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Best 150 Topic Ideas For Analytical Essay

Almost every student faces the challenge of composing an analysis essay during his studies. This type of writing is a perfect tool to demonstrate that you're well-versed in a subject and to impress with your analytical abilities. Analysis topics vary greatly. It may concern fiction or poetry as well as particular situations or events. The principal aim is to thoroughly investigate your topic and provide your ideas. That is why it's important to choose a topic that strikes a chord with you to disclose your theme. These topics for an analytical paragraph are full of insights; have a look.

What Is an Analytical Essay?

If you can choose a subject for your essay on your own, there are some important points to follow. There are many analytical paragraph topics for your future essay, but be careful and avoid dulling and unexciting ones. For this reason, it's important to take time to realize which subject you want to investigate and think twice before making a final decision.

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Some pieces of advice you should follow in choosing your analysis topic:

  • Recognize the objectives and aims of your future essay. In this way, you'll manage to select the appropriate essay topic.
  • Try to choose a topic with which you've already been acquainted.
  • Select a subject according to your discipline or area of study.
  • Explore the topic before making the final choice.

Use this list of advice to facilitate the process of selecting your analysis topic. We've gathered the most interesting analytical topics to help you.

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Analytical Essay Topics for High School

Above, you can see plenty of examples of analytical essay topics for high school. You can use some of them if you want to describe the topic's advantages and disadvantages. Topics for analytical essay for High School are rather uncomplicated and understandable. We've collected the best basic topics that will be useful for high school students planning to write an analytical essay. Look through the list of straightforward topics and take the one you are interested in.

  1. The Most Relevant Causes of Drug Use by Athletes.
  2. Peer Pressure. The Reason for this Phenomenon.
  3. The Process of Development of Various Phobias in People’s Minds.
  4. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Free Education.
  5. The Causes of Bullying in Educational Institutions.
  6. Cyberbullying: What is it and the Background?
  7. Graffiti and Street Art. Why is it so Widespread?
  8. The Impact of Living in a One-Parent Family on a Child's Mind.
  9. The Reasons for Drug Addiction. How to Overcome It?
  10. Is it Better to be an Optimist or a Pessimist?
  11. Organ Donation Is Relevant to Modern Medicine?
  12. Do Living Conditions Depend on the Availability of Higher Education?
  13. The Impact of Mass Media on the Younger Generation’s Mind.
  14. Detrimental Effects of the Social Media. How to Avoid/Reduce?
  15. School Uniforms and its Necessity.

Analytical Essay Topics for College

Here is the list of fantastic, widespread, and the latest analytical essay topics for college students if you are a college student. 

Our authors have already written analytical essays using all the topics from the list below several times. We frequently help the students resolve their questions: "Is it possible to have someone to write my essay for me?". So our team constantly updates this information so that you can find the most relevant analytical topics for college. Just choose the most interesting one and write your excellent analytical essay.

  1. Extraterrestrial Life: Have We Found the Signs of the Aliens' Existence?
  2. The Drawbacks of Animal Experimentation: Do We Have a Replacement?
  3. Bisexuality. The Origins of Human Being’s Bisexual Pattern.
  4. Scientific Backgrounds of Insomnia.
  5. How to Maintain the Balance Between Personal&Professional Life?
  6. The Character from My Favorite Book and his Life Analysis.
  7. Cases of Depression are Constantly Increasing in the USA: Why so?
  8. The Impact of Abstract Art on the Development of History.
  9. Horror Movies: Psychological Influence on Our Minds.
  10. Why Can't Some People Handle Criticism?
  11. Rates of Obesity are Rising Among Youth. Which are the Reasons?
  12. Introverts and Extraverts. What and Why Determines your Personality?
  13. Video Game Addiction. The Impact of too Much Gaming on the Younger Generation's Mind.
  14. A Particular Literary Event: My Analysis.
  15. What Causes Some Students to Drop Out?

Youth Essay Topics

Here you can find many exciting and straightforward examples of the analysis essay topics. You may discover curious subjects for your essay, but generally speaking, these topics are more challenging to write about. These topics may seem more complex to write than analysis essay topics for High School, but they also are more exciting and challenging. So look through the analytical essay topics list, choose any topic you like, and start your investigations.

  1. Bullying: Social and Mental Background.
  2. Generation Gap in Society: Personal Thoughts Concerning the Conflict of Generations.
  3. Expectation of College Students’ Life. Does It Match with Reality?
  4. Juniors' Commitment to Independence: the Reasons from Relatives.
  5. The Addiction of the Younger Generation to Alcohol. Why does It Happen?
  6. Many Teenagers Tend to Commit Suicide. Reasons and Your Own Conclusions.
  7. Young People: The Side Effects of Social Networks.
  8. How Does the Date of Birth may Predetermine the Decisions of a Person?
  9. Is it Essential for TV Programs to have High Ratings to Meet the Requirements of the Young Generation?
  10. The Best Tips for Parents to Cope with a Rude Child.
  11. A Runaway Teen. Why do Teenagers Can Run Away from Home?
  12. A Stable Family and its Influence on Human’s Self-Perception in Society.
  13. Rights and Duties of Pupils at School.
  14. What Do You Think about Studying in High School? Did Your Expectations Match With Reality?
  15. Young People and Addiction. The Problem and the Solution.

