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Vietnam War Essays

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The Cold War: Severe Tension between the United States and the Soviet Union

Words: 2949 Pages: 10 9339

The feuding began after World War II, mostly regarding political and economic power. After the destruction that World War II caused, the United States and the Soviet Union were left standing. Gaining control of countries was sought after, even if the countries weren’t benefiting them in any way. During this time, it was all about […]

Topics: Cold War, International Relations, Marshall Plan, Money, Space Race, Vietnam War, War

Historical Process of People during World Wars

Words: 1939 Pages: 6 1864

Historical process: Civil Rights The Second World War saw an inclusive nation go out to fight, but the returnees sought to place everyone at the level that they had been before the war. The war brought the best out of women as they were involved in various companies that were manufacturing artillery for the war. […]

Topics: Civil Rights Movement, Civil War, Vietnam War, World War 2

The Civil Rights Era and the Vietnam War for the USA

Words: 803 Pages: 3 6944

The Vietnam War was a conflict between North and South Vietnam with regards to the spread of communism. The communist North was supported by other communist countries while the South was supported by anti-communist countries, among them the United States. In South Vietnam the anti-communist forces faced off against the Viet Cong, a communist front. […]

Topics: Citizenship, Civil Rights Movement, Justice, Racial Equality, Racial Segregation, Social Issues, United States, Vietnam War, War

The Vietnam War in U.S History

Words: 1469 Pages: 5 7995

The Vietnam War has been known in U.S history as the longest and most controversial war. The United States became involved in Vietnam to avoid having the country fall to a communist form of government. There were numerous fateful battles that claimed countless lives of those on both sides of the war. This war also […]

Topics: International Relations, Vietnam War

The Domino Theory and the Vietnam War

Words: 1451 Pages: 5 8181

This investigation will explore the question: To what extent was the Domino Theory validated by the progress and outcomes of the Vietnam War? The years 1940 to 1980 will be the focus of this investigation, Vietnam War started after World War 2 and ended in 1975. More than 1 million Vietnamese soldiers and over 50,000 […]

Topics: Vietnam War
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About Vietnam War

Words: 1904 Pages: 6 4981

Rootsie, a young teen hippie coming of age during in the mid-1960s, saw the evils of the Vietnam War, which included the unnecessary deaths of fellow Americans who fought a war that could have been avoided, as many may argue. Hence, she overlooked the superficialities of the Vietnam War that the government imposed upon America […]

Topics: Vietnam War, War

The Vietnam War in History

Words: 1343 Pages: 4 6282

The Vietnam war was a conflict between the north and south vietnam governments and the time span of this war began from 1954 all the way down to the year of 1975 fighting in the locations or North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. One important fact was the south of vietnam had an ally […]

Topics: International Relations, Vietnam War, War

The Erosion of American Support for the Vietnam War

Words: 1916 Pages: 6 4690

To begin, a massive amount of Americans are considered to be nationalistic and resonate with patriot appeals. A well known U.S rhetoric quote claims that America is “the greatest nation in the world”. This can be used to U.S military advantage because it encourages or motivates United States citizens to support their country politically and […]

Topics: Conflicts, Imperialism, International Relations, Military, Vietnam, Vietnam War, War

Music and Society in Vietnam War Era

Words: 1352 Pages: 5 4400

The Vietnam War is arguably the most controversial war in American history. To this day, our role and positioning in the struggle for power remains an enigma. It can be argued that we concerned ourselves in the struggle to deny the spread of communism, but it can be equally contended that we were there to […]

Topics: Vietnam War

What is Vietnam War Known For?

Words: 360 Pages: 1 4524

Vietnam, a nation that had been under French colonial rule since the 19th century. During World War II, Japanese forces invaded Vietnam. To fight off both Japanese occupiers and the French colonial administration, political leader Ho Chi Minh. In 1945 the defeat in World War II, Japan withdrew its forces from Vietnam, leaving the French-educated […]

Topics: Imperialism, International Relations, Vietnam, Vietnam War, War

Analysis of the Vietnam War

Words: 1270 Pages: 4 4505

Last Days in Vietnam shows how powerful this media can be when talented people dig deep into the often-complex history of the Vietnam War. Most convincing in the narrative is its introduction of the ethical bind confronting numerous Americans amid their most recent 24 hours in Saigon, regardless of whether to obey White House requests […]

Topics: Pathos, Vietnam War

The Vietnam War and the U.S. Government

Words: 629 Pages: 2 4751

From the 1880s until World War II, France governed Vietnam as part of French Indochina, which also included Cambodia and Laos. The country was under the formal control of an emperor, Bao Dai. From 1946 until 1954, the Vietnamese struggled for their independence from France during the first Indochina War. At the end of this […]

