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Racial Profiling Essays

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New York City History : Abner Louima Case

Words: 1541 Pages: 5 5483

This was the largest settlement ever paid to a police brutality victim. The settlement closed the notorious case that put a strain between the NYPD and the public. Still today the NYPD faces civil rights allegations of racial profiling. For years, citizens in and out of the United States have been calling for significant police […]

Topics: Community Policing, Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Human Rights, Police Brutality, Racial Profiling, Social Issues

Police Brutality and Racism

Words: 1632 Pages: 5 13060

The Declaration of Independence was created to protect the inalienable rights that all Americans receive at birth, yet police brutality continues to threaten the rights of African Americans everywhere. Police everywhere need to be given mandatory psychological tests in order to gain awareness of racial bias in law enforcement and allow citizens to slowly gain […]

Topics: Injustice, Justice, Law Enforcement, National Security, Police Brutality, Racial Profiling, Racism, Social Issues

Exploring the Issue of Racial Stereotyping and Implicit Bias

Words: 1579 Pages: 5 181353

This paper explores the relationship between the racial stereotyping of African American and implicit biases of individuals. It also explains how social media influences cases involving racial stereotypes. To put in perspective how these three concepts would affect an organization, the examines Starbucks and the incident that occurred in Philadelphia. This paper will explain how […]

Topics: Racial Profiling, Racism, Stereotypes

Racial Profiling in the United States

Words: 418 Pages: 1 4608

Racial profiling is a prejudiced act done by law enforcement when an individual is targeted as a suspicious being due to characteristics such as race, skin color, ethnicity, religion, etc. Those characteristics then become the principal factors when a police officer is making decisions. Racial profiling has become a common concern and longstanding problem in […]

Topics: Criminal Law, Institutional Racism, Justice, Law Enforcement, Racial Profiling, Racism, Social Issues

Racial Profiling and Stereotypes of Ethnicity

Words: 584 Pages: 2 5389

Racial profiling is stereotyping or judging or discriminating against someone (thinking they will do something or already have done something) based off of their color, race or ethnicity. An example of how law enforcement has been since 9/11 is they have been really on Muslims, Arabs and Asian and detaining them on minor immigration violations. […]

Topics: Discrimination, Identity Politics, Racial Profiling, Social Inequality, Social Issues, Social Status
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Racial Profiling: Racial-Ethnic Stratification

Words: 1679 Pages: 6 4208

It has always been racial profiling in our history because the ones who are persecuted and separated sooner or later will claim why they are dealt with unequally. There are numerous examples far and wide, yet one just needs to investigate how American culture was designed to understand the extraordinary contrast between people. It was […]

Topics: Crime, Discrimination, Inequality, Justice, Racial Profiling, Racism, Social Issues

Police Brutality and Racial Stereotype

Words: 550 Pages: 2 4413

Racial segregation is one of the real supporters of police severity in the public arena. A portion of the police brutalities activities is seen as far as racial profiling. This term (racial profiling) alludes to the circumstance whereby an individual from certain a race is viewed as more probable engaged with criminal conduct because of […]

Topics: Crime, Human Rights, Injustice, Police Brutality, Prejudice And Discrimination, Racial Profiling, Social Issues

Reactions to the Hunted and the Hated

Words: 2028 Pages: 7 3683

The idea that New York City police officers are forced to comprehend with this “Stop-and-Frisk” policy is a hugely controversial topic. The police are supposed to protect the community, but now they are targeted by society. Therefore, when citizens are walking in the streets, they are always going to be afraid that police are going […]

Topics: Crime, Human Rights, Injustice, Justice, Racial Profiling, Social Issues

Racial Profiling in Stop-and-Frisk

Words: 1087 Pages: 4 3923

According to The Attorney General of New Jersey in 1999, “… determined that searches of cars on the Turnpike were even more racially disparate than the initial stops: 77.2% of all ‘consent’ searches were of minorities and blacks” (Rudovsky, 2001). It is also important to note that according to the New York Civil Liberties Union, […]

Topics: Common Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights, Justice, Law Enforcement, Racial Profiling, Social Issues

Ineffectiveness of NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk Program in Taming Crime Essay

Words: 802 Pages: 3 3629

Research Topic: Ineffectiveness of NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk Program in Taming Crime Research Thesis Statement: NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk Policy Violates the Principle of Reasonable Suspicion and Promotes Racial Profiling, thus Ineffective in Taming Crime. Research Reasons Based on “NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk: Racial Profiling or ‘Proactive Policing’? The controversial NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk program has continued to spark mixed reactions from various […]

