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About A Raisin In The Sun

Originally published :March 11, 1959
Setting :South Side, Chicago
Playwright :Lorraine Hansberry
Genre :Domestic drama
Characters :Beneatha Younger, Walter Lee Younger

Essays on the Topic “A Raisin in the Sun”

The play A Raisin in the Sun contains many autobiographical elements from the playwright’s personal experience. In her work, Lorraine Hansberry depicts the challenges of the underprivileged. More specifically, she portrays a short timeframe of the Youngers’ life, a Black family residing in South Chicago in the 1950s.
The first performance on stage in 1959 was a massive success partly because ordinary people recognized their struggles and injustice. The audience also appreciated the way racism and materialism got tackled. Moreover, A Raisin in the Sun was the first theatrical piece on Broadway written by an African-American woman.
Though seemingly straightforward and with a straight line of narration, the book is a mix of complex issues and characters. The prevailing themes are abundant, and there is a lot of symbolism in the literary piece. That’s why many students have to write an analysis essay on A Raisin in the Sun.
In some cases, you might be able to select the subject of the literary analysis instead of the professor. Some essay topics worth elaborating on include the American dream, female strength, identity, and class differences. You could also go with an in-depth character analysis of Walter Lee Younger or his mother, Lena. Alternatively, consider exploring the writing style of the author or the success of the movie adaptation.
Before you start working on your essay, it’s best to read a few high-quality A Raisin in the Sun research papers. If you lack time, the least you can do is read a short summary of the original work. However, composing an impactful essay requires excellent writing and argumentative skills. You must also come up with a compelling thesis statement that you support throughout your work.
If every other attempt fails, then you know where to look. At PapersOwl, we offer numerous A Raisin in the Sun essays on almost any topic from this masterpiece. We can also help you frame a catchy introduction and a thought-provoking conclusion. Finally, we offer to review or proofread your first draft and turn it into a unique manuscript.

Essay About A Raisin In The Sun
The play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry portrays the life of a poor African-American family, their dreams, and what they have to do in order to survive in the 1950s in America. Hansberry uses various symbols to illustrate the struggle of African-American families trying to live and succeed in America while still honoring their African heritage. This experience is shown through the eyes of an African-American family trying to achieve the “American Dream”. These symbols help the audience to understand the themes and develop an understanding of the characters. Mama’s house plant symbolizes hope and Mama’s personality, the insurance money symbolizes the family’s dreams and future, and the Nigerian robes and records symbolize the family’s African heritage. The author also uses these symbols to send deep messages to the audience.

The third symbol used in A Raisin in the Sun essay is the insurance money the Younger family receives after their father dies. Initially, this money represents hope and new beginnings through the opportunities it gives the family, such as allowing Walter to open a liquor store, Benethea to attend medical school, and Mama to buy a nice house. This insurance check also represents the conflict money can cause as seen by the fights the family got in over what to do with it. It also represents the fact that money cannot solve all the problems in the world, such as racism in society as seen when the family tries moving into the new house and the neighbors do not want them to do so. This is shown when Mr.Linder, who presents himself as a welcome committee member, offers the family money to not move to Clybourne Park because of their skin color. His intentions are proven when he says “…for the families of all happiness of all concerned that our negro families are happier when they live in their own communities.

A Raisin in the Sun research paper conveys many powerful messages about the struggle of life in America for minorities and achieving the American Dream. This is done through using symbols such as Nigerian robes and records, an insurance check, and a houseplant. The houseplant symbolizes Momma and her caring nature and shows that all living things require love and care in order to flourish. The Nigerian robes and records symbolize the Younger family’s African heritage. The message behind this is the importance of reconnecting with your culture and heritage. The insurance check represents both new beginnings and the conflict that money creates. The message conveyed is that money cannot solve all of your problems. It just changes them. The message that is carried throughout A Raisin in the Sun analysis essay is that no matter how successful the family is, they will never be able to achieve the “American Dream” as long as a society will not accept them because of their skin color.

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