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Best Writing Tools For Students

23 Feb 2018

Within the framework of the modern academic program, all students have to work on various papers and eventually, spend at least 70% of their time in the university or college on writing. Since written assignments are something that each student faces almost on the daily basis, looking for ways to simplify the process is a good idea. How can you make essay writing simpler? The best way to make the process run faster and easier is to find convenient and effective online writing tools. Good writing tools for students can come in handy in various situations.

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5 Reasons To Use Google Docs For Writing Your Paper

21 Feb 2018

Google Drive is a multi-purpose cloud storage for keeping different types of files, which allows you to store all your documents, charts, audios, photos, and videos in one place and have constant access to all your files from different devices at any type of day or night. It also features many additional apps that give you a possibility to create files, presentations, and documents, with a possibility of further editing. Thus, it is a universal tool for various purposes.

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20 Helpful Tips For Writing Dissertation

14 Feb 2018

Writing a dissertation always was a difficult task and everyone could agree with that. You need to approach it very thoughtfully, as usually dissertation helps to define not only your academic but also future success. By saying this we mean that it’s not enough to just concentrate on the task to succeed, but also you need to know the dissertation structure, its basics, and main things to pay attention to or to avoid. This is a type of paper that requires high skill and deep knowledge of the subject.

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Different Types Of Research Paper

12 Feb 2018

When you are studying in the college or in the university, you have to write a research paper anyway, because it is an integral part of student’s program. Generally, while preparing this academic work, you will make a research on the various technical, scientific or social aspects of some phenomenon and then organize the received information. It is not easy. If you have never faced this type of academic writing before, the task may seem complicated or even impracticable. What makes it difficult?

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Essay Outline: Creating and Example

09 Feb 2018

Any text, whether this is a thesis, novel, article, coursework or essay, should have a clear structure. From other student academic papers, the essay differs by "freedom of creativity". Alas, we all understand, more freedom – more responsibility. Receiving this very freedom, you must think about the structure of the future essay yourself. The outline format largely depends on the goals, the form, the type, the amount of work.

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Literature Review Structure: Tips and Example

07 Feb 2018

What is a literature review? This is an essential part of a PhD dissertation. This chapter is similar to what is called the list of references and its main purpose is to collect all the relevant information sources and organize them in a logical sequence. This part of a dissertation also should make an evaluation of all available sources and find the flaws in the existing knowledge on the particular topic in order to create a reasoned ground for the research. Thus, it is important to make it right. If you lack time, you can turn to a company that offers custom essay writing for student but we are sure that after reading this post you should be able to handle this matter on your own!

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How To Create An Outline For Dissertation?

30 Jan 2018

For many years essay writing for college and all similar types of written academic assignments have been the biggest headache and problem of all students. Such written tasks have always been and will remain an integral part of any educational program because completing those helps a student not only to obtain a good set of important skills but also to ensure success in the future career. This type of tasks influences students’ success in their education.

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Writing Literature Review: General Guidelines

29 Jan 2018

It is not a secret that every student of a college or university usually has harsh time coping with all those academic papers assigned in the modern educational institutions. Some papers are simple, while others are quite difficult to handle. However, there are also tasks that are not too complicated but yet cause too much confusion and writing a literature review is among them.

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What Is The Purpose Of Literature Review?

29 Jan 2018

There are many things you need to take care of much earlier than you start crafting your undergraduate dissertation and submitting a properly formed and relevant literature review is exactly one of those small but extremely important things without which you can’t write a top-notch dissertation!

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Best Science News For Students

22 Jan 2018

We have already observed an amazing technological and scientific progress that took place in the last decades, and even now, this process does not slow down. Our generation has witnessed many stunning scientific breakthroughs. In fact, today the world of science also does not stand still. It looks like during all these years the scientific progress has been only gaining momentum and today we finally stand on the threshold of the greatest, life-changing discoveries.

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