Society Rather be Happy

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Why would our society rather be happy then full of knowledge? Fahrenheit 451 was written by Ray Bradbury. This book is about a fireman’ who destroys books and houses with such in them because in this society, no one reads anymore. Their happiness is much more important to them then any type of knowledge. This begins to be a problem to him when he meets Clarisse and starts to question this society. People should challenge the rules when society defines an individual’s happiness.

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All everyone wants to be is happy. In this society if you’re not happy it is a problem. They start to hide behind a smile because they’re afraid of anything serious. Topics like suicide and lot’s of crying are almost forbidden in this society.

In the society in Fahrenheit 451, they did not value the true meaning of happiness. They would rather be happy than smart. Captain Beatty was telling a speech about this new society to Montag. Beatty states, You must understand that our civilization is so vast that we can’t have our minorities upset and stirred. Ask yourself, what do we want in this country, above all? People want to be happy, isn’t that right?’ (56). This society above anything just wants to be happy.

This isn’t a problem, just the way they think happiness is suppose to be is. This quote means, that all people want in this world is happiness. We can’t keep the minorities upset. The civilization is so big, you can’t have everyone angry or mad. This matter because people aren’t spreading awareness about certain topics we should discuss. People in this society can be hurting or hurt and too scared to speak up in fear of judgement. Clarisse’s death was nothing to these people, they just shrugged and moved on. This affects people with mental illnesses and who need help.

In this society, feelings are pushed off to the side and not discussed. It’s almost as if they were robots, and only feeling, one emotion, happiness. Montag started to read Mildred and her friends a poem about life topics. According to Mrs. Bowles, You see? I knew it, that’s what i wanted to prove! I knew it would happen! I’ve always said, poetry and suicide and crying and awful feelings, poetry and sickness; all that mush! Now i’ve had it proved to me.

You’re nasty, Mr. Montag, you’re nasty! (97) Mrs. Bowles gets upset on the things said in the poem because they talk about very serious topics, that should be discussed to spread awareness. She proceeds to call him nasty. This shows they can’t even talk about serious topics that should discussed but it gets in the way of their happiness. This can affect society in a negative way. Ton’s of books and poems have powerful meanings to them. They help spread topics that are serious and need to be spoken about. It helps people understand what some people are going through and how they can help. If you don’t read, you won’t have any knowledge, which is why she reacted as such.

This society can be toxic when real human feelings are being pushed aside. It is getting put before knowledge. This is after Montag finishes the poem and Mrs. Bowles does not react well to it. Mildred states, Clara, now, Clara, begged Mildred, pulling her arm. Come on, let’s be cheery, you turn the family’ on, now.

Go ahead. Let’s laugh and be happy, now, stop crying, we’ll have a party!’ (97) Instead of Mildred taking her feelings into consideration, she proceeds to tell her to be okay and they can have a party. People are allowed to feel anything other than happy but in this scene that is far from the truth. It shows that this society is so brainwashed with no knowledge about real situations. This matters because, happiness is getting in the way of their knowledge. This society would rather not know anything, and just be happy and brainwashed by what the T.V tells them. Even empathy or sympathy can’t be shown for Mrs. Bowles. They should be able to express how they feel.

In conclusion, people should challenge the rules when society defines an individual’s happiness. They did not value the meaning of happiness. We should want and need to spread our thoughts and concerns about and with people. This society should take thoughts and feelings into consideration.

We shouldn’t act like robots. Lot’s of literature have meanings and lots of effort put into them. Reading is beneficial and can fill you up with great knowledge about the world. Happiness is starting to push away knowledge. The society expressed in the book shouldn’t be brainwashed and manipulated to the point where reading is against the law. We should all understand and express our feelings. Overall, society shouldn’t define people’s happiness. We should be able to discuss and talk about topics we’d like to share. It should never be rare to pick up, or even read a book. This can affect lot’s of our emotions, activities and overall our well-beings.

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