Topics: Communism, Vietnam, Vietnam War

How the Vietnam War Changed Diversity in America

Words: 706 Pages: 2 4435

The Vietnam War was a war of great controversy. The Vietnam War has the longest U.S. combat force participation to date, 17.4 years. This is closely followed by efforts in Afghanistan. U.S. combat force participation in Afghanistan is 17 years and continuing. The Vietnam War was a fatal one for U.S. armed forces. There are […]

Topics: Vietnam, Vietnam War

Impact of Vietnam War

Words: 674 Pages: 2 6471

The Vietnam War began in 1955 and lasted for 20 years or so. President Truman created a foreign policy that can assist countries that have instability due to communism. Truman then came up with the policy of the Truman doctrine. The causes of the Vietnam War was believed held by America that communism was going […]

Topics: Vietnam War

Cold War Effects on America

Words: 433 Pages: 1 6307

The Cold War certainly changed and shaped the American economy, society, and politics from 1945 to 1992. The contrasting beliefs between Communism (the Soviet Union) and Democracy (the United States) caused the rift between the worlds top two most prominent superpowers — Communism had established itself to be an immediate challenge to the importance of […]

Topics: Cold War, Communism, United States, Vietnam War, War

Modern American Imperialism

Words: 1464 Pages: 5 5589

By the end of the 18th century, the British Empire was one of the biggest colonial powers in the world. It had colonies in many countries across the world such as India and Australia. There were other colonial powers such as Spain, France, and the Netherlands. One of the latest countries which entered the imperialistic […]

Topics: American Imperialism, Colonialism, Imperialism, International Relations, Policy, United States, Vietnam War

Effects of the Cold War

Words: 3018 Pages: 10 8880

The Cold War was a time of hostility that went on between the Soviet Union and the US from 1945 to 1990. This rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union lasted decades and created a result in anti communist accusations and international problems that led up to the two superpowers to the brink […]

Topics: Cold War, Foreign Policy, International Relations, Marshall Plan, Space Race, Vietnam War

Yearbook of Psychology between 1961 and 1971

Words: 1460 Pages: 5 4201

Introduction Prisoners go through lots of psychological processes when they are confined within the cells. They sometimes go against the orders or follow them according to the types of prisons they occupy. However, there have been various concerns about the psychological aspects of prisoners or those that serve jail terms. This therefore created the need […]

Topics: Research, Vietnam War

The Longest War Fought in America’s History

Words: 642 Pages: 2 4713

The Vietnam War was iniated in November 1st 1955 and was finished on April 30 1975 because communism was starting to grow in Vietnam and the U.S wanted to keep it contained. At the time President Nixon was really worried that if Vietnam was to become communist other nations would soon follow and switch to […]

Topics: Cold War, Communism, Imperialism, International Relations, Vietnam, Vietnam War, War

Sino Vietnamese Just War

Words: 971 Pages: 3 3916

The Sino-Vietnamese War, also known as the Third Indochina War, occurred in 1979 when troops from the People’s Republic of China attacked the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. This war came after the First Indochina War and the Vietnam War (or the Second Indochina War). The First Indochina War lasted from 1946 to 1954 and involved […]

Topics: International Relations, Military, Vietnam, Vietnam War, War

American Troops in the Vietnam War

Words: 847 Pages: 3 4296

Lyndon B. Johnson was the 36th President of the United States, coming into the office after the death of President John F. Kennedy in November 1963. At the time of World War II, Johnson earned a Silver Star in the South Pacific serving in the Navy as a lieutenant administrator. Johnson was chosen to the […]

Topics: International Relations, Vietnam, Vietnam War

Forest Gump as a Source for Studying History

Words: 822 Pages: 3 4950

‘ Life is like a box a chocolate, you never know what you are going to get ‘ as said in the novel Of Forest Gump I say would be as I would like to think the statement to portray the film from start to finish. In this exposition, I will expound on Forrest’s life […]

Topics: Forrest Gump, Richard Nixon, Vietnam War, Watergate scandal

American Involvement in Vietnam War

Words: 766 Pages: 3 5845

The frustration of Nixon was clearly building with the failure despite all sorts of efforts. A futile invasion of Cambodia, continued but ineffective Vietnamization policy, no cooperation from PRC, and an attempt to cripple the North into negotiations through bombing; nothing seemed to be working. This incapability to find a solution further led the Nixon […]

Topics: Cold War, Conflicts, Military, Vietnam War, War

Vietnam War and Crisis

Words: 2732 Pages: 9 2088

In 1887, France imposed a colonial system over Vietnam, Tonkin, Annam, Cochin China and Cambodia, calling it French Indochina. Laos was added in 1893. Upon the weakening of France during WWII, Japanese troops invaded French Indochina. In 1945, Japanese troops carried out a coup against French authorities and declared Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia as independent […]

Topics: American Imperialism, Conflicts, Crisis, Vietnam War

Comparison between World War II and Vietnam War

Words: 2799 Pages: 9 2142

A half century ago the world, and most specifically America, was an extremely different place. As the world moved out of the World War II era, changes came in droves. America and the Soviet Union would move into a Cold War with a space race, while the rest of the world would watch in awe. […]

