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Psychology Essays

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To be a Successful Manager you Need to have an Empathic Connection

Words: 549 Pages: 2 1101

Based on my own experience as a leader, I think the most important barriers that stand in the way of deeper connection with employees is poor listening, Lack of empathy, and recognition. As leaders to increase connection and gain influence, we need to start by listening to our team intently. Be engaged, ask follow up […]

Topics: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychology, Social Psychology

The Psychology of Human Creativity

Words: 1398 Pages: 5 1169

Introduction Creative people can construct something straight out of the imagination using nothing but their unconscious. This line of thinking has proven to be monumentally important in shaping civilization in present day. With the advent of the digital age, people are more connected than ever before, sharing their own creative work while inspiring others to […]

Topics: Anatomy, Brain, Psychology

The Psychological Impact of Facebook News Feed on Facebook Users’ Well-Beings

Words: 855 Pages: 3 2186

The purpose of this study is to understand if Facebook users are affected emotionally by what is shown throughout their news feeds to define if there is a positive or negative impact on their well-being. The study seeks to answer the research question, “Do Facebook users’ have a psychological reaction that changes their well-being based […]

Topics: Communication, Psychology, Social Media

What is the Psychology of Truth

Words: 537 Pages: 2 1146

One current problem with the field of forensic psychology is how every individual defines the phrase ‘tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth’ differently in the courtroom. What does the whole truth consist of? However, if a question is asked by someone other than the prosecutor, do these rules change? There […]

Topics: Forensic Psychology, Justice, Psychology, Truth

Drug Abuse has Become America’s Problem

Words: 827 Pages: 3 1205

The American society has reached a point where according to the National Survey on Drug Abuse and Health, over 28 million American citizens over the age of 12 suffer from a disease related to a different drug addiction. Addictions are some of the most challenging issues in the twentieth first century. Our modern society still […]

Topics: Addiction, Health, Psychology
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Trauma, Violence and Stress Management in America

Words: 589 Pages: 2 1454

Attachment Therapy Intervention Child-parent psychotherapy is an intervention technique used in young children with attachment disorders. This approach looks at the parental role in a child’s emotional attachments and how the child-parent relationship affects other relationships in a child’s life. According to Hagan, Browne, Sulik, Ippen, Bush, & Lieberman (2017), the main goal of child-parent […]

Topics: Behavior Modification, Psychology, Stress Management

A Importance of Mentor Selection in High School

Words: 683 Pages: 2 1092

The transition from high school to college isn’t always an easy one. Living away from home, the newfound freedom coupled with a whole new world of people can be anything from unnerving, to misleading. There are various obstacles that need to be overcome and important decisions and choices to make. However colleges, especially those like […]

Topics: Learning, Mentor, Psychology

The Standards of the Modern Appearance of a Woman are Harmful at an Early Age

Words: 750 Pages: 3 1261

If one looked at a photoshoot 20 years ago, he or she would see that all the women were unique and of different body shapes. If one looked at a photoshoot today, he or she would immediately see the trend of “long legs, sexy curves, and voluminous hair” (Atkinson). Society has started to ostracize those […]

Topics: Adolescence, Body Image, Psychology

Similar Personality

Words: 633 Pages: 2 1169

After taking the MBTI test my results indicated that I was of type INTJ. This type is also known as an architect type. Some of the characteristics of an architect type include being quick imaginative, and strategic. As well as being independent, decisive and confident. Architects are also known to be open-minded and well balanced […]

Topics: Personality, Psychoanalysis, Psychology

Critical Thinking – Groupthink

Words: 501 Pages: 2 1158

“Groupthink” is a dynamic wherein members of a group see the world through a prejudiced, deficient lens, reach untimely conclusions, and form poor decisions (Dattner, 2011). It is an occurrence that transpires when the want of group’s agreement overrules people’s common sense desire to give options, evaluation a position, or convey an unwelcoming point of […]

