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Religion Essays

370 essay samples found

The Difference between a Cult and Religion

Words: 2266 Pages: 8 7001

Images of strange symbols, massacres, and dark woods may come to mind when you hear the word “cult” – a term that has grown to have a lot of negative connotations in our society. It would be strange to even try to compare what we know as a cult to mainstream religions, a conventional part […]

Topics: Belief, Catholic, Catholic Church, Christianity, Crusades, Freedom of Religion

Christianity in the Byzantine Empire

Words: 744 Pages: 2 10748

History has shown us that many factors can come together to spark great civilizations. Of these factors, one of the most important is religion, the belief in and worship of a higher power or lifestyle. The Byzantine Empire, known as the surviving eastern half of the Roman Empire, can be taken as example. After the […]

Topics: Christianity

Superstition’s Effect on People’s Behavior

Words: 450 Pages: 2 12495

Superstition has an effect on people’s behavior and way of thinking. Superstitions are what people’s ancestors conveyed to them, the same way their native language, norms and values are passed on to them. Knocking on wood, not walking under ladders, no whistling indoors are some examples of common superstitions. “Superstitions come from traditions and your […]

Topics: Superstition

Nero’s Persecution of Christianity

Words: 1221 Pages: 4 11185

Nero’s horrible persecution of Christians during the first century shaped Christianity into what is now and he helped it spread whether he intended to or not. In his first five years of his rule, he was known to be a generous politician for sharing powers with the Senate and making political trials more open. It […]

Topics: Ancient Rome, Christianity

The Different Types of Punishments that were Used in the Bible

Words: 1318 Pages: 4 20451

The death penalty has been, and continues to be an ongoing, controversial debate in today’s society. In fact, capital punishment was extremely prevalent, especially during the time of Christ. In the Bible, mainly the Old Testament, capital punishment was ultimately the primary consequence to any crime that was committed. This may come as a surprise […]

Topics: Bible, Witchcraft
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Brujeria and Catholicism Interview with a Bruja

Words: 1579 Pages: 5 7316

Magic, witchcraft, religion, superstitions, and the supernatural have always been a significant part of Mexican life, even when practiced behind closed doors. Traditions passed down from hundreds of years, influenced by both indigenous ancestors and Roman Catholic beliefs. It is very common to see Curanderos (Healer/Shaman) and Brujas (witches) use the images of Catholic saints […]

Topics: Catholic, Catholic Church, God, Witchcraft

Superstitions in the Theatre

Words: 1308 Pages: 4 5182

Today, theatre has been around for many decades and continues to thrive and excel performance after performance. Although, when we attend these plays within the theatre there is much more behind those luxurious curtains. Superstitions in theatre has been around dating back to the Elizabethan Era for as long as many could remember. These superstitions […]

Topics: Superstition, Theatre

Symbolism in “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Words: 2006 Pages: 7 5621

In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story Young Goodman Brown, Hawthorne is able to utilize both suspense and riddles to capture the focus of the reader. Within the story, the reader encounters witchcraft, rituals, and supposedly double lives that involve multiple characters throughout Brown’s adventure. However, as with most stories, the reader must ask how all of […]

Topics: Christianity, Evil, Faith, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Young Goodman Brown

Importance of Bible

Words: 707 Pages: 2 6508

The mind should be very important to everyone, for it is the gateway for either good or bad to enter through. What enters the mind lurks in the mind. God wants what is paramount for everyone, and for believers to stay true. God wants what is paramount for everyone. Luke 21:14 says, “But make up […]

Topics: Bible, Christianity, God, Jesus, Writer

Role of Religion in Marco Polo’s Travels

Words: 761 Pages: 3 6355

“The state and foundations of western civilization were breaking at the seams during the 13th century. The primary indicator of this was the destruction of Constantinople by crusaders because of its orthodox roots in 1204. In addition, western culture was facing its own obstacles since the Great Schism wreaked havoc on the power struggle between […]

