Army Effective Listening: Empowering Leadership

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Army Effective Listening: Empowering Leadership

This essay will discuss the importance of effective listening in military leadership. It will explore how active listening skills can enhance command efficacy, improve team dynamics, and foster a respectful environment. The piece will provide insights into the application of listening skills in the Army. Additionally, PapersOwl presents more free essays samples linked to Cognition.

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Mastering Effective Listening: A Vital Communication Skill

Over a few weeks of the Basic Leader Course (BLC), I learned many useful skills that can help me become a better leader. The purpose of this essay is to inform future soldiers of the process of becoming a great leader. As a beginner in the course, learning about some of the requirements to pass seemed difficult, but I overcame them and became a more confident leader by the end of the course.

Communication Mastery: The Power of Effective Listening

One of the best lessons I learned was how to listen effectively.

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In the Army, communication is an especially important concept. Without proper communication to get your message across, missions will most likely fail. However, to communicate effectively, we must first learn to be an effective listener. Proper listening means to fully understanding the speaker verbally and nonverbally. It is important to use effective listening skills. Once you become an effective listener, you will be able to communicate information without misguiding others.

Crafting Marketable Resumes: Elevating Professional Appeal

Another lesson that I enjoyed was learning how to write a marketable resume. I think writing a resume effectively is an essential skill that everyone should know. Knowing how to successfully write a resume not only helps you find a job but also makes you more marketable in comparison to other job applicants. So, knowing how to write a resume with proper keywords and format is important.

Embarking on Leadership Journeys: Public Speaking and Team Dynamics

In addition, I learned the qualities of being a great public speaker and learning how to conduct individual training. Public speaking usually makes me nervous, but once I am familiar with the information I am about to brief, it is easier. Rehearsing the information made it easier for me to stray away from the podium and able to walk around the class. It also taught me about time management and being able to share information in the allotted time. Prior to BLC, I would not have considered myself a great public speaker.

The most memorable part of the entire course was being in a leadership position. I had the opportunity to lead a squad through physical readiness training, drills, and ceremonies and conduct individual training classes. Leading the physical activities showed how simple it seems from the student’s point of view, but teaching a class is a challenging task.

One thing I realized through the course is as individuals, we all have strengths and weaknesses. We all came from various places of the world, not knowing each other, but were able to work as a team. We were able to work together and correct each other when needed respectfully. In areas where others fell short, we took time to rehearse or help with physical activities and written assignments. Working as a team, we accomplished more and built trust in each other.

Conclusion: A Transformational Journey

In conclusion, the Basic Leader Course was a success. There is ample information that soldiers can learn to apply to both military and civilian life. You would not know how capable you are of succeeding until you are challenged to show your worth. All the things I told myself I would not be able to carry out, I achieved on my own. I gained knowledge and skills that I can report to my unit to become a great leader. I can guide my squad and unit on how to become better, effective leaders. I can guide them on how to do things correctly by always referring to the Army regulations.   


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