American Revolution and Nathanael Greene

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Nathanael Greene – Nathanael Greene was a Patriot Major General who had extreme military potential from a young age. He was born into a very faithful and determind Quaker family in Rhode Island. Nathanael Greene’s family did not believe or agree with military goals. However he ended up choosing the milatary before his family’s beliefs. He became the youngest Patriot brigadier general at the age of 34 and reached that rank in one year. Greene was in command of Boston during the boston siege.

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He also was in control of Georgia and South Carolina after he was appointed southern commander by George Washington. Greene had been promoted to help the southern colonies after Horatio Gates lost at Camden, Robert Howe lost at Savannah, and Benjamin Lincoln lost control of Charleston.Greene had won the battles in Cowpens and King’s Mountain. Greene was one of the most successful generals in American History.

Horatio Gates- Horatio Gates was an American Major General who fought very successfully in the French and Indian war. His was known as a war hero after his biggest achievement which was beating General Burgoyne at Saratoga. Once he got old he became a big pain in everyone’s neck. He wasn’t on Washington’s good side because of the fact that he said that Trenton was a terrible plan that wouldn’t every work. He had a major setback after his notable loss at the Battle of Camden. He completely embarrassed himself with his giant loss Horatio’s army had 1000 been taken prisoner and 900 die in the fight. The next event that had soiled his reputation was the fact that he attempted to replace George Washington as commander-in-chief. Therefore, practically all of his military reputation was abolished, and George Washington sent him home and forced Horatio to retire.

Francis Marion – Francis Marion was an American brigadier general in the revolutionary war. Francis was promoted to a captain after he forced Major General Benjamin Lincoln to surrender at Charleston. Francis Marion missed out on the capture of Charleston due to a broken ankle in 1780. He was known as The Swamp Fox for his reputation of beating the British by surprise through swampy environment. In addition to this, he was also famous for guerilla style raids against the rival Britain’s. He was awarded with the rank of brigadier general for saving Americans surrounded by British at Parker’s Ferry. Francis Marion was a legislative for South Carolina after he retired from the military. He passed away in his estate on February 27, 1795 in South Carolina.

Charles Cornwallis- Charles Cornwallis was a British Lieutenant who had a seat in the house of lords. Charles was born into a very powerful family in Britain. His father Charles the 5th bought him Ensign’s commission in the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards which ignited his role in Britain’s military. His father died in 1762. Therefore Charles Cornwallis the 6th was promoted to the Earl of the Eye receiving his seat in the House of the Lords.Charles became promoted to a lieutenant general after he won the concord and Lexington war. Cornwallis went to America soon after and lost the revolutionary war to the Patriots. Cornwallis managed to defeat Horatio Gates by a huge margin at the battle of Camden. Then, his army started going downhill after the surprise attack at Trenton Britain losing The Battle of Cowpens, Battle of King’s mountain, and Battle of Guilford Courthouse. Finally, to end the war Charles Cornwallis was to sick therefore, he sent General Charles O’Hara to surrender to George Washington.

Battle of Cowpens- One Thousand Sixty Five Americans and one thousand one hundred fifty British troops engaged in the Battle of Cowpens on January 17,1781. After the Battle of Camden, Banastre Tarleton lead a barbaric pursue for the Americans who were fighting under General Daniel Morgan. Banastre Tarleton was full of confidence with his one thousand one hundred fifty men after the Battle of Camden. Therefore, he decided to begin combat against General Daniel Morgan without information of how many troops were operating under him. Daniel Morgan on the other hand knew about his current troop and power status and was ready to engaged in battle. The Patriots and British met up with each other in a clear flat South Carolina pasture field. Daniel Morgan’s strategy was to only give the British an option to fight the head on. He also ordered his troops to fight in two volleys then to turn back and reorganize. His plan was extremely successful and ended up killing off a large amount of British soldiers. Once, the Americans started clearly dominating the war the British troops were discouraged and disorganized. Resulting in American dragoons hitting the British right flank and ending the war. The Americans had injured captured or killed 75% of Banastre’s army they bragged saying it was a devil of whipping. eight hundred British troops and one hundred forty nine Patriot Casualties in the Battle of Cowpens.

Battle of Camden- The battle of Camden on August 16, 1780 was one of the devastating American loses at the beginning of the war. British forces fought at camden soon after capturing Charleston in May. The Patriots were fighting under previous was hero Horatio Gates who had 5,000 storm into the battle. However, by the time his army had arrived at Camden 2000 troops were ill, tired and hungry to be eligible to fight. Resulting in the Patriots being outnumbered two to one.The British were fighting under general Lord Charles Cornwallis,while the Americans lead into the battle under the Saratoga hero Horatio Gates. The Americans lost heavily according to the fact their left and center collapsed resulting from Horatio Gates heavily pushing a right flank. The right flank was countered by the British and never became successful. The Americans suffered 1900 casualties. The British on the other hand only suffered 325. 1000 of the American casualties were taken as prisoners of war. Horatio Gates was later released from the Patriot side of the war because of his bad battle strategies and being defeated so badly.

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