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Culture and Society Essay Topics

Culture and society types of topics seem to be simple. But when it comes to writing, this essay is challenging. If you want to choose a convincing topic for your critical analysis essay, we've prepared a list of good analytical essay topics. You'll definitely take pleasure in writing your analytical essay with one of these good topics for an analytical essay or you'll come up with an idea of modifying it yourself. There are countless options, and you'll enjoy your investigations. You may select any of these persuasive subjects and write your high-quality analytical essay.

  1. Creativity Crisis: Description and Preconditions.
  2. Gender Differences and Their Impact on the Development of Human’s Personality in Various Ethnic Settings.
  3. Describe and Discuss a Contemporary Military Conflict Unfolding Nowadays.
  4. The Reasons for Getting Tattoos and Piercings in Various Cultures.
  5. Is Equality of Genders More Essential than Equity Nowadays?
  6. Modern Social Problems: Let’s Talk and Figure Out the Reasons.
  7. Can Personality Be Affected by Body Shape?
  8. Gender Differentiation in the Communication Process.
  9. Pros of Music Consumption.
  10. The Defiances for Immigrants in Civilizations with only One Culture.
  11. The Pressure of Society and How It Influences Human Mentality.
  12. How to Decrease the Level of Inequality in Modern Society?
  13. In What Way the Use of Internet Communication Has Altered People's Relationships?
  14. Describe and Explain Your Opinion about the Crisis in the Education System of the USA.
  15. The Roles of Male and Female in Different Societies: Differentiation due to the Culture.

Social Problems Essay Topics

It's a list of relevant themes for those studying in college, they concern pressing social issues and the problems they may cause. Due to the significance of these problems, you should take more time to investigate any topic on the list. It's essential to use up-to-date information and modern sources to do your research not only on these topics for an analytical essay but also for any other subject. Read the list of topics carefully and choose the most powerful one.

  1. The Causes of Increasing Crime Rates in Poor Districts.
  2. What Do You Think about Tax Exemption For an Economically Unstable Population?
  3. The Impact of Poverty on Different Areas, the Reason for the Strong Influence of Misery on Particular Areas.
  4. The Reason for the Lack of Funding of Educational Institutions in Poor Districts.
  5. The Necessity of Recycling: Myth or the Truth?
  6. What are the Reasons For the Acceleration of Global Warming.
  7. In What Way Could the Government Provide Equal Opportunities for Refugees?
  8. Are There any Other Reasons for Being Addicted besides a Conscious Choice?
  9. What Do You Think about the Excessive Gaming of Children?
  10. Is It Possible to Avoid and Terminate Inequality?
  11. Is It Possible to Maintain the Balance between Personal&Professional life?
  12. The Significance of Research about Social Problems.
  13. Thought-Provoking Movies And Their Impact on Public Consciousness.
  14. How to Provide Sexual Education in Educational Institutions.
  15. Violence in Games and Its Influence on the Increasing Rates of Aggressive Behavior of Children.

Essay Topic Ideas on Nature

These topics are profound and relevant. We offer you a list of updated good topics for an analytical essay. There are trending and relevant themes, and we've made them feasible and captivating to facilitate your research process. Using these topics, you'll write your efficient analytical essay in the best way possible. With these themes, you can write your paper quickly and properly.

  1. What Do You Think about Animal Experimentation for Medical Purposes?
  2. The Causes of Dogs' Devotion.
  3. The Growing Child and Animals. The Influence of Pets on the Child’s Mentality.
  4. The Consequences of Poaching.
  5. The Scientific Approach to Studying the Ability of Parrots to Imitate Human Speech.
  6. Pros and Cons of Microscopic Organisms for Our Health.
  7. The Diversity of Animal Species According to Their Capacity to Be Trained.
  8. The Reasons for the Extinction of Certain Animals.
  9. Do Ants and Bees Tend to Work Together in Colonies? Reasons and Explanations.
  10. Plants and Their Capability to Feel the Pain.
  11. Household Chemicals and Their Harmful Impact on the Environment.
  12. Explain the Origin of Smog and Its Influence on People's Health.
  13. The Influence of Your Lifestyle on Ecology.
  14. In What Way Humanity Is Able to Clean Up the Oceans?
  15. Large- Scale Recycling. The Implementation of This Method.

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Analytical Essay Topics on Health

It isn't easy to convey the importance of analytical essay topics on Health. It's rather voluminous work, and you'll have to invest a lot of time to master one of these topics. We did our best to collect the most interesting and simple topics for an analytical essay. Look through the list of easy analytical essay topics on Health and take the one you are interested in.