Topics: Common Law, Criminal Justice, Human Rights, Law Enforcement, Morality, Racial Profiling, Social Issues

Racism in Just Mercy by Stevenson

Words: 1241 Pages: 4 4896

“In the three texts we learn about how poor minority groups are affected by racism. In Just Mercy, Stevenson recounts his life working with prisoners on death row that were wrongfully convicted. He also gives examples of his own experiences being a victim of racism. In the recording, The Runaways we learn about police indifference […]

Topics: Anger, Crime, Injustice, Justice, Racial Profiling, Racism, Social Issues, Violence

Racial Profiling and Use of Force during Traffic Stops

Words: 2776 Pages: 9 4005

Thousands of racial minority drivers, across the United States, have experienced traffic stops caused by racial profiling (Briggs & Keiming, 2017, p. 262; Carroll & Gonzalez, 2014, p. 566; Engel & Calnon, 2004, p. 62; Fridell & Lim, 2016, p. 41; Higgins, Vito, Grossi, & Vito, 2012, p. 171; Rojek, Rosenfeld, & Decker, 2012, p. […]

Topics: Bias, Crime, Criminal Justice, Justice, Racial Profiling, Social Issues

A Closer Look at Racial Profiling

Words: 1282 Pages: 4 3742

Growing up in a predominantly black neighborhood in California, I had never experienced or witnessed racial profiling. Others around me would discuss this issue, but to my knowledge it was rare, and at the time I was not aware about lives being taken due to this issue. It was not until I moved to a […]

Topics: Criminal Justice, Human Rights, Injustice, Justice, Law Enforcement, Racial Profiling, Social Issues

Stop and Frisk Theory and Racial Profiling

Words: 3161 Pages: 11 5162

Abstract Stop and frisk is the detention temporarily of a person and search their clothing based on specific, articulate facts that lead the police officer to have reasonable suspicious that the person is armed and dangerous. However, in the recent years, many people are arguing that stop and frisk are used to target minorities, because […]

Topics: Common Law, Criminal Justice, Human Rights, Law Enforcement, Morality, Racial Profiling, Social Issues

White Like Me: Full Documentary

Words: 1227 Pages: 4 4003

Abstract In this paper it will discuss the analysis of the video documentary White Like Me presented by author Tim Wise. In the writer’s purpose of this film is to explain how white privilege damages people of color more than society is leading to believe. Moreover, this can be damaging to white people as well […]

Topics: Criminal Justice, Discrimination, Hate crime, Racial Profiling, Racism, Social Issues

Anything of Interest in Racial & Ethnic Studies

Words: 626 Pages: 2 3891

Introduction The aspects of race and ethnicity form major reference points when probing issues affecting any population. The emergence and adoption of social stratification along the lines of race and ethnicity are premises for disintegration and discrimination. Issues related to race and ethnicity primarily stem from the societal perception, stereotypes, and general paradigm that is […]

Topics: Discrimination, Identity Politics, Justice, Racial Profiling, Racism, Social Issues, United States

Discrimination has a Role in Humanity

Words: 987 Pages: 3 6007

“Discrimination has a role in humanity since humans first stepped into this planet to our modern society of today. People discriminate others based on color, race, nationality and many other ways. I believe every human on this earth has experienced an act of discrimination at some point in their lives, but people still ask why […]

Topics: Critical Theory, Discrimination, Immigration, Injustice, Justice, Prejudice And Discrimination, Racial Profiling, Racism, Social Inequality

Racial Profiling in Police Agencies

Words: 1394 Pages: 5 4002

Racism, discrimination, prejudgment, and hatred are the effects that tarnish police agencies throughout the country. Blacks who are pulled over by cops are scared that the judicial system is on no occasion by their side. Racial profiling places a fault in the confidence, amongst the youngest generation of black people, of law enforcement agencies. Racial […]

Topics: Crime, Human Rights, Justice, Racial Profiling, Racism, Social Issues, United States

Labeling Can Affect Everyone

Words: 992 Pages: 3 3958

Our nation is so fast and so divided that cannot be asked to personally be liable for the modern aspect of our nation at any given time because that’s only going to be any given time and the point usually renders half of our nation. I have always believed that we are pretty equally divided […]

Topics: Bias, Critical Theory, Injustice, Justice, Prejudice And Discrimination, Racial Profiling, Racism, Social Issues, Stereotypes

Issue of Racial Profiling in Communities

Words: 1090 Pages: 4 4205

Racial profiling has affected many innocent lives and caused them to deserve harsh punishments for crimes they did not commit. Many individuals are being targeted on or assaulted because of racial discrimination. Racial discrimination is becoming worse as the years pass, it’s changing into a controversial topic. That is the reason why African American, Hispanics, […]

Topics: Criminal Law, Discrimination, Injustice, Law Enforcement, Morality, Racial Profiling, Social Issues

What Makes Youth At-Risk?

