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Essay About Julius Caesar
In The play of Julius Caesar and in the speech Ideas live on there were many examples of power and responsibility of government. In Julius Caesar its set up as a king who rules and has the power. The people wanted Julius to become king yet his peers seeked out to make sure he didn’t make it to be king. For example Cassius on page 14 quoted, “Why should Caesar be a tyrant poor man he is no lion so why should he be leader.He thinks romans are sheep.” This showed the aggression of the people around Caesar who didn’t want him to have the power. In the speech Ideas live on the power was in the dictatorship leader. For example in paragraph 17 Benzhair explains. “Islamabad’s dictatorship takes strength from strategic developments. These include resistance against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and the global war against terror. These strategic developments have provided Western support for military rulers.” This shows how the Power in the dictator was abused through strategies.
Responsibility of government was found a lot in ideas lived on but there were some inferences in Julius Caesar. Starting with Ideas live on The military and dictator were in full responsibility of economic depression. “For decades our economic approach has been to rent out our army’s services for fighting various causes like Communism or Terrorism. Since a crisis or a threat brings with it political power for the Generals, large amounts of covert funds plus military and economic assistance, there is little incentive to build peace in place of conflict, restore security in place of crisis or allow the empowerment of the people in place of subjugating them through militias or abuse of state power.” The conflicts in the house or representatives for Pakistan’s was a big reason for this. Another example of Pakistans government being responsible was in paragraph 19 when country was broken up. “Military domination of the political system is not in the national interest. It led to the breakup of the country in 1971. At the time Al Badar and Al Shams groups played havoc. Now it is a series of groups like the Lashkar e Tayyaba or Jaish Mohammad which control small armies. In fact even Imams, like the Imam of Lal Masjid, can call upon madrassas to provide militants for paralysing the government. Finally in Julius Caesar there was a big responsibility of government when it came to Caesar being crowned.” Brutus.
It must be by his death, and, for my part, I know no personal cause to spurn at him, but for the general. He would be crown’d: how that might change his nature, there’s the question. This is Brutus explaining how becoming king could make Caesar unhumbling and make unjustified decisions.
In conclusion
Those were the best examples of Power and Responsibility of government in both text Julius Caesar and Ideas live on.  

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