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How To Write A Great Persuasive Essay

Do you want to know how to write a persuasive essay easily? If the answer is yes, then this guide is just for you. Remember that a persuasive essay is a project in which you will have to use facts, logic, and even your personal experience to convince readers that you are right and, therefore, they should accept your opinion. An effective persuasive essay will be simple, give all the facts your readers need to know, and will make your point of view the only one that should be accepted. Writing a persuasive paper is not as easy as you may think. As such, you will need help in the form of a guide, basics, and more. All of that will be revealed below.

Important Essay Elements

The first thing you need to know about a persuasive essay is that there are 3 elements, and each one is important. You always need to use data for supporting evidence, and you need to pay attention to details. However, knowing more about these elements is extremely important and something all students should consider before they start writing. Luckily for you, we will cover these right here.

1. Ethos

It is an important element and a common one. As a writer here, you will use your skills, knowledge, and also credibility to provide readers with the specifics. A huge role here is linked to ethics or a good moral character. You will need this element simply because readers will trust you more, and they will accept your opinion easily.

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2. Logos

persuasive writing and an effective argument have one thing in common. They should and can be logical. Logos is precisely that. You will use logic to reveal the specifics of your arguments and make them easy to accept by the readers. The element here can be ideal for writing different topics and can help you more than you may believe.

3. Pathos

It has to be the most impressive element here. What it means is that you will try to link to the emotions of your readers. If you are successful in that, you will have readers who will trust you more and who will enjoy your academic writing. For an argumentative essay, this can be a huge deal and something you will want to use. Make sure that every single emotion, even a negative one, can be helpful and beneficial for this purpose. Write persuasive content that provokes as many emotions as you can.

Step By Step Guide

We believe that you need to use the following argumentative essay steps in order to make your persuasive writing just ideal. IN other terms, this means that you will have great persuasive essays every single time with ideal body paragraphs and points of view your readers will accept. In simple terms, this means a great grade for you! We will try to keep things simple and help you as much as we can. All the main points will be explained below.

  • Choose a topic

There are countless persuasive essay topics out there. Your goal is to choose the one you like or are passionate about. This will make the whole process easier, and you will use easier essay writing tips. There is no need to add that this element is important for all writing tasks and has a huge role. If you end up with a topic, you don't like, and you won't have the desire to research it properly, test the facts and complete it well.

  • Understand your audience

A good persuasive paper will talk to the audience completely. What this means is that you will have to know who your audience is and link to them. For example, if you are writing about school-related things, your audience will be parents. Writing should be done in detail, and you should talk to your audience directly.  Each writing process should use this step.

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  • Know both sides

This is persuasive text but a research paper as well. What this means is that writing must be based on two sides. In simple words, you need to know all about your view but also of your audience if they have a completely opposite view. Then you can present facts and details that will make your opinion a better one and a more accurate one. This is mandatory if you have a harsh audience who already has a detailed and specific view.

  • Start with the introduction

You will start with a thesis statement which is 2 sentences long here. It is the map you will use for the rest of the writing. Then start the introduction with a hook. This is one sentence that will catch the attention of all the readers. Now you can create an essay that is precisely as you like. In addition, all persuasive papers need to have this layout, and it is essential.

  • Write body paragraph

Start each section of this kind with a topic sentence which is the main sentence, then use another one to provide data and the third one to link to another paragraph, or it can be an ending sentence. When paired with a solid thesis statement, this is not as hard as you may believe. As you can see, persuasive writing can be more complicated than other types of projects.

  • Write conclusion

The last part of the argumentative essay is the conclusion. It is essential, and it can be more important than you may believe. It is the final section where you will restate your thesis statement and where you will summarize the main point. There is no need to add anything new here to use words like ''in conclusion'' or to look skeptical about your paper. This is persuasive text, so you will need to look strong at any given point.

  • Proofread

The last step is to proofread the whole paper. You can see errors with your topic sentence, spelling, grammar, and even facts. The best part here is that now you can correct all the errors and end up with a paper you will really like and be proud of. At the same time, this means that you won't have any mistakes, so you can expect a better grade. Take your time with each body paragraph, section, and word.

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Interesting Tricks You Can Use

In order to produce an argumentative essay that is just perfect, you may want to use a few tips and tricks. Don't worry! These are safe and have been used by millions of students for a long period of time. Now you can do the same thing, and you can expect a better result. These tips are also something your teachers would like to see in the paper. Hence, you can imagine how important they are.

1. Support all your arguments

Your argument is not the same thing as your opinion. In your argument case, you need to provide details and specifics. This is something that can make a clear difference between a weak and strong argument. You will see why this is important later on. An argument without support is a mistake that your audience can use to their advantage and make your paper less important and effective.

2. Be prepared for any objections

Keep in mind that you will have objections from your audience. It happens all the time, and there is no way around it. All you can do is to [prepare yourself for those objections and make sure you understand all of them. Once you know these, you can learn how to deal with them.

3. Use present tense only

All papers of this kind are written in the present tense, and there are no exceptions. This is essential, and using any other tense will make a mistake a severe one. Keep in mind that this can have a huge effect on your end result.

4. Use strong arguments

A strong argument is the only kind of argument you should use. Using a weak one means that your audience can use a stronger argument and ''defeat'' you. It also means or at least looks like you didn't do proper research, and you are left with a poor copy.


Now when you know all these facts, you are good to go and start with the process. Keep things simple, take your time and try to use only arguments that are rock solid. Do not make mistakes, so proofread the paper before you hand it over. In addition, these can be fun papers to write, so try to link your task to fun if that is possible. 

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