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How To Make a Bullet List For APA Or MLA Formatting

Written by Sarina Jones
Posted: November 12, 2021
Last update date: June 20, 2024
3 min read

Whether you are writing a formal article, blogging, completing an academic essay or thesis, bullet lists are an important tool to add some flare to your work. There are, however, some important rules to follow when using lists in your work. We’ve created this helpful guide which complies with APA and MLA formatting standards. If you follow these helpful hints for structuring your lists with examples below from our professional writers at PapersOwl you will be sure to get a high grade.

First, identify when a list is necessary. Lists are useful when you have a lot of details to convey to the reader in a quick and easy manner without bogging the reader down through wordy passages. Lists can be used to give detailed instructions to a process, requirements to complete a certain task, or helpful references to inform of a schedule or event.

When using lists be sure to also follow a set of formatting standards that are accepted and you’ll build confidence in your audience and if you are writing an academic paper you will be sure to receive a high grade on your paper. Our advice – you can use online APA format generator to avoid mistakes in the reference list in your paper.

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How To List Things In Academic Papers Correctly

Here are some important factors to consider when using lists:

  1. If your list items are complete sentences, be sure to use proper capitalization and punctuation as if the list item were a stand-alone sentence.
  2. When using fragmented sentences, do not include any ending punctuation.
  3. When using semicolons to separate list items, the last item on the list should contain a period.
  4. Be sure your list items have a consistent format and style i.e. when using full sentences ensure all list items are full sentences.
  5. Ensure all your list items are related to the same topic.
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If you follow these hints from our custom writing service your paperwork will look more professional and be more interesting to read. It is also a good idea to give a concluding sentence or two following the list to state its importance or usefulness.

Another interesting format for creating a list is when the list items are closely related, for example, instructions on a specific process are to form the list as one complete sentence. For example, here is a summary of the instructions to write a standard 5 paragraph essay.

  1. Write a strong thesis statement,
  2. compose the body of your essay,
  3. complete the introduction, and
  4. finally, draft your conclusion.

With this format, use commas after each list item and on the next-to-last list, item use the word and close the list with a period at the end of the final item.

Bullet List with Semicolons In APA Or MLA Papers

Here is an example of a formal list using semi-colons:

  1. Lists can be used in many papers from a simple essay to a Ph.D. dissertation;
  2. Use lists to make your work more interesting;
  3. Be sure not to overuse lists.
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Doing assignments online can be a great way to save time and energy. Not only are you able to access a wide range of resources and materials, but you can also find assistance from professionals who can help you complete your work quickly and accurately. The example lists above are compliant with many academic writing standards, such as APA or MLA formatting. Effective writing can be a difficult task and lists are a great way to deliver information to your readers in a clear, concise, and easy to read manner. If, however, you do not have the time or are having trouble drafting your composition there is help. You can hire one of our professional APA essay writers or MLA writers at PapersOwl, and we will do the hard work for you! We will deliver your research paper on time and guarantee that you will get a high grade. Additionally, they offer a variety of services, including writing assignments, editing, proofreading, and formatting. So, if you are looking for an easy and efficient way to pay to get assignments done, PapersOwl is the perfect solution.

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