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Holocaust Essays

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Lord of the Flies & WWII/Holocaust Connections

Words: 732 Pages: 2 7557

The fear and darkness of the time period had spread to all living souls in surrounding of the terror. William Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies, takes place around 1950 during one of the evilous events in human history. The Holocaust was a horrible act of exterminating humans for not being the way Hitler, in […]

Topics: Holocaust, Lord Of The Flies

Holocaust during World War II

Words: 931 Pages: 3 2221

The Holocaust is one of the most horrific events to occur in the twentieth century, it lasted from 1933 to 1945. For years the question that still remains is was this final solution an intentional plan created by Hitler, made ahead of time or was it a last minute decision based off of the circumstances […]

Topics: Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Politics

The Holocaust’s Bureaucracy of Genocide

Words: 610 Pages: 2 4612

The intent of this study was to select and analyze a global event. The event chosen to be analyzed was the Holocaust. The Holocaust occurred in Germany beginning in the 1930s and then expanded to all areas of Nazi-occupied Europe during World War II. The event was a genocide in which Nazi Germany murdered about […]

Topics: Discrimination, Holocaust, Injustice, Nazi Germany, Prejudice And Discrimination, Racism, Social Issues

Is Holocaust Denial Real?

Words: 1762 Pages: 6 5126

The Holocaust was the killing and persecution of over six million Jews and other groups such as the disabled, Gypsies, Slavics, homosexuals, and Jehovah’s Witnesses. The Holocaust was performed and executed by the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s. Although there is overwhelming evidence of the existence of the Holocaust, people still deny that the […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Cyber Crime, Holocaust, Justice, Nazi Germany

Holocaust Denial and Distortion

Words: 1419 Pages: 5 4417

The Holocaust has been taught in schools all over the world. I can distinctly remember learning about a horrible genocide that took place during World War II, and it immediately sparked my interest to dig deeper on the subject. There are groups of people out there who do not believe the Holocaust ever occurred, and […]

Topics: Holocaust, Nazi Germany
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Genocide in Germany: the Holocaust

Words: 379 Pages: 1 4706

There is much speculation as to why Adolf Hitler may have hated Jewish people so fervently. Some historians suspect that it could be related to his heritage; Hitler’s father Alois was born out of wedlock, and there were rumors that he might have been of Jewish descent. Adolf did not have a healthy relationship with […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Racism

Genocide: the Nazis’ Original Plan

Words: 1429 Pages: 5 4982

The Holocaust, which took place during 1933-1945, was a devastating period of time when the German Nazi’s planned to mass murder European Jews. The literal term ‘Holocaust’ originates from the Hebrew Bible’s term olah meaning a sacrifice that is offered up. This was a frightening time for everyone, Jewish and non-Jewish. Approximately six million people […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Holocaust, Motivation, Nazi Germany

The U.S. Government’s Disregard of the Jewish Holocaust

Words: 1001 Pages: 3 4565

In the 1930s, Adolf Hitler rose to power and lead the Nazi party to discriminate and murder people of the Jewish race. In the span of four years, millions of innocent civilians were killed. During that time, citizens of the United States had at most their condolences to offer, and the government did almost nothing […]

Topics: Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Social Issues

The Holocaust in Two Parts

Words: 728 Pages: 2 5350

The beginning of the Holocaust started when WWI ended. Germany lost the war, and Adolf Hitler got furious at Jews, homosexuals, and religious groups like Gypsies, and also, there was a bit of an economic crisis, so he needed to go Thanos and wipe out pretty much half of all Jews, homosexuals, and persecuted religious […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Fascism, Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Racism, World War 2

Genocide in Germany the Holocaust

Words: 337 Pages: 1 5446

Genocide is by definition the intentional, methodical, and targeted destruction of a particular ethnic, religious, or racial group. The term genocide is derived from the Greek prefix genos, which translates to race or tribe, and the Latin suffix cide, meaning killing. The Holocaust, also known as Shoah, is the most notable and deadliest instance of […]

Topics: Discrimination, Genocide, Holocaust, Injustice, Nazi Germany, Prejudice And Discrimination, Racism, Social Issues

The Holocaust and Human Nature

Words: 1452 Pages: 5 5887

There are less than eighty Holocaust survivors today. As they pass away we need to tell their stories so we know the truth. We want to remember them and never forget what they did. Throughout this paper, we will examine the rise, fall and the impact of the Holocaust. We want to be thankful that […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Holocaust, Nazi Germany

The Holocaust is One of the Worst Events in Human History

Words: 928 Pages: 3 7445

The Holocaust is one of the most horrific events to occur in the twentieth century, it lasted from 1933 to 1945. For years the question that still remains is was this final solution an intentional plan created by Hitler, made ahead of time or was it a last minute decision based off of the circumstances […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Holocaust, Nazi Germany

The Root of the Holocaust: Darfur

Words: 1339 Pages: 4 5165

Upon different generations we have seen numerous genocides occur in all areas around the world. One of the most famous genocides was the Holocaust. Though the Holocaust was made aware to the public and caught the eye of people all over the globe, it still fell through the cracks for many years just like a […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Genocide, Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Social Issues

Why did the Holocaust Happen?

