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How to Write an Argumentative Essay: Step-by-Step Guide

25 Apr 2017Essay Writing Guides

There are some tips which help you make the essay original. You should start the essay with something attractive to interest the reader. These can often be:

  • a story from the life
  • an imaginary story
  • the quotation
  • the statistics.

This will be a presentation of your hands-on experience. Furthermore, your argumentative essay paper will be an original one, and you should not worry about that all students used the same informational sources. You will see that these tips make your work a great one. Use the ideas written below and boost the originality of your research paper.

Back to the Drawing Board

What step should you take ahead? This is the main question you have to answer. You should define the fields of knowledge of the research. These can be arts, humanities, nature science, exact sciences. Then you should discover what are you interested in. In such a way you will get some kind of a broad theme. This will often take a lot of time to write about a general field. That’s why you need to make it more narrow. After that, you will get a great topic for the research paper. For example, if you study history, this subject is your branch of science. You can be interested in conducting the research in British history in late XIXth century, this could be the broad theme. A good topic for your essay is Victorian Age.

Formulate the Arguments

After considering the topic of the paper, you should find the pros and cons to find an answer in time. There are some components of a sound argument which you have to use to formulate them and the thesis later. It will be useful just to visit a library or conduct research by way of the internet. You should express your own opinion which you will be claimed in the thesis. When after managing a research you find enough facts, you can start formulating the arguments. They have to be based on reliable sources, prove your point of view and be formulated correctly. You should find a fact and then confirm or contradict it. For example, if you consider that Queen Victoria was a great ruler, you should explain why. Make sure that Queen Victoria was a great monarch due to her attitude to the progress.

Focus on Creating a Thesis

The way to writing a perfect essay is understanding that a thesis is an argument with an explanation and answer to the question. So, you need to describe, briefly, the issue of the argument in the thesis of the research paper. This should have a cause-effect relation. You should not write a lot, a thesis has to be less than a paragraph. The evidence has to be drawn up in a thesis. The examples of the thesis can be various, here you can find one: Queen Victoria was a great monarch due to her attitude to the progress because during her rule the railway had spread through the whole United Kingdom. The thesis just should be easily understandable for the reader.
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Make the Conclusions

The last but not the least step is writing a conclusion. Often this is one of the extremely valuable parts of the research-argumentative work. You should provide the original solutions to the problem due to research you have conducted. The conclusions should be persuasive. By the bye, you need to offer your own fresh ideas. This is that part of the research work where your private opinion of view is paramount. The successful argumentative paper includes:

  • strong thesis
  • briefly described arguments
  • logical conclusions.

You cannot inscribe arguments in the body of the essay and then prove the opposite in the conclusion. The conclusions should have a connection with the previous parts of the research paper.


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