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Symbolism In The Great Gatsby - Argumentative Essay Sample

16 Aug 2019

Symbolism - it’s a strange thing, seeing a deeper meaning in an inanimate object, or seeing a deeper meaning of something that happens in a story.  It is an interesting, yet creative way to get a reader thinking, and engaged. Sometimes, symbolism can go unnoticed, but typically it really stands out, and leaves the reader thinking something like, “Wow, that eagle reappears every time he talks about freedom.” F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of The Great Gatsby, uses symbolism to show how random objects throughout the story symbolize the reconstruction of Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan's relation. 

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Argumentative Essay Sample On Symbolism in Macbeth

15 Aug 2019

Shakespeare is a legendary name I would think of when it comes to literature, he tends to be able to tell a story by using different symbols, thus giving them different and deeper meanings than they would usually have. In his work of Macbeth, there are 5 symbols that tell us the story in the way he wants it portrayed; these symbols are: Blood, Bad Weather, Night/ Darkness, Dagger, and Sleep. Throughout Macbeth these symbols are used to give us a story of murder, guilt, and betrayal; therefore, showing us that everything is not what it seems and more can always unfold.

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Argumentative Essay Sample On Bulling And Cyber Bulling

14 Aug 2019

Amongst one of the major issues in our local society that we face today is Bullying. The majority of the people do not consider this theme as an urgent topic, however, we have seen some serious and real consequences due to bullying that has shocked many people. I completely believe that people should take another look into this and tolerate it more seriously when they are undergoing something like bullying. What important aspects of bullying should people be more familiar with in order to fulfill my goal? First, What is bullying? Where does bullying result from? How do you prevent them from happening? and lastly What are the consequences of bullying? These are the questions.

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Essay Sample On Police Brutality Against Black People

13 Aug 2019

The source of racial disparity that pervades the United States criminal justice system, and for African Americans in particular, lies within the bounds of racial discrimination. In order for this treatment to be stopped, members of society must make efforts to alter a mindset that draws it roots from a dark history of slavery and manipulation.

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Lord of The Flies - Informative Essay Sample On William Golding's Novel

12 Aug 2019

Lord of The Flies, was an award winning novel written by a very interesting man named William Golding. The book takes place somewhere between 1939, and 1945 during World War 2. A plane carrying a large group of young school boys crashes on an unknown island in the Pacific. Because the only adult on board, the pilot, died in the crash, it is up to the boys to survive until they are found. However, hopes of being found start to become foggy when their civilization starts to crack, and the primal instinct deep inside of them starts to break free. William Golding’s book has been banned from several schools over the years for challenging humanity with savagery.

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How To Write A Toulmin Essay Outline: Structure, Explanations And Template

24 Jun 2019

Do you have yet another analytical paper to write? Learning how to write a logical essay takes much practice. Many students struggle with organizing their work in a way that adequately meets their teacher’s requirements or gives a concrete analysis.

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18 Essay Hook Examples For College

18 Jun 2019

Are you looking for a way to have your words jump out of the page and invite the reader to learn more about your topic? Then it’s high time to learn how to write good essay hooks. Formulating your introduction is important and giving an extra level of interest will go a long way to have your paper shine and be worthy of a high grade. In academic work, assignments can fall off the boredom cliff and be a chore to read. So it is necessary to break this mold and create interesting papers the showcase your efforts. Your hook serves to support your topic and breath life into your work. We’ve included all-inclusive guide to get you on your way to writing great lead-ins with essay hook examples so you can wow your audience and demonstrate your writing skills.

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The Best Capstone Project Topic Ideas

15 Jun 2019

How To Choose Topic For Capstone Project?

A capstone project is also called a culminating project and it allows you to show what you have learned during all the years of studying. Formats and sizes of such projects can be different, depending on the course and college requirements.

The goal of this academic assignment for students are:

  • learn to think critically;
  • plan your studying;
  • keep deadlines;
  • work in teams;
  • communicate with colleagues what is crucial for getting a good education.
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How To Write A Thesis Proposal Outline

14 Jun 2019

There are certain documents and processes that you must complete when undertaking things such as a Masters Degree or majors program. One of the first documents you will create is actually a thesis proposal. As you will see, this paper is extremely important. Most university bodies will require that part of a project include writing a thesis proposal – without one, you could fail the whole course. In this article, we look at exactly what a master thesis proposal is and examples of how to write one.

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How To Format An Essay In MLA Style: Easy Guide

14 Jun 2019

University is very much about following instructions as it is about learning. Keeping tight schedules and doing things the “right way”, even if they don’t make sense, is just a day in the life of a college student. Like many, you may pose some questions about how to properly format an essay in MLA. Your first encounter with this format style may have you confused and scrambling for answers. Well hold your breath no longer. We are here with an extensive guide to walk you through how to properly format your paper so you don’t get any unexpected surprises with your grade. So let’s dig into the details.

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