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About Frankenstein

Originally published :January 1, 1818
Playwright :Mary Shelley
Set in :England, Ireland, Italy, France, Scotland, Switzerland, Russia, Germany; late 18th century
Genre :Gothic novel, horror fiction, science fiction
Pages :280
Text :Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus at Wikisource
Characters :The Monster, Victor Frankenstein, Captain Walton, Dr. Henry Clerval, Elizabeth Lavenza, Frankenstein

Often regarded as the first science fiction novel in history, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is a true masterpiece. Although she was only 21 when she published one of the best gothic romance novels of all time, its value doesn’t diminish even today.
So, why is this book so popular among all generations two centuries later? The answer probably lies in the themes elaborated and the universal truths revealed. Ambition, revenge, love, and hatred have ruled over humanity across millennia and seem to be infinite sources of inspiration for discussion. Moreover, the symbols portrayed are ideal prompts for essay titles.
As for the plot, Victor Frankenstein provides the perfect foundation for analysis and criticism. As profound as his knowledge is, Victor uses his brain to his detriment. Because of his eagerness to surmount the unsurmountable and create life out of death, he sacrificed his family. Victor’s character is unique because of the clash between love and hate, intelligence and ignorance.
Most readers end up reading with a single thought: Is Victor the real monster? As a result, Mary’s debut in the writing realm is a true gem for students of all ages. Essay topics can include the pursuit of knowledge, the importance of family, the symbols of nature, isolation, and revenge.
The number of literary analysis essay examples on Frankenstein is endless. For instance, you might dedicate your research paper to atypical appearances as opposed to societal expectations. Ideally, your thesis statement will mention prejudices based on looks. For maximum impact, ensure you cap the introduction with a good hook that grabs the readers’ attention.
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Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus Essay
Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus is a novel by English author Mary Shelley. This is considered one of the most popular literary works studied in schools and colleges all over the world. If you’re a student, you will have to read the book and probably do a literary analysis of its characters, themes, and symbols at some point. Many students are assigned the task of writing a critical essay or a research paper on Frankenstein. A highly original story for its time, the novel packs a lot of ideas and still provides intriguing and thought-provoking insights, which is why it’s so thoroughly studied.
The plot is simple at first sight. Victor Frankenstein is a young scientist, who conducts a scientific experiment at the end of which he manages to bring to life a new living creature. Despite its monstrous look, the creature has the same thinking and feeling abilities as any human being. This simple plot makes way for the exploration of many interesting concepts, which means that a student can easily find many topics to cover when writing an essay on Frankenstein. To get examples of a good argumentative essay, see our page where we explore the controversial ethical questions posed in the book and perform character analysis and a dissection of the most important themes.
Read our essay examples to get a good overview of the novel’s symbolism and create your own outline. We discuss aspects such as alienation, the dangerous pursuit of knowledge, monstrosity, ambition, family values, the natural world, and many other key concepts that Mary Shelley delved into in her novel. Reading literary analyses is important for students to not miss out on important ideas after the first reading of the book itself.

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