Topics: Psychology, Social Psychology

Critical Thinking Paper Related to “A Literature Review of Research on Video Games, Perception, & Identity” by Kathleen Falcon

Words: 1249 Pages: 4 1088

The article I found interesting is entitled “A Literature Review of Research on video Games, Perception, & identity” by Kathleen Falcon, a student who attends the Fairleigh Dickinson University. In this review she includes a lot of empirical research and she identifies the three main issues in video game research. These issues are attachment & […]

Topics: Psychology, Social Psychology

Creativity is a Skill that is Absolutely Necessary in Education

Words: 770 Pages: 3 927

Can we improve our education with the arts? The education system is flawed in many ways. One deficiency within our education that stands out is the incorporation of art. Therefore, I strongly agree with the ideas presented by Valerie Strauss and Lisa Philips in the article, “Why we love artists but not arts education?” because […]

Topics: Learning, Painting, Psychology

An Analysis of True and False in Western Civilization

Words: 1502 Pages: 5 1196

The question of the definition of true and false has for centuries of western civilization baffled the greatest of philosophers. The question being not just simply the definition of True and false, but rather where one can draw the line which delineates/segregates the two. In order to extrapolate an answer for this question an investigation […]

Topics: Psychology, Science, Truth, Western Civilization

Conducting Interpersonal Negotiations in Business

Words: 530 Pages: 2 1116

Negotiation is a very important skill in the business field. Apart from knowledge and understanding of the market and the other party, negotiators should be prepared for a psychological game. This article will discuss what steps a company should take if it is trying to be international and wants to negotiate with a potential partner […]

Topics: Cognition, Negotiation, Psychology

Stress Management Case Study Report

Words: 733 Pages: 2 1584

The stress management case study involves college student, Katya who has an upcoming chemistry exam, she normally tries her best to study as much as possible because she experiences anxiety before taking tests. Her lack of confidence causes Katya to believe that no matter how hard she studies it will not make a difference in […]

Topics: Behavior Modification, Psychology, Stress Management

A Personal Account of being a Mentor to a Younger Student

Words: 517 Pages: 2 1181

I can’t really say I have been a mentor to others. It’s not very often that you see me giving advice to someone in need, but I have done it before. It happened last year during the first month of school. I was talking to a grade 9 student in the English room. He seemed […]

Topics: Mentor, Psychology, Social Psychology

Brave New World Novels Give Us the Idea that Everything is Decided for Us

Words: 831 Pages: 3 889

I chose to go to Sutter Middle School in 6th grade even though I only had one friend going, Kaley Poon, my best friend. A week or so passed and then we meet Zoe Maggio. We had an instantaneous spark as if we were destined to meet each other. Together we formed the ultimate trifecta. […]

Topics: Culture, Metaphysics, Psychology

A Constant Metamorphosis

Words: 568 Pages: 2 1241

While I believe many things, change is the thing that stands out to me, something that I cannot avoid and, therefore, must embrace. I believe in change. “It had been hard to make the transition from elementary school to middle school, especially when many of my friends went to different schools. I like my friends, […]

Topics: Behavior, Metamorphosis, Psychology

Apply Critical Thinking: Providing a Safe Working Environment for Current Employees

Words: 1881 Pages: 6 1053

The Truss Construction shop is a company that develops innovative construction technology for low-cost housing for overseas markets. Manufacturing companies are constantly exploring ways to decrease or avoid work-related accidents on their production floors. This strategy tends to draw potential employees to the company and provide a safe working environment for current employees. Safety is […]

Topics: Business Management, Psychology, Work

Entrepreneurship Awareness Session

Words: 582 Pages: 2 1007

Methodology We study the descriptive research about Awareness and training session for Quetta public in entrepreneurship. In the survey We circulate the 100 questionnaires as a sample and find that what people thing about the awareness session is good for entrepreneurship or not and what effect is occurred if training and awareness conducted in the […]

