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A college essay on AI allows one to delve into the intriguing world where machines and algorithms shape the future. It demonstrates how exciting the field of advanced technology and its impact on human society can be. When preparing a persuasive and argumentative essay on artificial intelligence, it is essential to explore the potential danger and benefits associated with AI.

To begin, select from a range of compelling essay topics related to this. This could include exploring the ethical implications of AI, the role of it in healthcare, or its impact on the job market. Conduct careful analysis using reputable sources. For example, it can be an interesting research paper on artificial intelligence or free samples to support your arguments.

The next step is to formulate a clear and concise thesis statement that will convey your position on the topic. Creating an outline will help you with this. Each paragraph in the body should focus on a specific aspect of AI, such as cybernetic systems or the ethical considerations surrounding AI development.

In the introduction of your paper, you can highlight the rapid advancements in AI and its pervasive presence in various industries. It will be useful to mention such an organization as OpenAI. Do not forget to craft a captivating hook to capture the reader’s attention. It could be a thought-provoking question, a startling statistic, or a compelling anecdote. No matter what you choose, it should emphasize the significance of AI technology in today’s world. At the conclusion of the essay, all you have to do is summarize the key points discussed in your paper.

Essay About Artificial Intelligence
The artificial intelligence in The Matrix, Robot in Robot and Frank, and the title character Wall-E all show how artificial intelligence in science fiction surpasses humankind. This Artificial Intelligence is superior to humans. They exhibit strength and intelligence beyond people’s abilities. Although, these films suggest that artificial intelligence could be humankind’s legacy long after humankind’s extinct, it could also be dangerous to put too much trust into artificial intelligence.
In the film The Matrix, Artificial intelligence created software that’s called the Matrix which basically copies the real world. This also keeps anyone from noticing anything unusual. Leo who was born as Thomas A. Anderson fights alongside the last colony of humans to defeat the machines in The Matrix. Artificial intelligence caused most of humanity to be enslaved and also caused them to be at war.
In the film Robot and Frank, Frank Weld is an aging jewel thief who has a hard time remembering certain events. He also has a son named Hunter Weld who gave Frank a robot who is programmed to take care of his health every day. A few days after, Frank realizes that he can use the robot to do something other than cleaning the house and to take care of his health. Frank uses the robot to become an aging jewel thief again. The robot was easily influenced into doing what Frank wanted to do. The robot should have just said no and just leave it at that.
In the film Wall-E, Wall-E is a wasted collector drone that is programmed to haul the garbage plaguing the earth. Over the years, Wall-E developed a personality. But one day, a ship named Axiom sent a robot to earth to look for a plant that can save them all. Along the way, Human beings became so reliant that they lost the ability to walk and have devolved instead of continuing to evolve as a species. In these dependents upon the A.I, they have all aboard that ship and are not really living. Having AI introduced in their lives could be detrimental and problematic.
In the films, artificial intelligence would change the world in a completely different way. Artificial intelligence does everything that they do but even better. This means that AI could influence them, hurt them, and even make them think they are in the real world but in reality, they are somewhere else.   

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