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Speech Essays

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Banking and Seasonal Metaphors in Martin Luther King “I have a Dream” Speech

Words: 2773 Pages: 9 6781

Abstract An artifact for analysis is a speech “”I Have a Dream by Dr. Martin Luther King which describes banking and seasonal metaphors. The speech was intended to improve the civil rights of the blacks and minority people in the United States. The speech urged the Civil Rights Act 1964 and the Voting Rights Act […]

Topics: Injustice, Martin Luther King, Rhetoric, Servant Leadership

Can Money Buy Happiness Speech

Words: 1073 Pages: 4 17626

“Money is not the only answer, but it makes a difference” – Barack Obama. Although it is injustice to poor people when we say that money can buy happiness. But still money is the basic amenity for each and every individual. As we can clearly see that average number of people are more than satisfied […]

Topics: Happiness, Human Nature, Money, Poverty

Informative Speech Outline Halloween

Words: 884 Pages: 3 6138

Introduction Halloween is a magical time that allows you to become a whole new person for a night, but this holiday hasn’t always been what we know it to be today… so how did children begin running around yelling, “Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat” and expecting candy in […]

Topics: Halloween

Famous Speech “Duty, Honor, Country”

Words: 1448 Pages: 5 6440

On May 12 1992 Douglas MacArthur gave his famous speech “Duty, Honor, Country” at West Point. At this ceremony he was accepting the Sylvanus Thayer Award. MacArthur is a famous war general who served in the United States Military from 1903-1951. He was born on January 26, 1880 on a Army base in Arkansas. A […]

Topics: Duty Honor Country, Pathos

Importance of Public Speaking in History

Words: 1092 Pages: 4 5210

The current methods and knowledge on public speaking are drawn from the Western and Ancient Greece methods of public speaking. Public speaking and communication form the foundation of the society since it allows the people to interact with others thereby forming connections, influencing the decisions taken and motivating change in the society. One of the […]

Topics: Public Speaking, Rhetoric
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Importance of Speech about Diabetes

Words: 966 Pages: 3 4939

On 14th November this year on World Diabetes Day we witnessed an amazing talk by the keynote speaker Dr. Ronny Bell at the University of Florida. The title of the talk was ‘Challenges and Opportunities in achieving diabetes health equity.’ He spoke about important issues that often get lost and not given too much importance […]

Topics: Diabetes, Health, Medicine, Type 2 Diabetes

Speech about Racial Profiling

Words: 793 Pages: 3 4086

The professional speaker that I went to see was Natalie Stoljar. She is a philosophy professor at McGill University. She gave her speech in Farber Hall. The topic that she was talking about was racial profiling and whether or not it was discriminatory. She did not go into all of the aspects of racial profiling […]

Topics: Argument, Crime, Epistemology, Racial Profiling

Opposing Views Animal Testing

Words: 867 Pages: 3 5181

The United Nations guarantees a Universal Declaration of Human Rights that asserts that everyone has got a right to liberty, life and also security. Despite that, the declaration protects human beings from cruel treatment, slavery and eventually torture. These rights are considered to be inherent according to the law of land. There has been always […]

Topics: Animal Rights, Animal Testing, Experiment, Liberty, Research, Rights

Freedom of Speech in the United States

Words: 1815 Pages: 6 7289

Freedom of speech has been protected in The United States by the First Amendment since 1791. For over 100 years, this right, though symbolically important, has sat dormant. However today, freedom of speech has been in the headlines due to its involvement in controversial topics surrounding the media, political correctness, and “hate speech”. Hateful beliefs […]

Topics: Censorship, Constitution, Freedom Of Speech, Hate speech, Human Rights, Justice, Social Issues

On Freedom of Speech and Expression

Words: 1915 Pages: 6 186597

Privacy is an essential right that every citizen of the United States is granted. Under the first amendment of the constitution rights such as freedom of press, speech, and privacy are protected. The first amendment separates the United States’ constitution from many other countries for a simple reason, the freedom of speech and expression. Freedom […]

