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About George Orwells 1984

Originally published : June 8, 1949
Author : George Orwell
Pages : 328
Genre : Dystopian, political fiction, social science fiction
Set in : London, Airstrip One, Oceania
Characters : Big Brother, Winston Smith, Julia, Emmanuel Goldstein, Syme, O'Brien

Essays About Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell
Few argumentative essay examples leave an outstanding remark in the footprints of history like 1984 by George Orwell. Although the author wrote the novel in 1949, most scholars still see it as an important piece in our day. This is probably due to the manner it predicted the totalitarian government whom he said would leverage on the media and manipulate technology to exploit and control people. In this book, George Orwell provided an analysis of London, but not as a part of England. Instead, ‘London’ in the 1984 novel was a part of Oceania.
Oceania was regarded as one of the vast governments in the book’s world. The author described the region as being under the critical influence of a dictatorship and powerful government forces. In this exciting piece, the government was described as ‘big brother.’ and that it uses cameras and other gadgets to observe the behavior of its citizens.
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