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Over the past few decades, police brutality has been a hot debate topic in America. Moreover, high school and college students also get to write about this social issue and express their views. Yet, essay topics like these are complex, and compositing your police brutality essay will require prior research.
Whether you’re accusing or defending the police, you must structure your work properly to support your opinion. In short, it must follow the outline of typical academic papers. Ensure the essay introduction gives a background for police violence and how important dealing with this issue is for contemporary society. In this part, you will also place your thesis statement that poses the underlying concern you’ll try to find solutions to. Similarly, your thesis for police brutality can focus on the reasons or consequences of the problem.
The research paper outline can include several arguments and a counter argument to show you can handle both aspects of the matter. This segment can refer to case studies or press reports to reveal true stories and evidence that back up your position. Ideally, you should select events that happened in the United States for reliability and credibility.
Finally, use the conclusion to suggest further research on how to stop brutality from happening or provide a summary of your findings with a call for action. The subject is controversial, so you’d better avoid phrases like “black lives matter.” Instead, take an objective and unbiased approach and base your work on facts.
Your essay can answer questions focusing on the psychological, physical, and social impact of police brutality. The topic is quite disturbing, particularly for a speech example, because it often addresses the black community. It also touches upon gender inequality and its effects on the minds and bodies of the vulnerable.
If you fear your research paper about police brutality won’t be up to the teacher’s standards, don’t despair. Students who haven’t had the chance to write academic work before or lack the skills will have to do some lengthy reading to get the main idea. That’s why we suggest checking our argumentative essay examples on police brutality. PapersOwl offers an extensive range of cause-and-effect and persuasive essays on police racism, misconduct, abuse of power, and the punitive system.

Essay on Police Misconduct
One of the most controversial social debates today concerns police brutality. The term refers to an abuse of authority from the part of law enforcement personnel who, while performing their official duties, end up unnecessarily using excessive force to restore order. In recent years, this has become a prevalent problem with many incidents that led to public outrage. A research paper about police brutality must show how highly publicized incidents demonstrate that police misconduct has severe adverse effects on victims of abuse and diminishes public trust in law enforcement.
An example of this phenomenon is a policeman causing physical or psychological harm to a person suspected of a crime by using tactics beyond the official procedure. Usually, this occurs even when the suspect doesn’t pose any danger to the policeman, so their forces are unequal in the policeman’s favor. This scenario has led to shocking statistics with over 1300 people killed in the United States per year from 2000 until today. However, similar incidents are common in other developed countries, yet with fewer fatal outcomes due to much rarer use of guns.
Research suggests that police brutality in the United States is heavily linked with racial profiling and the most common victims of police violence are African Americans with many incidents leading to the death of innocent citizens. For an in-depth analysis, including solutions to police brutality, see our examples of a persuasive essay or a research paper on this issue. Also, a good argumentative essay on police brutality will outline important aspects such as statistic findings, racism among law enforcement officials or effective ways to combat violence. Explore our essay examples to learn more.

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