. Hopefully, these 10 ideas will help you and can even direct you in the right direction.

  1. Is euthanasia something we need to approve?
  2. Why unpaid internships are a huge problem for humankind
  3. Should we use the death penalty all over the country?
  4. Is true gender equality something that we can make it work?
  5. Should we allow older people to vote still?
  6. Is universal healthcare something that should be mandatory?
  7. How will increased salary be more beneficial for the country?
  8. Cancel culture: Pros and cons
  9. Who caused global poverty?
  10. Should we grow human organs in the lab?

Psychology Argumentative Research Paper Topics

These essays are all about two things. They are usually about the things that affect our minds and our mental health. Secondly, they are about psychology and are more focused on what we can do to prevent these or sort them out. For some of you, there are countless issues, and we will try to give you a few examples that are very appealing today.

  1. How social media affects our mental health?
  2. Is screen time causing depression?
  3. Are lie detectors accurate?
  4. Is positive thinking that important?
  5. Can anxiety help us?
  6. Is hypnosis effective method?
  7. Why more and more people are depressed?
  8. Is this world causing too much stress for us?
  9. Meaning of dreams explained
  10. Should therapists call the police if you are planning or you broke the law?

Medical Argumentative Research Paper Topics

As you can assume here, you will need to write about health, medicine in general, and all the related things. The goal is to stay focused on the medicine or the overall health while writing and provide facts that approve your claim. It is very interesting and can be the best topic for some of you.

  1. GMO: bad or good?
  2. Should we limit the sugar level in all beverages?
  3. Is the nursing profession in the US more suitable for women than men?
  4. Are nurses having a low salary today?
  5. How we should fight obesity?
  6. Should we allow nurses to prescribe drugs to patients?
  7. Can parents deny treatment their child needs?
  8. Is healthcare something we all need?
  9. Should we ban doctors from promoting medications?
  10. Is assisted suicide something we should legalize?

American History Argumentative Research Paper Topics

If you like these ideas, you are a lucky person. They are very common, and you will probably have to complete countless of them during your education. Keep in mind that here we are referring to the history that occurred or affects the US in some way. We are not referring to global history as you can see.

  1. Who was the best president in the US history and why?
  2. How assassination of Abraham Lincoln affected the reconstruction?
  3. Is the constitution a proslavery document?
  4. Were we able to avoid the civil war?
  5. Do nuclear weapons made world safer or not?
  6. Should the US joined the WWII sooner?
  7. Was the declaration of independence a true declaration of war?
  8. Who were the founding fathers of the US?
  9. Cost of WWII to the US economy
  10. Origin of the United States

Philosophy Argumentative Research Paper Topics

If you like philosophers, you are going to like these ideas. There are many of them, but these are actually common, and they are ideal for most of you. In a nutshell, you will explore something invisible that affects humans and humankind more than you can imagine. You can explain some topics in detail, and you can use your own opinion to do that.

  1. Are people bad or good?
  2. Is free will actually a myth?
  3. Will faith in God change you?
  4. Ethical egoism: For or against
  5. Are moral facts real?
  6. The link between science and faith
  7. Should we allow personal drug use?
  8. Is cloning an ethical thing to do?
  9. Should we all be honest all the time?
  10. Are zoos and circuses ethical?

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Social Media Argumentative Research Paper Topics

There is no need to tell you that these ideas will be focused on one thing only. There are countless things here and even more variations, so we will need to present to you the best ones in order to get the most help. Anyway, here are 10 titles that are very appealing at the moment and come with all the elements you need.

  1. Benefits of using Instagram
  2. Is Tik Tok dangerous for kids?
  3. How Facebook is advancing
  4. Data collection explained
  5. Is love via Instagram possible?
  6. How social platforms will change over time?
  7. Does Facebook cause anxiety?
  8. Role of Twitter in education
  9. Should amperes monitor this activity of their employees?
  10. Should police have access to your Instagram account?


All you have to do now is to find the research topics here that you like and are passionate about. Then, start writing. Remember that you need to be accurate, use tons of data, and research a topic as much as possible. These essays are not simple or something you can write within minutes. They require days or even weeks, and they need countless facts that are accurate and will help you justify your claim and why you think that. Research papers for sale can make the process of writing essays easier, as they provide you with pre-written content that can save you a lot of time.

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