Topics: Belief, Catholic Church, Christianity, Crusades, Marco Polo, Silk Road

The Bible and the Power of the Mind

Words: 973 Pages: 3 17987

The Bible often talks about the power of the mind and the thoughts that come from it. Moses, Paul and Samuel talk about the powerfulness of the mind; Solomon, Matthew and Moses talk about how it can be deceived really easily; and David, Luke and Paul talk about God’s blessings that come with opening your […]

Topics: Bible, Christianity, God, Jesus

Chinese Superstitions

Words: 1022 Pages: 3 4580

For the past few thousand years, the culture of China has been very specific and constant with the traditions and customs that it has. Many of these traditions can be seen by some as superstitions. Several of the superstitions in China are predominantly based on the luck and the fortune that it can bring or […]

Topics: Supernatural, Superstition

Religious Values and Death Penalty

Words: 529 Pages: 2 10727

Religious and moral values tell us that killing is wrong. Thou shall not kill. To me, the death penalty is inhumane. Killing people makes us like the murderers that most of us despise. No imperfect system should have the right to decide who lives and who dies. The government is made up of imperfect humans, […]

Topics: Capital Punishment, Crime, Death Penalty, Justice

Does Religion Cause War?

Words: 984 Pages: 3 9386

“There has been many wars that have taken the lives of many throughout human history. Wars for authority, revenge, and economic gain have left their mark in our literature. Unfortunately, Religion has been a very prominent influence that has started many of these man-made catastrophes. This is due to the difference in ideologies between two […]

Topics: Belief, Christianity, Crusades, God, Islam, War

Beowulf Christianity Vs Paganism

Words: 884 Pages: 3 4783

 Fate and allusions play big role in the telling of the epic poem “Beowulf”, translation by Seamus Heaney. But the most prevalent, and most important is the Christian allusions. Unlike books, and poems today “Beowulf” contains many Biblical references, for example that any success, power, wealth is a gift from Gods grace or that Gods […]

Topics: Beowulf

Religion in the Scarlet Letter

Words: 967 Pages: 3 5372

Everyone has sinned at some point in their lives and it has ruined relationships. Sinning however can be redeemable but it takes hard work and dedication in order to achieve that goal. In the novel, The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne we follow Hester Prynne our female protagonist and her journey along the aftermath of […]

Topics: The Scarlet Letter

Homosexuality in Ancient Greece

Words: 876 Pages: 3 4569

“There are mixed views on what exactly homosexuality was in ancient Greece. Some sources say that homosexual relations were a normal occurrence, while others believe that the society wasn’t quite as progressive as its reputation suggests. However, most sources agree that the topic is still very controversial today, perhaps making an impact on the information […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Gender, Homosexuality, Human Sexuality, Love, Sex, Social Psychology

The Comparison of the Holy Bible the Dao De Jing

Words: 1781 Pages: 6 4480

INTRODUCTION The Bible speaks to the religious antiquities intended to gull Christian believers through their lives, setting up the ethical code to pursue. Many refer Moses as the first human author who wrote the first five books within the Bible- Torah books. The Holy Bible falls into two categories, the old and new testament with […]

Topics: Bible, Christianity, God, Jesus

My First Visit to a Catholic Church

Words: 1059 Pages: 4 4021

I got a great opportunity when my friend asked me if I would go with her to church. I already knew she was Catholic, so I figured this would be great to see how other churches work. So, I accepted and met with her on Sunday. Of course, the first thing I noticed was the […]

Topics: Catholic, Catholic Church

Christianity and the New World

Words: 1670 Pages: 6 4172

Christianity has always been in Europe starting all the way from 57 A.D. For many years it has also been threatened. In the 14th century Europe was struggling with conditions of economic and political adversity that had decreased its population and productivity. Once the midevil times came around Europe was losing their identity. Christianity spread […]

