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About American Revolution

Start date :1775
End date :1783
Participants :Colonists in British America, Slaves, Native Americans, supported by France, Spain & the Netherlands
Location :United States, Thirteen Colonies, North America

Empires and kingdoms, states and republics, all had ups and downs marked by numerous wars and conflicts. And often, the aftermath of these issues brought changes for the better. The same happened to the US. The American Revolution is one of the focal events in the United States that set the country on the road to greatness.
Beginning in 1765, the radical uprising against a European country was a significant success. After a series of events that took the situation to a boiling point, the Colonies stood up against the British Government. That’s why people tend to see the Revolution as the official separation of America from Britain.
Any history teacher will assign a research paper on the Revolutionary War. This fragment is critical in strengthening American democracy and opening its way to becoming a separate nation. Most importantly, it kindled the spirit of independence across the world.
Most essay examples on the American Revolution focus on the background of the rebellion, its course, or the consequences. However, you can also elaborate on the causes of the American Revolution, namely the heavy taxation that sparked the turmoil.
Typically, academic papers involve strong thesis statements that you have to prove later in your work. Also, spend some time conceptualizing a catchy introduction to invite your readers on an epic journey to autonomy.
In essay topics related to past events, it’s essential to base your arguments on facts and evidence. In short, don’t forget to cite works and give references throughout the paper or after the conclusion. Moreover, including exact dates and locations is crucial to make your work credible.
However, composing a well-versed essay with a historical background is not straightforward. It requires honed writing skills and a profound understanding of the issue at hand. If you aren’t confident enough about doing the outline, check the free argumentative essays about the American Revolution available at PapersOwl. In addition, you will find for and against narrative papers dealing with the same theme but customized according to your requirements.

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