Effects of the Holocaust

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Even though the Holocaust ended over seventy years ago, it still impacts our society today. As time progresses, more effects of this event are being discovered. The holocaust is a traumatic event that will forever affect the mental health of its victims, as well as their families and our society.

The Holocaust has had a lasting effect on its survivors, especially concerning their mental health. Victims of the holocaust have been found to have psychological trauma, along with PTSD. Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects most victims for the rest of their lives. Oftentimes, simple tasks become impossible due to trauma related to said tasks. In recent years we have become alarmed at the sizeable number of children of concentration camp survivors seeking professional help. These children have grown up, now in their 20’s and 30’s, and are currently coming to the attention of the psychoanalytic community. (Barocas, 1979).

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The families of holocaust victims are also being greatly affected by this event. The effects of concentration camps is being passed down through the victims to their families. The trauma of these events is being passed down through generations. These effects are manifest in four interrelated areas of disturbance within the familythe parents’ mental state, the family atmosphere, interpersonal functioning in the family and specific distortions in the parent?child interaction (Davidson, 1980). Lack Of communication between parent and child, as well as excessive talking about this traumatic event, are very common among children of holocaust survivors.

Our society today is still being impacted by this event in many ways. The fear that was caused by this horrific event is a fear that is still around today. After this event, fear was instilled in many people across the world and lasts today. A largely impactful event such as this is not one that is easily forgotten and we still have no idea exactly how long this will last. Due to the Holocaust ending merely seventy years ago, we are still unsure of the full extent of damage done.

Our society will forever be impacted by this event, especially with victims and their families.We are still being impacted by the repercussions of this event, and will possibly never know for certain how exactly we have been impacted.

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