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Patriarchy Essays

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The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin

Words: 1395 Pages: 5 4752

Since more and more people keep moving to ‘the suburbs’ from the nineteen fifties onwards, it should not be surprising that these suburbs became more than just a place to live, they also became a prominent cultural topic. Suburban life, also called suburbia, is represented in two famous American novels, The Stepford Wives by Ira […]

Topics: Family, Feminism, Gender Roles, Masculinity, Patriarchy, Sex, Sexism

The Way People View Women in Sports

Words: 2207 Pages: 7 4197

What are The Struggles That Women In The Sports Industry Have Faced and How Have They Impacted The Way People View Women In Sports Today? The prejudicial and unjust treatment of another group, individual, or thing. In history, we’ve often associated the word discrimination with controversial subjects such as slavery and racism. Discrimination could be used […]

Topics: Critical Theory, Gender, Patriarchy, Prejudice, Sex, Sexism

Feminism in “Family Bonds/Conceptual Binds” by Oyeronke Oyewumi

Words: 3004 Pages: 10 4716

Nigerian sociologist Oyeronke Oyewumi is specialized in the sociology of gender, culture, race, knowledge, sociology of inequalities, decolonial, and pan-African studies. In African studies, the production of knowledge has been a privilege of the West, that is, Western constructions are assumed universal too often. In Oyewunmi’s article, “Family Bonds/Conceptual Binds,” she argues that feminism is […]

Topics: Family, Feminism, Gender, Gender Inequality, Gender Roles, Kinship, Language, Marriage, Patriarchy, Sex, Social Status

Gender Inequality and Feminism

Words: 2254 Pages: 8 9538

Gender inequality is a concept which has been occurring over a number of years and due to gender differences it fuels up gender inequality, which gave rise to gender socialization. Gender socialization is the process of learning gender roles which emerge from society and nowadays social media, throughout this process men and women learn their […]

Topics: Economic Inequality, Feminism, Feminist Theory, Gender, Gender Equality, Gender Inequality, Gender Roles, Oppression, Patriarchy

Ecofeministic Perspectives in the Select Novels of Alice Walker and Toni Morrison

Words: 3176 Pages: 11 4340

Ecofeminism is a multi-elemental cultural perspective about Nature and sub ordination of people especially women. Referred to as the third wave of feminism, ecofeminism represents a merge of ecology and feminism. Ecofeminism glorifies the harmony between Women and Nature. The decisive aim is to destabilize the ideology of patriarchal society in which men subjugate both […]

Topics: Critical Theory, Feminism, Oppression, Patriarchy, The Color Purple
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Rape Culture

Words: 1923 Pages: 6 6904

Issues with sexism and rape culture in our society are extremely detrimental because they increase the likelihood of sexual violence, which significantly negatively effects women. Sexism involves the idea that men are the dominant or superior sex. This ideology becomes evident through types of social and economic imbalance based on gender, which creates systematic limits […]

Topics: Abuse, Crime, Feminism, Gender, Gender Equality, Human Sexuality, Injustice, Justice, Morality, Patriarchy

Gender Roles on the Culture of American Medicine

Words: 2668 Pages: 9 4473

Introduction Social constructs are embedded in the everyday lives of people. Constructs can range from a vast majority of things within different cultures throughout the world. Women have gone through a history of steps in order to get to a place where they can be equal to men and even now, there are gender differences […]

Topics: Alternative Medicine, Anthropology, Gender, Gender Roles, Medicine, Patriarchy

Patriarchy and the Shakespearean Woman

Words: 2877 Pages: 10 6528

William Shakespeare writes during a time when patriarchy was prevalent. Shakespeare includes these personas and attitudes within his plays to illustrate how these ideals played out. He works also to create female characters that hold their male counterparts accountable. In this paper, there will be a review of patriarchal patterns within A Midsummer Night’s Dream, […]

Topics: Gender Roles, Hamlet, King Lear, Macbeth, Ophelia, Patriarchy, William Shakespeare

Sexual Morality and Sexual Oppression

Words: 408 Pages: 1 4057

Sex is vector of oppression because it surpasses identities, everyone can fall a victim to sexual oppression. The anti- pornography movement depicts sexual behavior in negative light, highlighting ugly aspects of pornography. Sexual morality is another example of sexual oppression, conservatives fight to uphold the narrative of the “opposition to pornography, prostitution, homosexuality, all erotic […]

Topics: Homosexuality, Human Sexuality, Oppression, Patriarchy, Pornography, Social Issues, Social Norm

Gender Problems in our Society

Words: 1809 Pages: 6 6112

Over the years gender has been a problem in our society that we cannot avoid. We live in a society based on two and only two sex categories (male and female) leading to sex itself being a socially constructed category. Gender refers to the socially constructed characteristic of men and women, such as roles, norms […]