Topics: Contract, Facebook, Freedom Of Speech, Privacy

Paired Debate Speech Water Pollution and Consumerism

Words: 1458 Pages: 5 4849

Water is polluted many different ways, just to name a few are hypoxia, wastewater pollution, and marine debris. In this paper I will touch on many different ways waters become polluted, and you can see for yourself that human involvement is the root cause of it all. There are different types of pollution in the […]

Topics: Environmental Science, Human Impact On The Environment, Natural Environment, Oil Spill, Plastic Pollution, Pollution, Water, Water Pollution

Harvey Milk and his “Hope” Speech

Words: 480 Pages: 2 5632

The politics of the 1970’s saw great democracy, legally much discrimination was gone. Expression of gender roles and sexuality were evolving and people no longer felt bound by social pressure. With this, conservatives began looking for ways to regulate sexuality. Anita Bryant led an anti-gay movement after she pushed to overturn an ordinance in Dade […]

Topics: Gender, Harvey Milk, Homosexuality, Human Sexuality, LGBT, LGBT rights, Social Issues

Speeches “The Gettysburg Address” and “I have a Dream”

Words: 1007 Pages: 3 5448

When one reads “I Have a Dream” speech and the Gettysburg Address one understands why Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln are American heroes. Looking back in history one can understand why their names will always be remembered in American’s history. Both of these gentlemen had two different types of speeches but the same […]

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg Address, I Have A Dream, Martin Luther King

First Amendment Freedom of Speech

Words: 1103 Pages: 4 186053

The 2017 Berkeley protests organized by different groups including By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) were an abject violation of the freedom of speech as outlined in the First Amendment of the American constitution. The protests successfully stopped a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos, a controversial Breitbart editor and a self-declared Trump supporter. The protests turned violent […]

Topics: Censorship, Freedom Of Speech, Liberty, Violence

Negative Side-Effects of Free Speech

Words: 2009 Pages: 7 6457

Since the beginning of our country, one of our founding principles has been the right to express yourself through speech, media, or any other means of communication. For a long time those that founded our country were under the control of the British, and the lack of freedom to do and say what was on […]

Topics: Censorship, Freedom Of Speech, Hate crime, Hate speech, Liberty, Social Issues, Social Media

Freedom of Speech and Censorship

Words: 722 Pages: 2 186487

The government needs to also look at the First amendment that gives Americans the freedom of speech. Although freedom of speech gave the Americans an opportunity to express themselves, it came with some disadvantages. Some individuals used this freedom to propagate hatred especially racism. Individuals who had something against the blacks would use the freedom […]

Topics: Freedom Of Speech, Human Rights, Justice, Social Media

Effectiveness of Treatment Approaches for Children Diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Words: 1480 Pages: 5 4003

The process of communication is one most of us typically take for granted. However, it is one of the most complex motor processes executed by the human body. There are many systems within the body that are required to work simultaneously in order to produce intelligible and articulate speech, and appropriately use language. When one’s […]

Topics: Childhood, Clinical Psychology, Medicine, Mental Disorder, Nervous System, Neuroscience

Hate Crimes and Hate Speech

Words: 1250 Pages: 4 4532

Hate crimes are crimes that are motivated by the victim’s race, ethnicity, sex, disability, religion, or sexual orientation. However over the past years people have claimed attacks on them as hate crime just because of these things, even though it had nothing to do with it. This could be a very difficult topic for courts […]

Topics: Criminal Law, Hate crime, Human Rights, Justice, Prejudice And Discrimination, Social Issues

John Kennedy’s Using Persuasion in his Speech

Words: 1065 Pages: 4 4089

John Fitzgerald Kennedy,often called John F. Kennedy, JFK, or Jack Kennedy, also translated as Kennedy, is the 35th president of the United States. She is a member of the influential Kennedy political family and was considered a representative of the American liberal.During the Second World War, he served as an US military officer. He had […]

Topics: John F Kennedy, Rhetoric

Freedom of Speech on Social Media

Words: 673 Pages: 2 4285

Social media and freedom of speech have taken over the world. People read on the news every day about people being punished for what they post on social media. To what limit should people be punished for what they post? When people post online, everyone can see the material. It does not matter if the […]

