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Last Added Works

Wells Fargo is One of America’s Largest Corporations

Words: 1172 Pages: 4 1130

Wells Fargo Professor: Dr. Sarita ness and Society Carolyn Saylon October 28, 2018 Wells Fargo & Company 1. Nature, structure, and types, of products or services key factors on the organization’s external environment that can affect its success competition, economy, weather,technology. Wells Fargo & Company is a banking institution that provide customers with their financial needs. […]

Topics: Bank, Economy, Money

Will’s Aggressive Personality in ‘Good Will Hunting’ Movie

Words: 1184 Pages: 4 852

In Good Will Hunting , the main character Will is math genius with a high IQ that can solve any math problems in impressive time. Even though he is a math genius, he has had difficulties in his childhood and adulthood. Will worked as a janitor during his probation time at a MIT which gave […]

Topics: Mental Disorder, Personality, Personality Disorder

My Life during Colombia’s most Violent Period in History

Words: 955 Pages: 3 1191

I have lived outside of Colombia for eighteen years and yet, I have still forgotten the days when my family had fear during Colombia’s most violent period in history. At that point in time, my family had to make the most prevalent decision which was going to be the turning point of our lives. This […]

Topics: Autobiography, Life, Story

Being a Nurse is an Honor as Well as a Privilege

Words: 1024 Pages: 3 967

Over the years, nursing has changed drastically. Not everyone has the heart to be a nurse, and most people are in it just for the money. In today’s society, the nurse must be very familiar of what he or she is able to do and when they are able to do so. A nurse should […]

Topics: Medicare, Medicine, Nurse

The Origins of Norse Mythology

Words: 1678 Pages: 6 816

In May of 2011, Marvel Studios released their first Thor film that made over 449.3 billion dollars in the box office worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo. In 2017, the studio released their third film to the franchise, which brought in 854 billion dollars worldwide. Through this pop culture renaissance, Norse mythology has made its […]

Topics: Mythology, Science

Compassion Can Save Life

Words: 458 Pages: 2 900

When it comes to being a nurse, professionalism can be defined in many different ways. Being a professional nurse takes one to be confident, compassionate and accountable, these are just a few examples. Webster Dictionary defines professionalism as; the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person. I feel […]

Topics: Compassion, Nursing

Experience that Taught me a Lesson

Words: 1058 Pages: 4 998

Life is a funny thing one minute you feel like you are on top of the world and in the next your world is turned upside down. We all like to think that we have all the time in the world, but do we really? Let me tell you about the most unforgettable memory that […]

Topics: Death, Experience, Memory

A Dream to Become a Lawyer

Words: 991 Pages: 3 1081

I have always cherished a dream to become a lawyer and the very idea to be able to raise a voice for the ones who choose to instil blind faith in people in this profession, compelled me to work towards this dream. The inquisitiveness in me since childhood prompted me to think and raise questions like […]

Topics: I Have A Dream, Lawyer, Profession

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Words: 1245 Pages: 4 1072

Sexual harassment in the workplace has been a significant issue that many organizations around the world are grappling with. There have been numerous court cases regarding such issues. Notably, the issue is considered the newest form of gender discrimination in the workplace. In fact, many companies have had to pay substantial amounts of money to […]

Topics: Gender Inequality, Sexual Harassment, Work

Mental Representation of 3-year-old Male Child

Words: 1306 Pages: 4 882

At an early age of 3-5, the majority of students are enrolled in either Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten. At this point in time, these years are critical for growth in reading. Primarily, at this age, students will know the names of their favorite books, be capable of holding the book, and recall familiar words and phrases. […]

Topics: Child, Childhood, Early Childhood Education

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