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Foreign Aid on Pakistan

Developing countries often have detrimental problems regarding economic or society complications and thus, seek aid from developed countries such as the United States of America. Historically and at present times, Pakistan is one of the leading recipients of United States foreign assistance since 1947. Foreign aid is considered as an allocation of resources from developed countries to its recipient to promote or stabilize the economic development and improve human welfare of the recipient. This research aims to assess the impact of peace and war on foreign aid in Pakistan and identify the acti

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Prof. Elaine

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Cushing′s Syndrome

Dolores Vallez, a 40-year old single mother of two, had been diagnosed with diabetes five years ago and was doing well managing it. However, for the past three months, additional symptoms such as unexplained weight gain and purple markings around the abdomen and face, bruising easily on the skin and persistent fatigue, prompted another trip to the clinic. What was thought to be mismanaged glycemia, turned out to be a case of Cushing’s Disease (CD). CD is a form of endogenous Cushing’s Syndrome that is adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)-dependent due to the presence of a pituitary tumor. The in

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Transgender People Should Be Allowed To Serve in the Military

In 2017, President Trump tweeted that the US government would no longer allow transgender individuals to serve in the military because of the high medical costs and disruptions caused by transgender people in service. The twitter declaration represented a reversal of Obama-era policies that allowed transgender people to serve openly in the military and receive the necessary medical support funded by the government. It represented a return to pre-Obama practices that allowed the military to use its discretion to discriminate against hiring transgender people in the service. Several reasons have

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Professor Wendy

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Outsourcing and globalization

To increase efficiency of operations, multinational companies are involved in the practise of outsourcing business to the third world countries. Outsourcing means the purchase of parts or components of the company’s final product rather than manufacturing these components themselves. One of the reasons for doing so is to save on costs, but it is not limited to these benefits as there may be other reasons as well. For example, a company may be able to procure better quality parts through outsourcing. Generally, outsourcing is more beneficial to the multinational company, but there is also an im

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