Advantages and Disadvantages of Active Listening

Written by: Prof Scarlet
Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Active Listening

This essay will explore the advantages and disadvantages of active listening in communication. It will discuss how active listening can enhance understanding, build stronger relationships, and improve conflict resolution, but also consider the challenges it presents, such as emotional fatigue and misinterpretation. The piece will provide insights for effectively employing active listening in various personal and professional contexts. Additionally, PapersOwl presents more free essays samples linked to Active Listening.

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Active listening it a type of communication used in a learning environment. It entails getting the finest details from the spoken language. It has been used in counselling, conflict resolution, and training. The art requires increased concentration understanding and responding to the sentiments made. The method is used to impact the knowledge.


Understanding better

Active listening makes the learner have an increased understanding of the factors discussed in the topic. It enhances the concentration of the audience. It makes him benefit and understand the goal of the speech.

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Unlike other methods, active listening has an option of explanation to issues that may arise in the course of the speech delivery. Description of the agenda makes it possible for the learner to adopt the concepts. .. Provides a lively … dk speaker 2012

Real communication reduce fear

Active communication, also, has the benefits of giving the listener the confidence. The fear factor is entirely eradicated resulting into the listener engaging in useful conversation.Active listening breaks boredomListening is associated with boredom. The primary cause of boredom is lack of response from the audience. However, active listening acts to break the boredom that is associated with the listening. It does this through an increased conversation where there is the response from the listener and the speaker.



Active listening faces many logistic challenges. One of the biggest problems of active listening is the disruption. The speaker faces the challenge of addressing the issue (Svinicki, 2014) It makes the speaker waste lots of time and delivers a low-quality speech that may act to serve the intended purposes. The quick listeners get disadvantaged by the weak listeners who keep on seeking clarification.


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