Words: 699 Pages: 2 7605

Today, the problem of studying the Holocaust is the problem of the recognition of its uniqueness as a historical phenomenon of a universal scale. Before World War II, all conflicts in the history of genocide were based on religious conflicts: mass extermination of people took place on religious grounds. In the twentieth century, religious motives […]

Topics: Genocide, Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Racism, Social Issues, War

Holocaust Medical Experiments

Words: 987 Pages: 3 6451

 The time was 1933 and there was chaos everywhere. Jews were being sent to ghettos, and many were being killed. But if that was not enough, there were deadly medical experiments being performed on the defenseless prisoners of the concentration camps. Different doctors were included in setting up these inhumane experiments. Many experiments were performed, […]

Topics: Experiment, Holocaust, Nazi Germany

Adolf Hitler and Responsibility for the Holocaust

Words: 347 Pages: 1 4895

Adolf Hitler became leader of Germany in 1933. Adolf was a soldier for Germany in the first world war. Germany lost the war due to betrayal from within. Socialists, communists, and particularly Jews were blamed. Hitler joined a new extreme right wing party, The National Socialists German workers Party. He would inspire people with his […]

Topics: Cyber Crime, Holocaust

Why is it Important to Study the Holocaust

Words: 2226 Pages: 7 5231

I never thought I would ever have to bring up memories about the Holocaust again. I was born in 1933 in Kraubath bei Knittelfeld, Austria being the fifth of six children to my Roman Catholic Gypsy parents. I am a holocaust survivor and was sent to Birkenau [Auschwitz] being separated from my family forever. I […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Holocaust, Nazi Germany

Effects of the Holocaust

Words: 375 Pages: 1 5259

Even though the Holocaust ended over seventy years ago, it still impacts our society today. As time progresses, more effects of this event are being discovered. The holocaust is a traumatic event that will forever affect the mental health of its victims, as well as their families and our society. The Holocaust has had a […]

Topics: Clinical Psychology, Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Social Issues

Holocaust – Jewish Resistance

Words: 1000 Pages: 3 4387

It is not wrong to say that the Holocaust is the center of Israeli psychology. Unlike most other historical events whose influence is gradually blurred, the impact of the Holocaust on Israeli society has actually increased over time. This process is very complex and difficult to describe in a few pages. However, understanding its dynamics […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Eugenics, Holocaust, Nazi Germany

The Holocaust Depicted through Film

Words: 773 Pages: 3 4263

The Holocaust is undoubtedly one of the most horrifying events in history. The mass murder of more than eleven million people, six million of them Jews, has left its mark on history and should never be forgotten. The events and the history of the Holocaust are presented in two very different ways in the movie […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Holocaust, Nazi Germany

Why should we Never Forget the Holocaust

Words: 786 Pages: 3 4923

I think that it is important to learn about the holocaust and what had happened during it. From the beginning of the holocaust when it all started, 1933, when hitler became power over germany, none of it was right or acceptable. Learning about the holocaust is something that everyone in the world should know about. […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Genocide, Holocaust, Nazi Germany

The Mass Murder of Six Million Jews

Words: 2161 Pages: 7 5176

By May 8, 1945, the world lost around eleven million humans consisting of men, women, and children. The years of 1933 to 1945 were known as the Holocaust. If you don’t know already, the Holocaust was the mass murder of six million Jews, along with millions of others. It was lead by a blood-thirsty leader […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Holocaust, Nazi Germany

Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust

Words: 798 Pages: 3 4768

Introduction Have you ever visited the holocaust museum? Located in Washington D.C., it is a place were we honor the people who died in the Final Solution . The Final Solution was a plan made by adolf hitler to kill off the jews. German authorities persecuted other groups on political, ideological, and behavioral grounds. Among […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Holocaust, Nazi Germany, World War 2

The Theme of the Holocaust and the Responsibility

Words: 2519 Pages: 8 4463

When we see an image in black and white, we tend to believe that such an event only occurred in a history textbook years ago. We think of wars, death, power, the absence of life, and aggression. An image in black and white can create a nostalgic mood or a hopeless feeling like the Holocaust […]

Topics: Genocide, Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Responsibility

