Criminal Profiling

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The crime I chose was robbery and ages 18 to 24 are most likely to commit this crime. I feel as though this age range is very accurate especially in society today the crimes being committed are by offenders around these age groups. Robbery is most likely to committed by males than females. In my opinion, males aren’t as disciplined as females are; which I believe will make them more at risk for committing crimes. There are other factors that may stimulate from this type of behavior such as growing up in low poverty neighborhoods, peer pressure, unemployment etc.

Where I’m from property crimes are most likely to be committed such as larceny-theft and burglaries and violent crimes like robbery and murder occurs but not as often. The most common crimes in Orangeburg are larceny-theft being the highest and burglaries falling slightly behind. I agree with larceny-theft and burglaries as being the most common simply because have seen more cases reported regarding those crimes than any other crimes. As for Claflin campus, there are more minor crimes such as possession of weapons, drugs, or alcohol. However, major crimes like robbery and rape are common but are usually underreported.

People normally associate African Americans with murder, robbery, rape and drug-related crimes. These crimes are mostly said to be committed by African American men from lower income environments. I would have normally agreed with rape as being true until I learned that it was untrue, and statistics show that whites are more likely than black men to commit rape. For arrest made by race in 2017, there were 12, 187 arrests for whites for rape and 5, 182 arrests for Black/African Americans. I also find African Americans to be associated with drug-related crimes to be untrue. Statistics show that 889,030 whites were arrested in 2017 for drug abuse violations while only 342, 513 blacks were arrested.

However, murder and robbery I will agree with as being associated with blacks/African American. There were 5,025 arrested for murder and 4,188 arrests for whites. Regarding robbery, there were 40,024 blacks arrested and 32,128 arrests for whites. However, although it shows higher numbers for murder and robbery for blacks than whites, the numbers are not such a big difference. As for females’ women are likely to be associated with less violent crimes such as drug abuse violations, larceny-theft, driving under the influence, disorderly conduct and fraud. Statistics for arrests made by sex in 2017 shows that 309,691 women were arrested for drug abuse violations, 306,208 for larceny-theft, 195,421 for driving under the influence, 82,034 for disorderly conduct, and 36,309 for fraud. I find all these crimes true for women.

I do feel like we are profiled by police depending on our age, but not normally just by our age alone. In other words, it is a combination of other aspects that make us targeted by police. For instance, Black and Latino are most likely to be targets of racial profiling where they are approached by police for unknown reasons. In my opinion, those from adolescents to young adults of those races are likely to be targeted the most than any other ages. An example of this would be the Trayvon Martin incident. According to the article Driving While Black (DWB): Examining Race as a Tool in the War on Drugs.

Research has pointed toward the conclusion that there is a racial disproportion in motorists who are stopped and searched for drugs; particularly in situations where police are afforded high degrees of discretion. This research explores the question of whether race is correlated with the detection of drug offenders, the type of drugs detected, and the quantities found. The findings lend some support to the notion that race may be correlated with the type and amount of drugs discovered during motor vehicle stops and searches (Lichtenberg, 2006).

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