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How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper

05 Aug 2017Research Paper Writing Guides

This huge amount of information is needed to explain everything about your investigation. There is a scheme in writing the summary. It can be changed on demand of your professor, the organizers of the conference or editors of the journal.

Abstract Section of a Research Paper

The digest, on the contrary, is the concentrated extract of your work. Abstract section of a composition should be written according to formal rules. To make an analysis is a great work. Of course, you will want to tell the world about your exploration. That’s why you will prepare a research paper. It will include a lot of information about the importance of your experimentation, the aim and methods, the results and conclusions.

Title and Author Information

The official beginning of your condensation should include the title and author information. If you conduct an investigation, you should write an essay as well as a conspectus for your inquest study. The author information should be up to date and contain author’s achievements. You should pay attention to the technical requirements such as capitalized letters and font. The title should attract the attention of the reader. So, it has to be engaging.

Introduction  Methods

The intro should be started with the actuality of the analysis. You should explain the importance of the problem and your original way to find its’ solutions. However, the first introduction sentence has to attract the attention of the reader.


The brief describing the results should be represented within the resume. You should tell about the most critical results which you have got after the legwork.


Besides, you should formulate the conclusions of your script in the synopsis in few sentences. This could be just a thesis without an explanation.

How to Write Abstract for Research Paper

You should represent the information about your investigation briefly and correctly. This is important to compose a condensation in a right way. In order to formulate a good resume you should follow the next steps:

This is evident, but a very paramount thesis. To set down a summary before writing is quite a difficult task. When you write down all the facts, it will be easier to make a summary of your essay.

  • Spot the main points

If you have written your assignment, you should look through it and find out all of the key points. This is a very useful trick.

  • Write a draft

You should start with writing a draft. You will be able to want to change some sentences in your synopsis after some time passed. However, there are standard rules for writing a summary. You should explain the main thesis about the importance of your work, its’ aim, materials and methods, results and conclusions in few hundreds of words.

Research Paper Abstract Example

If you get the main idea about writing the brief, you will write it easy. Moreover, here you can find an example of an abridgment for made up groundwork about the watermelons. ‘How Does the Best Watermelon look like?’ Author: John Doe, PhD Summer is an excellent period to taste various fruit and berries. This is a challenge to choose the tastiest sample. Sometimes this is difficult to find what of the characteristics are crucial. The watermelon is one of the most adorable summer fruit. We decided to investigate how to find the tastiest watermelon. To do the research we took 50 watermelons. 29 of them weigh more than 10 kilos, and 21 were less than 10 kilos. We had two groups. All of the watermelons were bought at the same place and time. Besides, all of them were the same sort. We measured the diameter of each watermelon and then estimated the level of sugar. We used a tape measuring and a special sugarometer during our investigation. After conducting research, we have got the following results: 21 watermelons contained more than 15 MO of sugar, the other 29 items contained less than 10 MO of sugar. However, 16 with the sugar level more than 15 MO weighed more than 10 kilos and had diameters more than 30 cm each. So, we can provide a conclusion that the bigger the diameter and weight of the watermelon are the tastiest it is.

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