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Imperialism - Essay Examples And Topic Ideas For Free

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Imperialism, characterized by the extension of a nation’s power through territorial acquisition or by the establishment of economic and political hegemony over other nations, played a critical role in shaping global history. Essays could delve into the different forms of imperialism, its key proponents, and its intersection with colonialism. They might also explore the motivations behind imperialistic endeavors, such as economic exploitation, political domination, and cultural assimilation. Discussions might extend to the impact of imperialism on colonized regions, including socio-economic exploitation, cultural erasure, and the resistance movements it spurred. The discourse may also touch on the legacy of imperialism, analyzing its long-term consequences on global power dynamics, post-colonial states, and contemporary international relations. A substantial compilation of free essay instances related to Imperialism you can find at PapersOwl Website. You can use our samples for inspiration to write your own essay, research paper, or just to explore a new topic for yourself.

Essay About Imperialism
In this week’s assignment, discuss US imperialism and the manifest destiny and how it has impacted the workplace today also, how it has changed the demographics of the workplace, and then give an example of how one group has been impacted by US immigration and the expansion. American Imperialism is a policy that was made for control over main politics, the economy, and its culture. The manifest destiny was used in order to take over North America and that they believed that everything that they were doing was justified and by the religion was all of Christianity.
First, imperialism and manifest destiny affect many Americans in their workplaces today because of the large-scale companies because they use the manifest destiny to get what they want as far as becoming a larger company. In the past few years, you can see that the fuel industry is how manifest destiny when they go and find land for the companies in order to make room for increase. It is the same as when the US was looking for more unmarked land to take over and to be unbothered by the outsiders. Imperialism is a policy that shows us the extensions of power and influence through diplomacy or even military forces. The manifest destiny was of the 19th century and the beliefs were said to be the expansion and that it was justified as it was bound to happen. No doubt that they go hand-hand. American imperialism brought positive and negative impacts on the research. Some of the motives are that they were pushed toward the westward expansion and one main motive was to find marketers so that they can sell their product or goods. They also were motivated by culture, the Americans wanted to spread the culture, religion, and governing to those who didn’t have much. On a more positive note, American imperialism brought more advanced technologies, and that they were introduced to the US robotics, exploration of space, listens to live broadcasts and news stories around the globe. Also, developed the defensive support of the military bases in many countries. One disadvantage is that no person would want to be controlled by another who creates political feuds. (American Imperialism and Manifest Destiny, 2019).
Demographic has the numbers and statistics about the population, I feel that American imperialism has hurt and helped the demographic in my field of work. The companies have spread and allowed different diversities and that the countries be able to boost the economy as which has opened more doors to Americans to make more money. American imperialism has hurt demographics in countries like the US by exploiting the workers who have poor countries and by greatly increasing the concentration for wealth in fewer hands. But the increase of power has an including political power of those corporations for individuals of our own country and the effects of society includes our electoral and increasing labor relations. In recent years, the US election has steadily increased and became matches for candidates for those who line up for the most corporate of billionaire’s donors. One of the most documented demographics in the US is its aging population. Baby boomers have followed the War World ll and the population then was a large proportion that reaching old age at that time. The aging process creates many challenges and the most notable in the area of healthcare. The numbers of reasons of healthcare in the US are increasing drastically. There is a number of reasons for having nothing with the change of demographic, but the aging population is a certain factor. The aging population is posing challenges in the US and will need to be faced, some solutions that might include is increasing the retirement age as to what people can receive social security and reducing benefits for wealthier seniors, or increase social security taxes on higher income. (How Demographics Are Changing in America, 2015).
In today’s economy immigration has become home to a larger number of immigrants in the world. Immigrants have assimilated faster in the US compare to developed European nations around the globe, while the immigration policy has become a highly contentious issue among Americans. Economic theory predicts that academic research confirms the wages of unaffected immigration over a long period of the economic effects of immigration are mostly positive for the natives and for the overall economy.
In conclusion, the US and many of the surrounding countries have endured the changes from American Imperialism and Manifest Destiny. It is on the citizens to vote for changes and to be aware of what is going on in their community and all around the world and to keep them from having more conflict and war from the choices that were made by Americans Imperialism and Manifest Destiny.

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