Topics: Gender, Gender Roles, Patriarchy, Racism, Sex, Social Norm, Transgender

Proto-Feminism in Literature: Chekhov and Hemingway

Words: 1411 Pages: 5 4141

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” – Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou was a, poet, author, director, producer, performer, historian, and civil rights activist. With these words, Angelou perfectly encapsulates what it means to decide your fate. Like Anna Sergeyevna and […]

Topics: Critical Theory, Feminism, Gender, Gender Equality, Gender Roles, Hills Like White Elephants, Identity Politics, Marriage, Patriarchy, Social Issues, Social Norm

Are we Living are Potential?

Words: 1047 Pages: 3 4301

When were brought into this world we already have certain expectations asked from us. We are brought up to have patriarchy mentally we are influenced by the people around us. How is it that we are shifting from patriarchy to matriarchy what is making us shift are women being bolder or are men realizing that […]

Topics: Critical Theory, Feminism, Gender, Gender Equality, God, Patriarchy, Sex, Sexism

Misogyny in American Culture – Examples

Words: 1347 Pages: 4 4095

Misogyny is deeply embedded in American culture, as the value seems to lie on the man, and not the woman. A marriage, housewife, and mother are instilled into women as what they should aspire to have and to be. The patriarch obtains male dominance and power over his spouse, often uncaring of her emotions or […]

Topics: A Streetcar Named Desire, Gender, Patriarchy, Sex

Reading and Interpreting Theological Texts

Words: 1371 Pages: 5 3892

Part One:  Throughout the time that I have been in this class we talked about reading and interpreting theological texts. It asks if someone says, “The Bible teaches that women are to keep silent in the church.” How would I respond, and I would not agree with what it says because I feel that men […]

Topics: Catholic Church, Family, Feminism, God, Martin Luther, Patriarchy

Capitalism in History

Words: 2522 Pages: 8 4404

Capitalism is historically progressive in the sense that it creates material conditions for communism. It creates the condition to build the beginning of real human history and gives incentive for people to be productive under pretense of equal opportunity. A capitalist economic system rewards creating new products for profit. It is true that the rise […]

Topics: Autonomy, Capitalism, Communism, Economy, Family, Gender, Gender Inequality, Oppression, Patriarchy

Why I’m not a Feminist

Words: 2863 Pages: 10 4826

As a woman, I appreciate feminism… of the past that is. I appreciate my right to vote, and to receive equal pay, and to do many other things that past generations of feminists have accomplished. However, the third-wave feminism that we experience in our society today is not that of Susan B. Anthony or Elizabeth […]

Topics: Feminism, Gender Equality, Human Rights, Justice, Patriarchy, Sexism, Social Issues

Feminism is a Social Movement and a Field of Study

Words: 2168 Pages: 7 4284

“Feminism is a social movement and a field of study whose purpose is to promote equality of women in the world. Feminism is usually divided into waves that refer to a particular time period in the feminist movement. Adichie describes feminism in We Should All Be Feminists, in the following manner: And when, all those […]

Topics: Critical Theory, Feminism, Gender, Gender Equality, Identity Politics, Intersectionality, Oppression, Patriarchy, Sex

Give Title and Citations

Words: 1290 Pages: 4 3641

I haven’t ached for love. Never. I was given enough. For my father welcomed my cries to the world with joy and my mother never loved my brother as her first born child. Growing up I always found my little special seat in my grandfather’s lap at the dinner table. As time passed by I […]

Topics: Critical Theory, Feminism, Gender, Gender Equality, Identity Politics, Patriarchy, Sex

Fitzsimmons – Gender Stratification on the College Campus

Words: 1729 Pages: 6 4083

Research Question How do male and female students in traditionally male-dominated majors view their academic capital both in and out of the classroom and their post-collegiate goals? Does the faculty at Endicott College reinforce an equal platform for both male and female students? Annotated Bibliography Jerry Jacobs discusses gender and its relationship with higher education. […]

Topics: Gender, Gender Equality, Gender Inequality, Gender Pay Gap, Patriarchy, Research, Social Class, Social Inequality

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

Words: 1556 Pages: 5 4421

In his book, “Memoirs of a Geisha”, Arthur Golden, chronologically pinnacles a tale about women’s independence, as well as how Late 19th and Early 20th Century Japanese women were perceived. He discusses sexism, and hints at how it relates to the ingenuity of a woman At first glance, the book appears to be an autobiography, […]

Topics: Critical Theory, Japan, Patriarchy, Prostitution, Sexism, Slavery

“Hills Like White Elephants”

