Economic Crisis Druing the French Revolution

The economic issues made by the French kings additionally added to the Revolution. Amid the eighteenth century, the French government spent more cash than it gathered in expenses. By 1788, the nation was bankrupt. Arthur Young, an Englishmen, and spectator, who ventured out to France from 1787 to 1789 furiously portray the living conditions of the workers in his book Travels in France (Campbell, 18). The measure of expense every individual must pay is out of line. Landholders found in the honorability weren’t exhausted much. The landholders found in the healthy people were saddled vigorously. There was the absence of bread.

The cost of food was much higher at that point one’s capacity to pay which caused incredible wretchedness for the general population of France. A large portion of the cash was spent on fights. France had been fighting for about fifty years out of the past one hundred years. France bolstered the Americans in the American War of the Independence. From that point forward, France was in money related remains. A substantial entirety of cash was additionally spent on royal residences, excitement, and endowments by the kings of France (Desan, 470).

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The government spent a great deal of cash which set forth high taxes. The tax framework was crooked. The nobles and the ministry scarcely settled any government obligation. The Church possessed one-tenth of the land in France and did not make good on any government expenses. The laborers were the casualties of the overwhelming taxation (Desan, 471). Louis XVI attempted to change the taxation framework however the honorability and the ministry declined to acknowledge the new changes. Along these lines, the king was not able to make any money related changes. The gabelle, salt tax, was additionally imposed by the French Kings. At the point when Jacques Turgot endeavored to force the corvee, tax ashore property, he was contradicted by the honorability. He neglected to pass the corvee and was expelled by Louis XVI (Desan, 472).

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