Levels of Leadership in the Army: a Comprehensive Analysis

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Levels of Leadership in the Army: a Comprehensive Analysis

This essay will provide a comprehensive analysis of the various levels of leadership in the Army, from junior leaders to senior commanders. It will discuss the roles, responsibilities, and challenges at each level, as well as the skills and qualities required for effective leadership. The piece will explore how leadership in the Army is developed and cultivated through training, experience, and mentorship. It will also examine the importance of leadership in military operations and organizational effectiveness. At PapersOwl too, you can discover numerous free essay illustrations related to Cognition.

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This essay will be over three main different levels of leadership within the United States Army to drive the force. These levels are stated in ADP 6-22 (ARMY LEADERSHIP) and how they apply to today’s armed forces. The types of leadership levels are direct, organizational, and strategic types of leadership. Also, in this essay, you will always be informed on how they are being utilized in the United States Army. Also, who uses them in day-to-day functions from the lowest to the highest forms of leadership? We will also discuss a very important resource, the (ALRM) Army Leadership Requirement model, which helps current and future leaders.

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You will also know the main reason behind the meaning of the three main categories and how they are carried out. I will also be informing you on the many subcategories that fall in with both ALRM and the three main levels of leadership. With the conclusion of this essay, you will have a better understanding of how the military and its fellow branches include the Department of Justice.

Direct Leadership: The Ground-Level Command

The position of a military leader in the United States Army is to give motivation, purpose, and direction to subordinates and carry out any mission given to them by the higher echelon. As an Army leader, using the direct level of leadership is the fastest way to discrete information to carry out any missions or tasks given. Leaders can also use the direct level of leadership when issuing out knowledge of training, standards, and policy. Direct leaders are responsible for building cohesion within the team and building policies and completing taskings. Nevertheless, as a direct leader, you must be able to work in the absence of orders and independently, within the commander’s intent.

Organizational Leadership: Bridging the Tactical and the Strategic

With organizational leadership, this type of leadership is quite different from direct types of leadership. As direct types deal with one-on-one organizational leaders and deal at battalion or even brigade levels. Therefore, with that, they must have decisions making, communication and critical thinking skills to be able to operate at such a high level of organization. You have to have a good understanding of day-to-day operations so as not to interfere with daily missions providing essential knowledge.

Strategic Leadership: The Pinnacle of Army Command

Now the strategic level of leadership is the highest form of leadership in which this certain type of leader deals with division or department of defense level tasks. These types of leaders deal with resource relocation, strategic layouts, and division-level structure. These strategic leaders must have a certain type of flexibility and experience to excel in this role of the military. But with the added roles of strategic leaders, it can be mentally tough and physically draining. To the point of exhaustion, but that’s the reason that having the subcategories of strategic levels of leadership is essential to any mission value. Because in a time of war that’s when we need strategic leaders the most that have a wealth of knowledge on multiple battlefield scenarios and prior service time.

The Framework: Army Leadership Requirement Model (ALRM)

Now what all these levels of leadership have in common is the (ALRM) ARMY LEADERSHIP REQUIREMENT MODEL. They come from this base model to guide leaders in the thought process. Of the direct, organizational, and strategic levels of leadership, all fall under attributes and core leader competencies. To break it down with the attributes category would fit mostly strategic levels of leadership as being a leader of sound judgment, domain knowledge, and mental agility. An organizational leader should have both attributes and core leader competencies to lead Soldiers. They should have certain military bearing, composition, and confidence skills to be able to run an organizational-level type of leadership.

With the (ALRM) Army Leadership Requirement Model, current and future leaders are able to break down different types of leadership to have better lead Soldiers. It breaks it down from the main types of leadership of direct, organizational, and strategic into further subcategories. With all these different types of leadership in the United States Army, they are all extremely essential to the vital tasks performed by the Army. Nevertheless, if you get to the core of being a leader, it has to train, educate, and progress that soldier to one day become a leader in the Army. Only then can we, as a force, become a truly intelligent force that can repel future threats to the United States of America. It is my professional opinion that understanding these levels of leadership will progress any skill level to the next level of leadership of all future Soldiers, Noncommissioned officers, and leaders. ‘The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity.” Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.”


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