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Last Added Works

The Notion that there is only One Correct Way to Speak English 

Words: 1193 Pages: 4 1258

Taking this course opened by eyes to the fact that there are many negative attitudes and misconceptions towards speakers of Non-Standard English, or in other words, other variations of the English language. Standard English refers to the variety of English language that we are taught in school, and it is also that same variety that […]

Topics: Cognition, Communication, Culture

My Vision is why it is not Necessary to Submit an Academic Paper in English in College

Words: 1306 Pages: 4 1064

Language has a power to show who people are by the way one’s write and speak, why people in the world should hide that power when it can be expose to other cultures and share it with everybody else. I have noticed America has diversities of people from different parts of the world, and it […]

Topics: Communication, Language, Teacher

Analysis of the Novel the Metamorphosis

Words: 2778 Pages: 9 1094

Main Characters (with detailed descriptions): Gregor Samsa The protagonist who suddenly becomes an insect one morning. He used to be a traveling salesman who supported his family. After becoming an insect, his father, mother, and sister, isolate him in his room and he slowly becomes less human, wondering about his sense of self and the […]

Topics: Cognition, Culture, Psychology

The Hero of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphoses is Gregor

Words: 900 Pages: 3 1236

One of the principal occurrence in the novella is the protagonist turning into a bug, physically, he is not alone, he’s surrounded by family yet he is still lonely. In The Metamorphosis, a workaholic becomes a bug, thus his family is forced to adapt, resulting in multiple transformations. Unlike Gregor, his family member’s metamorphosis was […]

Topics: Culture, Fiction, Social Institutions

William Shakespeare’s Hamlets and Franz Kafka’s Metamorphoses

Words: 756 Pages: 3 895

In Hamlet by William Shakespeare and Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka we see that there is a comparison and a contrast with these two books which is through the eyes of their mothers are they similar characters. In Hamlet his mother is worried about him since he has changed into a mad man. In Metamorphosis Gregor’s […]

Topics: Anger, Fiction, Hamlet

Does our World Need Standards of Beauty or not

Words: 1042 Pages: 3 1173

When it comes to the topic of health and beauty, the United States reigns supreme. It’s a county where thin is the status quo and anything other than that is considered distasteful. It’s a place where a woman is only beautiful if she meets certain physical requirements enforced by the media. A place where looks […]

Topics: Culture, Fashion, Human Body

What is Beauty Parlor in Lahore Offering

Words: 702 Pages: 2 866

 Hair salons in Lahore are operating in a method to provide satisfying and as much as the mark services to the consumers. Individuals are more mindful about their appearances and design nowadays. They are trying to find every element that makes them healthy and gorgeous; for this, they are searching for hair cutting, hair styling, […]

Topics: Culture, Fashion, Human Body

The Beauty of the Ethical

Words: 843 Pages: 3 1255

The Beauty of the Ethical is an article written by Ross McCullough who is a writer living in Seattle, Washington. The article mainly discusses about today`s ethics. The author examines several topics such as secularism, ethics, and religion. He addresses several questions such as does secularism affect religion? How have ethics been affected in the […]

Topics: Faith, Freedom of Religion, Morality

Some Important Tips to Start a Beauty Saloon Buisness

Words: 619 Pages: 2 1220

This post describes the requirements & treatments for establishing an appeal center in any significant city of Pakistan, as there is an increasing need for charm care services. Celebration and bridal makeup, facial, body treatment and hairdressing are the significant service classifications. The crucial elements that ought to be taken into consideration while making financial […]

Topics: Brand, Customer, Economy

Dove Takes a Stance: Beauty Standards Challenged 

Words: 889 Pages: 3 950

Advertisements are created to persuade a specific target audience and promote a brand/product. Dove has been promoting their self-esteem project: Real Beauty Campaign since 2004. This campaign was developed to endorse body positivity and self-esteem. Within the many ads released through this campaign, one unique advertisement is the Dove Choose One Thing: How Girls See […]

Topics: Advertising, Brand, Social Media

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