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How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Do you want to know how to write an argumentative essay? The answer is probably yes due to one simple fact. These papers are common, and you will need to write a countless number of them. The main advantage is that some students really like working on these.

To write an argumentative essay, they need to understand the topic, and they must provide arguments they like and are appropriate to make the paper well-written. This can be fun. On the other side, we have some topics that are not appealing.

One way or another, we are going to reveal all the steps and all the main things you need to know before you start working on your next argumentative writing task.

What Is an Argumentative Essay?

It is always a great idea to start with the basics. What this means is that you need to know the specifics and the main purpose of the argumentative essay. This type of essay is used to present your opinion about a controversial topic and to try and convince the readers that your opinion is right and that they should accept it. 

Basically, you need to convince the reader that you have the right side of the story and your claims are the ones that are accurate and should be adopted by others. In most cases, these papers are used relating to literature. All you have to remember is that an argumentative research paper is paired with missive evidence collection, forming strong arguments and using these to prove your claim and convince others that your personal statement is the right one.

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Argumentative Essay Structure

There are many types of essays and most of them have the same structure. Here we can see this as partially true. In simple terms, this means that you still have to use it, and your paper will have an introduction, body section and conclusion. But what you need to write here is a more detailed approach. Your point of view has a huge role, and it is considered one of the main elements of argumentative essays. 

Below you can see a detailed structure, make sure that you understand the sections. Of course, you need to understand the topic as well, and this is mandatory for all essays and all types of writings you can do these days.

How to Write a Thesis Statement

The first thing you will have to do is to write a thesis statement. It is basically one sentence that will guide you through the process of writing and can make the whole thing much easier. Of course, you need to know what you are creating at this point, and you need to polish your thesis statement, so it is perfect. Here we can see three main steps, and you can use them for most papers.

  1. Start with your own question. In some cases, you will have a question provided by your teacher. If this is not an option, you will need to write your own one.

✏️Example: How the internet has affected the technology industry?

  1. Now you need to give an answer to that question. If we use the same example as the above, we can see:

✏️Example: The Internet made the technology industry develop much faster and reach new horizons on a daily basis.

  1. Here, you need to do just one thing. Polish your thesis so it is just right. In plain words, you need to make it appropriate for your essay. We will present the one based on the same example as above.

✏️Example: The Internet made technology giants focus more on internet-capable devices that are more usable and can help people more than ever before.


There are countless questions you may have to use and present. But you always need to do one thing. You will have to start writing, and this is the hardest task of them all. If you want to know how to start an argumentative essay, you need to know a few things. The first one is that introduction is a short glimpse or presentation of what you will say. 

It always should start with a hook. This is a single sentence that can make readers interested or not interested in what you want to say. It applies to all argumentative essay topics, and it is mandatory. Here we have one example that should help you understand it completely.

✏️Example: The Internet is responsible for gadgets you have today, and it is affecting them as we speak.

The body

We all know that this type of academic writing is a bit interesting and simple. But we also know that you have to support your argument and have a clear side of the argument throughout the paper. What this means is that you need to have your point and stick to it. We can see two main approaches here. In order to understand the basics, we will have to present both of them.

Toulmin model

Here we have 4 steps, and you can use these countless times. These are one of the more common choices students make, and they have a clear role these days. Use these 4 steps.

  1. Provide a claim
  2. Provide evidence
  3. Details that prove and defend the claim
  4. You also need to provide details that you have considered alternative methods when using the Toulmin model.

Rogerian model

In the Rogerian model, you have 4 steps as well. Once again, you can repeat these as many times as you like. Here are the steps that are important for your writing process and can help you with your point of view.

  1. Talk about the arguments of others and what is right in them
  2. Find problems in those arguments
  3. Present the opinion you have
  4. Try to find a compromise for the problem

The body section will have 3-5 paragraphs, and you need to provide as many arguments and evidence as you can. Keep in mind that each paragraph is a separate part of the essay, so you need to include a separate argument and evidence. Don't mix the two.

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In this last section, you need to provide a brief summary of all the arguments you have used. You can also present your short opinion to the readers, and you are done. You must not add new arguments in this part of the writing.

All your main points are in the body and not in the conclusion. Try to make it sound simple and have a clear idea of what you are trying to say.

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Argumentative Essay Writing Tips

Here we have one section that you will want to read and know more about it. The tips you can find here are helpful, and they can make this whole task much easier. In fact, these tips have been used by your teachers, and they are obtained from them.

Hence, you can deduce the overall importance. The tips for writing are something that can make a clear difference between a poorly written paper and the one you are 100% satisfied with. Let’s see the main ones.

  • Choose the topic
    One of the most important tips and the things you can do here is to choose the topic you like. This can have a huge effect on the overall writing. You will want to write a paper like that, and you will want to make it sound better. If this is not possible, then you will have to write on the assigned topic, which is much harder. Here are a few topic examples:

    Are e-books better than conventional books?
    Are men and women equal these days?
    Do you think states should lower the drinking age?
    Do you think all education should be free?
  • Make up your mind
    Here we have one tip that is mandatory to use and can help you more than you may believe at the first sight. You need to make up your mind and find the stand you will use. If you are writing about the first example from above, you need to choose one. If you like conventional books, talk about advantages and use arguments that support the claim. If you like e-books, find the arguments that are related to this form of media. Those of you who don't have the time to do all of that can use to write my essay for me and get the job done in minutes rather than days. Yes, writing this essay can last a couple of days.
  • Consider your target audience
    The tip here is not a well-known one. But it is important. If you are writing for college students, you need to use different arguments than if you are writing for seniors. Always consider your target audience and make the paper more suitable for them. Keep in mind that if you don't know the target audience, you have to use generic arguments.
  • Find accurate facts
    All the facts you need to use that will help you with your side of the argument must be accurate. Here you will need to use statistical data, anecdotes, research, surveys and so much more. Don't use ''lose'' data that doesn't have any value.

    If you do that, your rival writer can make your whole paper look less accurate and important. This is even more important when trying to present complex issues that have countless data available, but not all of them are strong or accurate.
  • Write a draft
    Here you need to write the whole paper, but not a complete one. It means that you have to use all the steps and all the facts you will want to include in the real paper. But, don't look at all the sentences and don't try to write all the sentences, as they will have to be presented to the teacher. The draft is the first education of your paper and as such it will have to be improved, checked for specifics and polished. Only the second or third edition will be presented to the professor. Yes, here you will need to provide background information and all the rest you can imagine.
  • Edit and proofread your paper
    The last tip and also the last step when writing these appear is to proofread your paper, find any mistakes and correct them. The goal here is to polish your paper and make it worthy for the professor or a teacher. Always use all the methods possible to do this step properly. Your friend can help. You can use online help and so much more. The end result must be a perfect paper that will be precise as you like and want. There must be no errors, mistakes or anything else.


When writing a paper of this kind you will need to focus your full attention on the strong arguments, opposing arguments, details and facts that can make your point accurate and easier to accept by other people. There is no need to add that these essays are common. Hence, you need to know all the things we have revealed here in order to be able and produce the essay that will get you the best grade possible.

Make sure that your essay is well-written, has 0 mistakes and uses data that is 100% accurate. All of these are mandatory things that all writers have been using for centuries. Any mistake can make your paper look weak and will not achieve the result it needs to achieve.

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