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About Fahrenheit 451

Originally published :October 19, 1953
Author :Ray Bradbury
Pages :256
Genre :Dystopian
Dewey Decimal :813.54 22
LC Class :PS3503.R167 F3 2003
Characters :Guy Montag, Clarisse McClellan, Beatty

Essays About Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451
Fahrenheit 451 is, probably, one of the most widely discussed within the modern academic discourse novels that were published in the 20th century. The dystopian novel that tells the story of Guy Montag brings a lot of social problems that Ray Bradbury has considered to be the ones that would become pivotal in the future society. There is no university in the world the students of which were not assigned to writing a research paper on Fahrenheit 451. The explicit censorship on the people’s craving for knowledge that would be used for controlling the masses was the biggest fear of Bradbury.
There is no typical essay on Fahrenheit 451, as the number of topics to be discussed is simply incredible. An important point to be mentioned here is that Bradbury has over-saturated his novel with symbolism and this renders it as a tall order to conduct a literary analysis of the novel from a singular point of view. However, when it comes to talking about people who were burning books on purpose, we cannot stand away from this issue. We are the intellectuals who long for books and scientific articles, so writing a persuasive essay on Fahrenheit 451 is not a problem for us.
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