Topics: Catholic Church, Christianity, God, Jesus, Martin Luther

Early Modern Europe

Words: 1848 Pages: 6 4090

During the late Middle Ages, Western European life was built on the feudal and manorial system. Kings, nobles, knights, and peasants (serfs) were the different classes, with the king as nominally the powerful and the serfs as the weakest. Towns were rare, as sections of land called manors were ruled by nobles. Nobles provided serfs […]

Topics: Catholic Church, Christianity, Leonardo Da Vinci, Martin Luther, Michelangelo, Renaissance

Birthdays: a Wish for the Gods

Words: 1177 Pages: 4 4952

Birthdays are celebrated to remember personal achievements, show appreciation to those we love and care for, and to simply acknowledge our existence. Although lives are measured by the ceaseless passing of time, birthdays are a time to be remembered. That is how birthdays are defined in America today. The single day that all people have […]

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Birthday, God, Myth, Sacrifice, Tradition

Martin Luther and Catholic Church

Words: 988 Pages: 3 4908

Martin Luther a German monk was born on November 10, 1483, in Eisleben, Saxony, in modern-day Germany.(A&E Networks). He became a monk when he got caught in a horrendous thunder storm he promised God that if he survived that he would devote his entire life to the church and become a monk (Heal). Luther’s father, […]

Topics: Bible, Catholic Church, Christianity, Martin Luther, Theology

Hypocricy in Hawthorne’s and O’Connor’s Stories

Words: 950 Pages: 3 3902

“In both Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown and Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man is Hard to Find there are multiple examples of Hypocrisy. That hypocrisy goes along with those who follow the Puritan Religion. To help understand this you have to examine the roles of Religion, Faith, and Salvation in the stories’ society. It will […]

Topics: Young Goodman Brown

Role of Duplicity, Allegory, and Irony in “Young Goodman Brown”

Words: 362 Pages: 1 3900

The role of duplicity, allegory, and irony in “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne about its theme is as follows. In the story, the author says that what a person sees is mostly not the reality but just a show everyone puts on in front of each other. When Goodman sees around himself, he finds everyone […]

Topics: Young Goodman Brown

Concept of St. Augustine Christianity Philosophy

Words: 1208 Pages: 4 4697

St. Augustine was an important figure in history for philosophy and had many contributions throughout his career that made other important philosophers question themselves and him. We get to know St. Augustine as he tells his audience about his life and his ideas by his work while he was alive. He had written many famous […]

Topics: Allegory of the Cave, Aristotle, Belief, Metaphysics, Morality, Plato, Socrates

Religion Impact on Many Civilizations

Words: 1630 Pages: 5 5795

Throughout the course of human history, many civilizations have risen to prominence as well as having collapsed into nothingness. One commonality that each civilization has had, regardless of the respective outcome, was the impact that religion had on them. Democracies such as Greece, empires and kingdoms like Rome and Egypt, and even the many great […]

Topics: God, Greek Mythology, Helen of Troy, Odysseus, Trojan War

Martin Luther and the Reformation

Words: 1000 Pages: 3 4541

Before Martin Luther, one of the first people to begin the reformation of religion was John wycliffe of England, who was the first to sound the trumpet for the reformation. Now, we all agree that Martin Luther was the first person to initiate the reformation, but wycliffe also played an important role. In Britain, he […]

Topics: Catholic Church, Christianity, Martin Luther

Respect and Responsibility in Faith and Life

Words: 548 Pages: 2 970

I am a Catholic and I believe that not everyone has the same point of view on things or belief but you should respect the point of view of others. I am responsible for my own actions and wrongdoings. I have sinned and did bad things. But I am not perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, you […]

Topics: Freedom of Religion, Respect, Responsibility

Representation of Religion in Asian Buddha Statues

Words: 1036 Pages: 3 3954

Artistic concepts are broad. Art may be interpreted either literally or symbolically depending on a person’s insights. It goes a long way in the depiction of reality or imaginary insinuation, be it a person or a place. However, the study of artistic features gives more profound meaning and relates each work of art to the […]

Topics: Buddha, Buddhism
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