Topics: Freedom, Social Media

Speech Therapist for Autism

Words: 4345 Pages: 14 4925

Abstract Autism Spectrum Disorder is a condition that consists of various challenges to an individual such as social skills, nonverbal communication, repetitive behaviors and difficulties with speech. So far doctors have not been able to find out what causes autism although it is believed that it involves both environmental and genetic factors. Autism can usually […]

Topics: Autism, Health, Health Care, Medical Error, Medicine

Freedom of Speech Today

Words: 897 Pages: 3 186317

The citizens of the United States of America exercise their First Amendment right, freedom of speech in their day to day lives. Being able to voice their opinion and speak up for what they believe in is what gives our country its degree of autonomy. Having the freedom of speech is a blissful thing that […]

Topics: Bullying, Freedom Of Speech, Justice, Teacher

The Speech itself was Intended

Words: 813 Pages: 3 3911

On July 5, 1852, the day after the fourth of July, Frederick Douglass was invited to give a speech to the citizens of his hometown, Rochester, New York, to celebrate the nation’s 76th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Douglass took advantage of the occasion not to celebrate the nation’s success, but […]

Topics: Frederick Douglass, Slavery

Hatred under the Freedom of Speech

Words: 1330 Pages: 4 5736

There is a thin line between an open expression of plain hatred and the expression of opinion. It is safe to assume that every person at some point of his or her life, either witnessed or experienced a bias from bigots based on race, nationality, sex, or other characteristics. People interpret “hate speech” differently; some […]

Topics: Censorship, Crime, Discrimination, Freedom Of Speech, Hate crime, Human Rights, Prejudice And Discrimination

On Freedom of Speech in School

Words: 904 Pages: 3 186501

What is personal liberty? Liberty is being free to do whatever the individual may want to do without restrictions. This can include things such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion and the freedom to bear arms. Anyone living in the United States are actually guaranteed these rights, right from birth. We also live […]

Topics: Employment, Freedom Of Speech, Liberty

President John F. Kennedy’s Speechs

Words: 692 Pages: 2 4179

On January 20th, 1961 in Washington D.C., President John F. Kennedy delivered one of the most vital speeches after being sworn in as President of the United States. His speech was so influential, that it’s still remember today as one of the best from any President. It presented a powerful use of logos, ethos, and […]

Topics: Faith, John F Kennedy, Pathos

Should Freedom of Speech be Limited

Words: 1438 Pages: 5 5559

In this paper each author reflects their own moral opinion on hate speech shared with freedom of speech and the results from it containing negative content. There are several authors who discuss hate speech in considerations of freedom of speech. Despite strong objections I trust that society is obligated to protect its citizens and prevent […]

Topics: Freedom Of Speech

Policy Recommendation

Words: 667 Pages: 2 5282

A research done by the Society for Human Resource Management in 2016 indicates that 7% of employers allow members of staff to bring their dogs to work (Roepe, How to be…). That this statistic appears to be on the rise ought to make us question why employers are opting for dog-friendly offices, as well as […]

Topics: Employment, Policy, Recommendation

Hate Speech Debate and Discussion

Words: 1126 Pages: 4 4353

In the wake of technological advancement immorality in college campus have increased. For instance, parents are sending their girls in all-girls boarding schools, and they are coming home emotionally traumatized and with low self-esteem because of sexual abuse by the older same sex. Indeed, sexual harassment and discrimination have increased in schools which are stimulating […]

Topics: Behavior Modification, Bullying, Discrimination, Freedom Of Speech, Gender, Hate speech, Hatred, Homosexuality

Freedom of Speech should not be Limited

Words: 1299 Pages: 4 5784

Literature has always been tricky. At times, people find certain books to be offensive or inappropriate. People will even go to great lengths to challenge or ban books just because of differing opinions. Limiting free speech has been a constant and continuous argument throughout history. One side argues that certain pieces of writing should be […]

Topics: Freedom Of Speech
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