Deliberate and Systematic Destruction of a Racial, Political, or Cultural Group

Words: 2718 Pages: 9 4909

This genocide that is going to be discussed was state-sponsored and became known as one of the world’s most notorious times to be alive. The official definition of a holocaust is a thorough destruction involving extensive loss of life (Merriam-Webster, Holocaust ). When it pertains to the Holocaust, almost everyone knows what it is. It […]

Topics: Crime, Genocide, Holocaust, Justice, Nazi Germany, Social Issues

Jehovah Witnesses during the Holocaust

Words: 1405 Pages: 5 4398

Jehovah witnesses were one of the groups targeted by Nazi Germany for elimination on religious ground. During the rise of the Nazi, the group had a small but active following in Germany. The problem with the group, as far as Nazis were concerned, is that they were against fighting into the army purposes of waging […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Holocaust, Nazi Germany

Psychological Pain and Victims of Holocaust

Words: 1229 Pages: 4 4522

The physical suffering that was experienced by Jewish victims of the Holocaust, through the Nazi’s regime of systematic annihilation, is widely known. However, the impact of this trauma was not just at the physical level. The violent and devastating realities of the Holocaust inherently created an intense strain on Jewish religious and spiritual identity. Through […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Faith, God, Holocaust, Judaism, Nazi Germany, Theology

World War Ll in History

Words: 641 Pages: 2 4667

Over 6 million jews died all in one period of time. All those people died in the holocaust because of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi group. The Holocaust changed the world forever, and is something we will never forget. Jews and many others had to experience harsh conditions, and the Holocaust made such a huge […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Holocaust, World War 2

20th Century Nationalism

Words: 1390 Pages: 5 4550

What happened during the 20th Century?: The World War I World War I began on July 29th, 1914 and it all started because Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia but this was just the beginning because soon the whole world erupts into war. Throughout the month of August the World War really broke out. On the […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Holocaust, Nationalism, Nazi Germany

Adolf Hitler Ended Germany’s Democracy

Words: 684 Pages: 2 4453

Adolf Hitler ended Germany’s democracy and doomed six million Jews. To this day, Hitler is one of the cruelest people the world has ever seen because of his persecution of not only Jews but of 11 million people. After reading the book Night and completing my research on the topic of Adolf Hitler Birth – […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Holocaust, Nazi Germany
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Essay About The Holocaust
The Holocaust was a well-coordinated genocide meant to eradicate Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and disabled people. It was an eye-opener for many into how brutal humans can be. In the twenty-three years of the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were able to end the lives of six million people as described in many Adolf Hitler essay. Under Hitler’s rule, the country of Germany faced bitter and agonizing conditions. The Holocaust destroyed entire bloodlines in less than half a century.
The Holocaust began in the year 1930 when the National German Workers’ Party, commonly referred to as Nazis, came into power (NEWSELA 1). They had built themselves upon the ruins of Germany from World War I. On January 20, 1933, Hitler was appointed to the Chancellor of Germany, which only solidified their power. Upon the death of President Paul von Hindenburg, Adolf Hitler declared himself to be the supreme ruler of Germany. This was when the Nazis had gained control of Germany. Adolf Hitler had assumed that anyone who did not have the same opinions as him was inferior. He and his allies had come up with a plan to eradicate them.
Within the camps, the Nazis had set up various levels of distinguishing structure. The detainees were sorted based on nationality and reason for imprisonment. According to the article Night, the author states “The evening soup was distributed at great speed, swallowed as quickly .”The prisoners had to overcome the daily routine of waking up early, arranging the bed’s, the lineup, walking to work, rough labor, the waiting for the small daily meal, usually consisting of a watery soup and half a piece of bread which wasn’t enough for people working at hard labor, After hours of work they return to the camp, and another lineup, before returning to the barracks.”Detainees dozed on the sleeping pads laid on the floor.” After waking up they heaped the sleeping cushions in a side of the room. The rooms were overcrowded to the point that prisoners could rest just on their sides. Living conditions were cruel and inhumane.
In my opinion, I do not believe that something like the Holocaust could ever occur on American soil. The Holocaust had only taken effect because the Natzi were able to capitalize on a weakened government and turn it into an army that they used for their own personal gain over the benefit of the country. Moreover, the Nazis threatened the people who dared rebel against them. America in this day age cannot fall into such anarchy because even if the government were to fall populous would have an uproar that could not be suppressed.
The Holocaust has an impact on life today in many ways. It was an eye-opener for some of how uncivilized people can be. Jews and other people were treated unfairly by the Nazis for not agreeing with them. Ideally, the Holocaust indicated to individuals how terrible segregation was, this repulsive occasion will prompt less separation. Unfortunately, the genocide didn’t finish in 1945, it proceeds with someplace on this Earth. The Holocaust left a lasting effect on the world.          

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