Words: 678 Pages: 2 4430

In the story Hills Like White Elephants, Ernest Hemingway tells a story of a fragile and emotional bareness at the center of a relationship that is threatened by an unborn child. The story portrays a man and a woman obviously in a romantic relationship that is just as obviously failing and fast. Evidence of the […]

Topics: Ernest Hemingway, Hills Like White Elephants, Patriarchy

Feminism and Sexism in a Changing World

Words: 2617 Pages: 9 5213

During the early 1960s, American society began to undergo substantial changes in public opinions and that would eventually lead to the artistic culture we enjoy today. Within this time period, Hollywood released some of their first family films; Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music. Due to world events occurring in the 60s like the […]

Topics: Critical Theory, Family, Feminism, Gender, Gender Equality, Gender Roles, Masculinity, Patriarchy, Sex, Sexism, Social Equality, Social Issues, Tradition

Women Roles in Today’s Society

Words: 1514 Pages: 5 7845

“The traditional roles of women in society today have improved drastically. Women of the modern age are able to make their own decisions, act and do as they please, and have the marvelous opportunity of getting an education the same as men do. Although the way that women are currently viewed in society is a […]

Topics: Family, Gender, Gender Inequality, Gender Roles, Marriage, Patriarchy

Feminism: War, Death, Evil

Words: 975 Pages: 3 4416

The term feminism can refer to a political movement or belief that women experience oppression and inequality, from political and legitimate rights to how society and culture form women’s perceptions and infiltrate our consciousness. A woman is not oppressed for a fact that she is simply a woman, instead on what “kind” of woman she […]

Topics: Human Rights, Human Sexuality, Identity Politics, Oppression, Patriarchy, Social Issues, Violence

Zami Lifestyle in Audre Lorde’s Book

Words: 1434 Pages: 5 4571

“In the biomythography, Zami: A New Spelling of My Name, by Audre Lorde, explores Zami through the themes of gender, race and sexuality. Zami is a lesbian woman who have affairs with different woman but she is discovers her sexuality through both genders. As she grows up, she is learning about racism since her mother […]

Topics: Critical Theory, Gay, Gender, Human Sexuality, Identity Politics, LGBT, Oppression, Patriarchy, Prejudice And Discrimination, Racism

Uncovering the Heteronormative Sexuality

Words: 3085 Pages: 10 3853

Men should not cry or should be “tough” enough. Women should not dress or play like a boy. People act like a man or woman and anything against this is thought of as unmasculine or unfeminine. One’s inability to hold fast to the relative gender role is appropriately rebuffed and definitely hushed in unwavering adherence […]

Topics: Critical Theory, Feminism, Gender, Homosexuality, Myth, Patriarchy, Social Issues

Childhood Effects on Society in Sons and Lovers

Words: 2528 Pages: 8 3738

When one follows the precedent set by those around them, it debilitates mindful independence. During the Victorian Era, citizens followed a precise social order to differentiate classes based on income, gender, religion, or race, restricting one’s individual ideas when differing with society’s. This discrimination highlighted women inequality, as female submission alongside male dominance reigned as […]

Topics: Discrimination, Gender Inequality, Human Sexuality, Oppression, Patriarchy, Perception

Protagonist Character in Nervous Conditions

Words: 936 Pages: 3 3838

“In the novel Nervous Conditions, by Tsitsi Dangarembga, the protagonist Tambudzai—Tambu—reflects on her life and the position of women inflicted by the colonial power of Rhodesia. Given that the story takes place in two male-centered cultures, this book gives many examples of how women are treated unequally and oppressed. This book also shows how the […]

Topics: Critical Theory, Employment, Feminism, Gender, Gender Equality, Oppression, Patriarchy, Sex, Sexism

Uncovering the Heteronormative Sexuality: a Study of Devdutt Pattanaik’s

Words: 2651 Pages: 9 3964

Men should not cry or should be “tough” enough. Women should not dress or play like a boy. People act like a man or woman and anything against this is thought of as unmasculine or unfeminine. One’s inability to hold fast to the relative gender role is appropriately rebuffed and definitely hushed in unwavering adherence […]

Topics: Critical Theory, Gender, Gender Equality, Homosexuality, LGBT, Myth, Patriarchy

The Roots of Gender Inequality in Developing Countries

Words: 1041 Pages: 3 4060

In today’s world, gender equality is seen as a crucial need. According to the U.N., “1 in 5 women and girls between the ages of 15-49 have reported experiencing physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner within a 12-month period”. In developed countries, tremendous efforts have been made in order to achieve the goal […]

Topics: Critical Theory, Feminism, Gender, Gender Equality, Gender Inequality, Inequality, Patriarchy
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