Topics: Cognition, Communication, Psychology

Deactivation of Social Networks and my Feelings

Words: 1818 Pages: 6 2183

The behavior I chose to abstain from for at least four weeks was social media. Before this assignment I had thought about abstaining from social media but never had the willpower to follow through with it. I always broke down and got back on social media. I began this project by deleting the Facebook, Instagram, […]

Topics: Facebook, Psychology, Snapchat

The Negative Side of Social Media

Words: 418 Pages: 1 2178

We’ll admit, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, they’re all addicting. Around 40% of the people in this world use it. That is three billion people using social media every day. A person spends an average of two hours on their phones, which equals to about half a million tweets, snaps, or photos uploaded online every minute. […]

Topics: Communication, Psychology

An Analysis of the Positive and Negative Aspects of Idealism in the Western Civilization

Words: 539 Pages: 2 1347

Everyone has ideals. From the most insignificant aspect in our life, such as the perfect meal, to the most important, perhaps the perfect family, we all have ideals. As a result, we must all be idealists, although some are more extreme idealists than others, as evidenced by the actions of Dr. Martin Luther King, and […]

Topics: Metaphysics, Psychology, Western Civilization

The Personality Type Test

Words: 528 Pages: 2 1167

I absolutely believe that I am a true free spirit such as this personality type. I am very sociable and when it comes to holding a conversation, I do not struggle at trying to find something to talk about. I consider myself energetic, compassionate, and can compromise with the best of them. My wife most […]

Topics: Personality, Psychoanalysis, Psychology

A Description of the Impact of Teachers as Mentors to Children

Words: 430 Pages: 1 1122

Teachers are perceived as mentors to the children they resume the responsibility of both a teacher, as well as a parent. They are supposed to take care of the children well being, as well as teach the child the upright morals the child is responsible to. Learning domains addressed and other learning domains could be […]

Topics: Mentor, Psychology, Social Psychology

When Stress Turns to Panic: the Stress Management Techniques

Words: 492 Pages: 2 1470

When Stress Turns to Panic For many people, stress is the trigger for an even bigger health problem: anxiety and panic attacks. If you are currently suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, along with stress, then it can feel like you’re in the rabbit hole – as if there’s no real hope of a solution. […]

Topics: Behavior Modification, Psychology, Stress Management

The Importance of a Mentor in Achieving our Goals and Dreams in Life

Words: 490 Pages: 2 1164

A basketball player name Stephen Curry has similar effect in my life, like Malcom X had in Coates life. Stephen Curry has a similar effect because Stephen shows perseverance, gratitude and humbleness when he plays. Him showing this characteristic teaches me to never give up when life gets difficult or does not go my way, […]

Topics: Experience, Mentor, Psychology

The Movie Desperately Hungry Housewives Portrays the Struggles of Dieting and Anorexia

Words: 828 Pages: 3 1142

In the documentary, Desperately Hungry Housewives, four women are managing dietary problems of different severities. They demonstrated to their day by day life and their treatment choices that they experienced. They were tenable as a first individual perspective of what it resembles to manage a dietary issue in Britain as a current housewife. They not […]

Topics: Culture, Psychology, Truth

The Individual’s Personality

Words: 1282 Pages: 4 1376

Personality is made up with how an individual thinks, feels, and by how they behave. A Personality psychologist named Henry Murray exclaimed that there are four different clues to personality. These clues are S (self-reports) data, I (informants’ reports) data, L (life outcomes) data, and B (behavioral observations) data. By piecing these four clues together, […]

Topics: Personality, Psychoanalysis, Psychology

How Society Can be Defined in Different Ways

Words: 1248 Pages: 4 1267

Society can be interpreted in many ways from a community where people live in to being what shapes every individual. Emile Durkheim is a sociological theorist who defines society as a ‘thing’ or as he would say “solidarity sui generis.’ For Durkheim, social fact was one important thing when it came to society and argues […]

Topics: Cognition, Mass Media, Psychology
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