Writing a Conclusion Paragraph For an Essay: Structure and Example

When you have finally written the introduction and the main body of your essay, there is one more important thing left to do – a conclusion. As there’s no movie without the end, no book without the final chapter – your essay won’t be complete without the final words that summarize and highlight all the important key aspects of your thesis. How to write a conclusion? Making an essay conclusion is not simple.

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No matter what you are looking for, such as argumentative essay help or doing research, there is always someone, who is ready to help. But now we’re going to talk about concluding an essay in the best way.

What Is A Conclusion Paragraph Of An Essay?

Writing a conclusion for essays is important, summarizing part of the paper – if you leave your academic work without a conclusion, it may seem incomplete and be unsuccessful, which will not let you get a good assessment from your instructor. However, if you think of a good final part of an essay, it will hit the reader with the general summary of what you wrote before, therefore, making your text look better. This is the part that will be left to the reader. In general, it is the final proof of your thesis, which also shows that you have accomplished what you planned to do. Read further to find out how to conclude an essay!

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Structure Of A Conclusion Paragraph Of An Essay

The structure of a conclusion may vary and there’s no prescription for the format or content that can guarantee the success of your paper. However, there are a few basic rules. An introduction, the main body, and a conclusion have to be written relative to each other regarding the text’s main idea and the whole essay. If previous parts have been written in a clear way, transitioning into each other, the reader will expect you to conclude the whole essay in a short paragraph. You won’t need to overload it with words. A conclusion could be divided into a few parts in its structure:

A Conclusion may contain:

  • The transition from the last paragraph;
  • Sentences that will explain how the paper fits together and leads to a more detailed version of the thesis;

Discussion for future research, such as:

  • In which areas we could use this method, or the same one;
  • A few phrases about how you can change the readers understanding of the topic with your findings;
  • Which areas may need more detailed investigation;

Final thoughts and words:

  • A brief conclusion sentence that indicates why your essay is important or interesting for readers;
  • A shortlist of areas, where your work has significance: politics, social science, psychology;

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Essay Conclusion Example

Looking for a good essay conclusion example? Take a look at these:

“Thus, when we stay onshore, recalling a stinking and deflated carcass, and bullhorns, which have scattered and blared us as flies, there is a place behind the bright sun and rolled waters where the whale continues singing about its death in matchless sirenian strains.”

“If we consider AIDS as something natural, there is no message in its spread. However, thanks to all the scientific discoveries, we have learned that there is a mechanism by which AIDS works that we can discover. The victory can’t be defined by any slogan of technology nor is it defined by any principle of progress. This means that we all have to be careful and fight – although there is no message, there is a mechanism.”

“Viable crosses between chimpanzees and people are possible. However, recently the natural experiment has not been tried too frequently. If such an off-spring would ever be produced, then what should their legal status be? In my opinion, the cognitive abilities of chimps makes us raise questions related to the boundaries of a being’s community that is a subjected to specific ethical considerations; I hope that this can help us expand our perspectives in terms of ethics upwards to extraterrestrial organisms (if there are any) and down through the taxa on Earth.”

“I don’t consider the literary meaning of language. A language is a tool for expression, and not for hiding emotions and thought... It should recognize that the current political chaos is associated with the decomposition of language and that you can probably achieve some improvements, beginning with the verbal end. If you simplify your English, you will be freed from the worst stupidity of Orthodoxy. You wouldn't speak any of the necessary dialects, and when you make a stupid remark, its stupidity would be obvious even to yourself. The political language aims to make lies seem truthful. You cannot change all this in an instant, but you can at least change your habits, and from time to time, even if one of the mockeries is loud enough, send some worn and useless phrase… to the trash can where it belongs.”

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