Words: 1051 Pages: 4 4379

In inner city school districts, the disciplinary treatment applied to at risk youth has become a very controversial topic, especially when criminal activity or violence begins to outbreak. Most of the controversy stems from the solutions on how to discipline these individuals for their behavior or actions, rather than focusing in on rehabilitation and prevention. […]

Topics: Crime, Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Injustice, Justice, Law Enforcement, Morality, Poverty, Racial Profiling, Racism, Social Inequality, Social Issues

The Necessity of Profiling in FBI

Words: 1360 Pages: 5 3760

Profiling is the idea of examining and analyzing offenders who are not known in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Howard D. Teten and Patrick J. Mullany first put it to use in 1972 on one of the unsolved cases that had been assigned to them. Profiling became a useful investigative tool to all law […]

Topics: Common Law, Crime, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, National Security, Racial Profiling, Social Issues

The Change in Relationship between Law Enforcement and the Black Community

Words: 2997 Pages: 10 4926

The relationship between law enforcement and African Americans has always been tricky, but what complicates this relationship even more is police brutality. Over the course of many years, police have become more harsh and violent, even to the point where some might describe them as militarized. This police brutality has also mainly been targeted towards […]

Topics: Black Lives Matter, Civil Rights Movement, Crime, Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Discrimination, Human Rights, Injustice, Justice, Law Enforcement, National Security, Police Brutality, Racial Profiling, Racism, Social Issues, United States

Racial Profiling by Police

Words: 2212 Pages: 7 4609

Imagine being a parent of a Black or Latino child having to explain to them that not all police officers have their best interest at heart. Or having to worry and pray that the said child makes it to their destinations safely without being pulled over in the fears of them being arrested or worst […]

Topics: Racial Profiling

What is Racism?

Words: 979 Pages: 3 5933

Racism is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior and the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. […]

Topics: Discrimination, Inequality, Injustice, Prejudice And Discrimination, Racial Profiling, Racial Segregation, Racism, Social Issues

Racial Profiling Within the Criminal Justice System

Words: 1276 Pages: 4 6135

Abstract There are many different reasons for people to engage in criminal activities. Unfortunately, there is no way to pin point the source of crime. The purpose of this research paper is to reveal the influences that race has on the Criminal Justice System. More specifically, the researcher (Danielle Clarke) will be discussing the ethical […]

Topics: Crime, Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Justice, Racial Profiling, Social Issues, Virtue

The History of Racism

Words: 2534 Pages: 8 6152

Have you ever wondered why the world must be this way? Why does racism have to exist? Why something so little as skin color can dictate how you feel about somebody? It’s mind-boggling that racism has been a problem dating back to the 17th century and is still one the most controversial topics in today’s […]

Topics: American Civil War, Civil Rights Movement, Human Rights, Injustice, Jim Crow Laws, Justice, Ku Klux Klan, Racial Profiling, Racism, Slavery

US Police Brutality and African Americans

Words: 2473 Pages: 8 8772

According to research, in America, an African American person is three times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a Caucasian person. The research stated that “Black people are most likely to be killed by a police officer than any other race” (Mapping Police Brutality). Despite being only 13% of the population […]

Topics: Civil Rights Movement, Crime, Criminal Justice, Human Rights, Justice, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Police Brutality, Racial Profiling, Rosa Parks

Police Brutality: Hispanics, Asian, and African American

Words: 349 Pages: 1 5993

Almost everyone can be involved in police brutality including Hispanics, Asian, and African American. But, black people are most likely to be shot by police than their white peers. However, according to Vox news says, An analysis of the available FBI data by Dara Lind for Vox found that US police kill black people at […]

Topics: Crime, Human Rights, Injustice, Justice, Law Enforcement, Police Brutality, Policy, Racial Profiling, Social Issues

Police Brutality against Black Communities

Words: 1540 Pages: 5 6024

Throughout the years, the issue of police brutality against black communities has been a major problem affecting many countries in the United States. Unjustified killings have taken place in the black community, which has clearly led to a national outcry for justice and equality. The issue has become particularly notable in recent years thanks to […]

Topics: Crime, Justice, Law Enforcement, Police Brutality, Racial Profiling, Social Issues, Violence
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