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This website allows you to translate the number of words in a given document into the approximate amount of time required to deliver it as a speech. It is available for free online at any time, and is a highly valuable instrument to utilize when preparing a speech or a presentation. The length of your speech in terms of quantity of time relates directly to the quantity of words present in your speech, as well as the speed in which the individual speaks or reads.
Note: This words to minutes calculator works based on approximations.

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Words-to-Minutes Converter

Need to find out how long it’ll take for you to read your speech aloud? Using a words-to-time calculator is the best way to do it. Our free app gives you all the tools you need to adjust your texts. Do you ever try solving long complicated math problems in your head? It is possible, of course, but it just takes longer than it would to simply calculate online and find out the answer in mere seconds! Why spend hours guessing and timing yourself whenever you read a speech when you can directly know how long it will take to deliver a certain stretch of words?

What is a Word to Minutes Calculator?

Use a speech convertor or words-to-time calculator to find out in seconds how long it will take you to deliver your perfect address. This is a powerful application that takes your text limits and synchronizes them with the chosen speed at which you read to give you precise results. A words-to-minutes calculator aids in estimating the duration of any speech whether it be for your class, an awaited event, or a professional meeting. This online app makes it easier for you to speak according to any given time.

This is the perfect tool if you want quick solutions and accurate answers that will help you write and then read perfectly crafted speeches for specific occasions.

Why Should I Convert Words Into Minutes?

Isn’t it easier to just know instead of guessing exactly the span in which to read a script or speak on a given topic or even deliver a speech? It is a crucial part of any good deliverance to know the accurate span and then make preparations to read accordingly so that the order of the event or day continues smoothly. Convert words into minutes to be in a comfortable position while presenting anything.

Every so often, certain formats of speech or presentation require a set time frame, and sometimes it is important to keep your text precise and time short. A conversion website like PapersOwl helps in doing just that by transforming the text into time so it becomes easier to adjust your writing if and when necessary.

For many speeches and essays, some parts require more emphasis and longer durations than the rest. When you read, you adjust your tone and voice, and your pace according to the importance of the topics. Similarly, word count can also be adjusted with words to time conversion, in turn helping with the length of paragraphs within any essay to re-establish the importance of a certain topic. If you get help from a custom research paper writing service, using a words to minutes converter becomes essential as it can help you find out exactly how many words per minute have been used or are needed according to your own speaking rate.

Converting Words Into Minutes Online: Benefits

While writing, you never try to guess the words per minute or know if 2 pages will take you more than a minute to read. Stay on top of your presentations and speeches with words conversion. A word to minutes calculator has many benefits for students, businessmen, teachers, or anyone looking to perfect their art of speech time or speak about any topic.

Manage the Span of your Text

A speech calculator is a hassle-free way to determine the span and speed of your speech according to the word count. You can use it multiple times and keep iterating your content. A words-to-minutes calculator gives you accurate results according to the average speaking rate.

Easy and Efficient to Use

Converting each word into the exact span is easy for all types of people. A good speech calculator also includes information about speaking speeds, giving you all the essential information you need to get your work done quickly.

Helps You Practice

Practice your speech without worrying about managing time with a timer easily with a words-to-minutes converter. A words-to-minutes converter can also be adjusted to your own speaking rate, and you can add specific excerpts where you tend to speak fast or slower than normal. Just a few clicks can get you to the desired result and the exact number of words needed for your speech. Remember to always be original with your writing and a free plagiarism checker to use is a great way to ensure this. Once you’re sure that the text is unique, our tool can be used to your advantage to make your speech memorable when you read it. By increasing and decreasing your voice along the way and by adding pauses where necessary, emphasis where required, and omitting unnecessary details, you can practice your words before heading onto the stage.

How to Use a Words to Time Calculator?

Public speaking is a monstrous task on its own. For some, it might be harder than for others. It demands a certain level of confidence, and with good preparation and exactly the right tools, you can equip yourself to read and deliver any presentation with confidence.

A words-per-minute calculator is one such tool. It is easy to use and adjustable according to your pace. Crafting your presentation has been made easier than ever, with the words-to-minutes converter to determine the words-to-minutes ratio. To start using the words to time convertor, just enter the word count into the app. This will give you the results in just seconds and you can then use this to edit your essay fast, which in turn helps you save days and take full advantage of the tools available. After entering the word count, you can choose the reading speed. This is the speaking rate at which you speak. Options include slow, average, and fast speakers. It is important to choose the correct option according to your average reading speed for the most effective results.

That’s pretty much all you need to do to get your results quickly and easily. Once you have an answer, simply adjust your text depending on whether you need it to last longer or end more quickly.



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  • How Long is a 5-minute Speech?

    Around 625 words with a normal speaking rate would let you talk for this span.
  • How Long is a 2-minute Speech?

    Talking continuously for this span usually requires around 250 words with a normal speaking rate.
  • How to Measure the Length of Your Speech?

    Speech length can easily be measured by finding out the number of words or average words in your essay. It is always a good idea to read your speech with a timer beforehand to be fully prepared.
  • How to Make Your Speech Longer?

    There are many ways to make your speech longer according to the slot you are given. Whether it be an hour or just one minute, it is best to be prepared accordingly. Use pauses when you speak to increase the time, and add humor and experiences to your speech to keep it relevant.

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