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Guidelines for the Structure of a Research Paper

23 May 2018Research Paper Writing Guides

Every type of a scientific investigation, whether it is a small article or a degree-seeking paper, is started with the work on the main things. The research paper structure is limestone of any type of investigation project, and it requires some serious portion of work as there are numerous aspects regarding the forming of the points that should be highlighted in work.

We offer you a  free guide on how to structure a research paper in the most appropriate manner and tips for writing research paper outline so that it could be not only a compulsory part of the assignment but an effective means of writing assistance regardless of the writing style, either APA or MLA.

Why Is It Necessary to Maintain the Research Paper Structure

The structure of a research paper outline is a part of the process that requires the maximum attention and scrupulosity; and it has got a lot of helpful functions that are not only assisting during writing but also describe the writer as a scientist. The structure has got the following functions.

  • Expository function. It reflects all the ideas that will be shown in the college task.
  • Informative function. For potential readers, the structure is a first glance at the issue and the first piece of data that is granted to them.
  • Structuring function. All the parts of writing, including appendices like tables and figures, are important details for writing. They will help during writing as they become the reflection of the order of the ideas.

The Structure of a Research Paper Outline

The work on the outline of all types of research paper starts with the simplest method: you need to build up the skeleton. The basis of an outline is the settling of the major points of the future academic text. Basically, these are the following points:

  • Introduction;
  • Body;
  • Conclusion;
  • References list.

This one seems rather simple and obvious, doesn’t it? However, such a method of organizing a plan is the simplest and the universal one, and each particular type of work demands a more specific approach.

The Main Components of a Research Document

In the process of  working on the structure of the scientific project, you are to be aware of the basic components of research paper. It will become a great aid for organizing the structure of the text. Here are the major components of a typical investigation text.

  • The title page is the start of the investigation that reflects the core idea.
  • The abstract is short generalized information regarding the issue with the presented methodology, goals and the results of the investigation.
  • The introduction is a brief presentation of the main issue together with a review of the current state of the investigation in the present scientific society.
  • Methods/Procedure are the tools that are used in order to organize and solve the tasks that are required for successful investigation.
  • Findings are the achievements of the settled study.
  • Conclusions/Discussion – the final words regarding the process of investigation with all published information regarding the investigation.
  • The bibliography is the reference list of all the utilized material, both digital and physical sources.
  • Appendixes – all supplementary material like charts and statistic material that describes the situation in the most effective manner.

Paper Structure Example

Various sites offer a good deal of structure types on the Internet. The research paper structure APA  or MLA are the most popular ones.

1.       Introduction

1.1. The importance of the problem.

1.2. The description of the current situation.

1.3. List the objectives of the investigation.

2.       Methodology

2.1. Organize the process.

2.2. Define the method.

2.3. Describe a potential sample.

2.4. State the procedure of data collection.

3.       Results

3.1. State the results of the gathered material.

3.2. Describe the elements of your work.

2.3. State the key points of the investigation.

4.       Conclusion

4.1. Write the results of the work.

4.2. Analyse the results with the set goals.

4.3. Define the perspectives for the future investigation.

The guide above will assist in your ideas regarding how to plan a research paper and impress your professors with the top quality and spotlessness. If you still need help, you can ask research paper writing services that work without days off and round the clock.

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