Topics: Cold War, Vietnam War, World War 2

The Cold War and U.S Diplomacy

Words: 820 Pages: 3 4482

My take on President Kennedy’s doctrine “”Respond flexibly to communist expansion, especially to guerrilla warfare from 1961 to 1963″”. The doctrine by President John F. Kennedy. During the Second World War, the Soviet Union and the United States worked together in fighting Nazi of Germany. The coalition between the two parties was dissolved after the […]

Topics: Cold War, Communism, Cuban Missile Crisis, Foreign Policy, International Relations, Policy, Vietnam War

The Vietnam War in the World History

Words: 2141 Pages: 7 8074

Silence is all the soldiers could hear but they knew that they weren’t alone. Soldiers from a foreign country attacked them from the shadows. Thousands of young American men were killed in the forests deep in Vietnam. The national interest of America that Americans developed after the Yalta Conference encouraged us to join the Korean […]

Topics: Cold War, International Relations, Vietnam, Vietnam War

Essay About The Vietnam War
Over a course of several years from 1955-1975, war was being held within a country in Southeast Asia, Vietnam. This was a war between communist North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Once the United States entered the war, the nation was divided about whether it was the right decision. More than 50,000 American souls were lost in this fight and much controversy has been stuck on this topic.
The Americans had entered the war ten years after it had begun in 1965. There is much controversy about this topic and researchers and historians are still debating. After World War II, communism had taken over several countries and was following the “domino effect” (in-text citation). The U.S. essentially entered this war to prevent the world, and themselves, from communism. The U.S. had military involvement with the Southern Vietnamese from 1965-1973. Within this time, military forces were set up throughout the country of Vietnam. The U.S. fought on the side of the Southern Vietnamese as they were trying to drive out communist forces and defeat the communist side of Northern Vietnam. Over 50,000 American soldiers were killed while fighting a war that wasn’t their own. The war eventually concluded in 1975 with the Fall of Saigon.
This war had a big impact on the people fighting it affecting their personal well-being. Being drafted into the war was practically a death wish considering the intensity of the warfare going on. However, the men in Vietnam made friends among themselves. Spending quite a long time with each other, these bonds among soldiers became stronger as time went on. Someone in my personal life who served in the war had experienced a first-hand account of these terrors. Surging through the sweltering heat and the unforgiving monsoons. Being a target in the rainforests and the swampy lands, every moment you feared a bullet would be shot at you. Despite the harsh weather and the fight to make it out alive, the soldiers had friends in their camps. Learning from someone who had friends who had been killed in action, coming back home was harder than expected. My great uncle had several friends who were lost to the war and he had felt as if he left them behind. He had felt that it wasn’t okay that he was shooting aimlessly into the forest. He didn’t feel a cause to be there and as he had stated that that was one of the worst things he had to endure. Leaving his fellow men behind was also a challenge. Seeing a fallen soldier and not being able to do anything ate away at him for years and years after he returned home. The only goal in his mind throughout his time in Vietnam was going home; however, when he returned he felt as if there was a hole in his heart.
In his opinion, some long-term impacts that have been cast upon American society were that a majority of soldiers had suffered from psychological after-effects such as PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. The U.S. also spent a large amount of money on this project ranging from 350 billion to 900 billion, leaving a hole in the economy. It had also altered the way American forces now approach war.
This war also impacted people at home too. Having to let your loved ones go to the battlefield was one of the hardest things to do. It affected our nation’s outlook on the world and the daily lives of those who had loved ones cast away into the fight. Protests for peace were started in the streets and rallies were brought together. This war even affected pop culture. With popular rock bands giving their opinion on the war through music. Some examples of these bands are Creedence Clearwater and The Rolling Stones.
Creedence Clearwater’s hit song “Fortunate Son” was released in 1969, at the peak of the Vietnam War. This song isn’t really talking about their outlook on the war itself but more about who served in the war. As (intext citation pitchfork.com) states, most of the men drafted were lower class citizens or from a black cultural background. The song presents the idea that men such as Nixon’s daughter’s husband, who was Eisenhower’s son, weren’t being touched because of their standing on the political scale. As pitchfork.com states “It’s about class. Who did the dirty work”. In one line of the song it is sung as “It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no senator’s son”. This line implies that there was favoritism involved in the drafting system and that influenced people’s opinions.
The second song is “Gimme Shelter” by The Rolling Stones. This song conveys a fearful outlook on the war. In one line in the song, Mick Jagger and Merry Clayton sing “If I don’t get some shelter, Lord, I’m gonna fade away”, this line has a lot more to say than just a couple of words. This is telling everyone that our men were stuck at a dead end with nowhere to go. It was also recorded in 1969 when the war was at its peak. Just as (in-text citation vietnamsanitwarmovementintheus.weebly.com) states “This song captures the fear of the American people in a dangerous time”.
In closing, the Vietnam War certainly took a toll on American society to this day.    

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