  1. The Amount of Water Every Person Is Recommended to Consume.
  2. The Ways to Cure Insomnia, Methods of Treatment.
  3. Manic-Depressive Illness. Causes, Symptoms and Consequences.
  4. Free Medical Treatment: Benefits and Drawbacks.
  5. Advantages&Disadvantages of Vegetarianism.
  6. Cloning and Its Contribution to the Security of a Person's Life.
  7. Scientific Explanation of Antidepressants’ Function.
  8. The Method of Controlling&Regulating Drug Prices.
  9. Universal Health Care: Importance and Effectiveness.
  10. Pharmaceutical Industry And the Tendency to Prescribe Unnecessary Medications.
  11. Healthcare in the United States Compared With the Health System of Any Other Nation.
  12. The Necessity of Childhood Vaccination. Do We Need It?
  13. Medical Insurance. How Does It Work Nowadays?
  14. Alternative Medicine. The Most Effective Methods of Alternative Treatment.
  15. What Do You Think about the Efficiency Of Homeopathic Medicine?

Job Essay Topics

One of the most popular lists of topics for analytical essays is connected with employment. Most students have to write such an analytical essay one day. It's a significant part of your studies and future professional development. Here you can see the most popular topics which are interesting to investigate.

  1. Steps&Tips to Create an Impressive CV.
  2. Great Teamwork, Its Relevance.
  3. The Description and Characteristics of a Real Leader.
  4. Burnout Syndrome. When Does It Occur and How to Prevent it?
  5. How To Motivate the Employees and Increase Their Efficiency?
  6. Methods of Being the Most Eye-catching Candidate During the Selection Process.
  7. Technology Industry: Salaries Annual Growth.
  8. What Do You Think About the Differences Between Men's and Women's Salaries?
  9. Relevant Marketing Tendencies & Social Networks.
  10. The Integration of Ex-prisoners In the Labor Market.
  11. Higher Education And Its Influence On Employment.
  12. Necessary Skills to Cope with Your Professional Challenges.
  13. The Connection between Formal And Informal Training.
  14. Leadership Skills To Resolve the Conflict.
  15. Is It Possible to Enjoy Your Job and Be Motivated? Personal thoughts.

Political Essay Topics

Political topics are rather controversial and need to be clarified. Nevertheless, it's an excellent opportunity to show off your skills and conduct a qualitative study. It's your chance to demonstrate knowledge and a great experience to become a conscious citizen. You may choose your topic from our list if your decline correlates with politics. We've gathered the most exciting analytical essay topics for your future writing.

  1. The Significance of Nationalism and its Possible Consequences.
  2. One of the Speeches of the President: My Analysis.One of the Speeches of the President: My Analysis.
  3. A Guideline To Make a Prosperous Election Campaign.
  4. Monarchy As a Political System: Possible Reasons for its Existence in the Modern World.
  5. Social Networks: Do they Play a Huge Role in Modern Politics?
  6. The Reason for the Loss of the Political Party in the Latest Election.
  7. Outdated Laws in the Modern Political System: Why do They still Exist?
  8. Comparative Analysis of the Democracy in the European Union and the United States.
  9. Why Should Every Citizen Vote? And Should We inDeed?
  10. The military conflict Unfolded due to Political Interference: Analysis.
  11. The Population Growth: Influence on the Stable Progress of the Government.
  12. Increasing Rates of Nationalism? What Are the Causes?
  13. A Comparative Analysis of Anarchy & Democracy.
  14. Karl Marx: Did We Understand His Philosophy Correctly?
  15. Explore the Steps of Achieving Democracy by Some Countries.

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Analytical Essay Topics on Crime

Writing your analytical essay about crime, you could reveal some mysteries and secrets. You have an opportunity to explore some details and get acquainted with the process of investigation. It's not the most manageable area of study for your analytical essay, but on the other hand rather exciting. Be careful and use only reliable information and data. Here is the list of topics, select the most interesting one and let's get to work.

  1. Describe the Methods to Cope With Gang Behavior.
  2. The motivation of the youth to become a member of gangs?
  3. Strict Punishment and its Effectiveness Regarding the White-Collar Crimes.
  4. Family Structure & its Connection with Delinquent Subcultures.
  5. Police Brutality: The Reasons and Background Description. Is it a Constant Phenomenon?
  6. Reduce The Crime Rates: Is It Even Possible Within Our Century?
  7. The Violation of Privacy&Its Correlation with Security.
  8. There are Frequent Cases of Police Brutality. Main Causes Explanation.
  9. What Are the Main Advantages and Disadvantages of the Jury System?
  10. Description of the Main Patterns of Crime Statistics for the Last Decade.
  11. Top 10 Steps to Prevent Acts of Terrorism: Myth or Reality?
  12. The Differentiation of the Police Attitude to the Same Crime According to the Area of the Incident.
  13. A conspiracy of Silence and Its Role in Regards to Police Accountability.
  14. Rites for the consolidation of gangs. Description.
  15. Mafia Classification in the USA. General Description Accordingly to the States.


Sometimes it doesn't seem easy to choose a topic for your analytical essay. Our list of analytical essay example topics may come in handy in such a responsible research stage. You can find a topic on any theme. Selecting the right topic is a significant part of your future success since you should understand it and know the subject of your investigations. Read the lists of topics properly to choose the most interesting and exciting one, then create your unique paper and get the highest score. Use only relevant information and updated resources for your research.

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