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Last Added Works

Active Listening of Songs that were Intended

Words: 673 Pages: 2 857

At first, I found this assignment easy, but it is a hard one, especially since I am not so good at listening. I found it hard to find the impressions of the songs that were assigned. These are my impressions of what I got from these songs. For the first song Alleluia o’ virga mediatrix, […]

Topics: Active Listening, Classical Music

Experiences in Active and Passive Listening Environments

Words: 1915 Pages: 6 1205

Introduction Mild hearing loss is defined as a person having the inability to hear soft sounds that are in the 26 to 40 dB range. Soft sounds like whispered conversations and birds chirping are some examples. One may also have a hard time hearing both low-pitched and high-pitched sounds, known as frequency (CSD 402). Frequency […]

Topics: Active Listening, Shame

Carbon Taxes Can Help to Decrease the Carbon Footprint

Words: 1486 Pages: 5 998

Climate change and the harmful effects on the environment because of carbon dioxide emissions are some of the greatest problems facing the world. One proposed solution to combat climate change is a carbon tax. A carbon tax is an economic tool to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce human-induced climate change. Carbon taxes increase the […]

Topics: Carbon Footprint, Climate change, Poverty, Tax

Reducing the Carbon Footprint by Imposing a Carbon Tax

Words: 482 Pages: 2 1118

A new study by the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate suggests that curbing carbon emissions by the imposition of a tax on carbon could generate a revenue of $26 trillion. Fossil fuels are a primary commodity widely used in everyday life. By burning fossil fuels, a carbon footprint is made on the environment. […]

Topics: Carbon Footprint, Market, Microeconomics, Natural Environment

Two Major Political Parties in the United States

Words: 1355 Pages: 5 1116

The right to vote–who can vote and how–has been central to the American experiment. In the midst of the Civil War, when the continuation of slavery was at stake and, with it, the existence of the United States, Abraham Lincoln began his historic Gettysburg Address with the words, “[F]our score and seven years ago our […]

Topics: Democracy, Political party, United States, Voting

The Effectiveness of Political Parties and its Governance

Words: 2366 Pages: 8 916

Political polarization refers to the cases in which an individual’s stance on a given issue, policy, or person is more likely to be strictly defined by their identification with a particular political party (Republican or Democrat) or ideology (liberal or conservative). Taking this definition into account, it can be seen that political polarization is prominent […]

Topics: Greenhouse Effect, Liberalism, Policy, Political party

Hurricane Katrina: a Story of Response and Destruction

Words: 1317 Pages: 4 839

Landfall At 7:30 p.m. on October 29, 2012, Sandy slammed into New Jersey head-on, seven miles north of Atlantic City, with maximum winds of 80 miles per hour. By any measure, Sandy was an unprecedented event for New York City. Never in its recorded history had the city experienced a storm of this size. Never […]

Topics: Emergency Management, Hurricane Katrina

Theories about Voters and Political Parties

Words: 844 Pages: 3 878

Although political parties are scarcely mentioned in constitutions, there is not a single modern democracy that does not have them. Scholars have long noted political parties are indispensable to a mass representative democracy (Schattschneider 1942). Given the many dimensions of political parties and electoral systems, the discussion of political parties was highly normative. Many of […]

Topics: Democracy, Political party, Theory

Exploring the Field of Forensic Psychology: Roles and Career Opportunities

Words: 409 Pages: 1 824

When the question of what a psychologist may be arises, people tend to think or respond to “a therapist.” In reality, psychologists can work across many different job sectors, such as a consultant, teachers, and researchers through some specialty areas of psychology, one of them being the concept of forensic psychology. Forensic psychology is applying […]

Topics: Education System, Forensic Psychology

Studying Abroad in Madrid: Courses and Experiences Outside the Classroom

Words: 1393 Pages: 5 1112

At the University of Adolfo Ibanez, students are required to take between four and five classes. I have already completed the language requirement here at DU (Spanish 1003), so taking the mandated 6 ECTS-credit (45 hours) Intensive Spanish Language class prior to the start of my semester abroad will not be too challenging. This course […]

Topics: Communication, Intercultural Communication, Marketing management

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