The Power of Artificial Intelligence

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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As society develops into this technology driven world, the question most people ask is “what is artificial intelligence? And how might I be impacted?”. According to Management Information Systems by Stephen Haag, AI is “the science of making machines imitate human thinking and behavior” (Hagg). Taping into the business industry, AI machines are used to create, build, design, sort, deliver, and much more in various sectors. In just the US alone, jobs requiring some form of AI skills increased 5x from 2013- current day (Columbus).

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This drastic climb in the usage of AI systems suggests that machines are becoming more and more comparable to humans and their capabilities. Like many devices, these systems consist of various forms of AI that make them unique in their own way and individualized for the type of work that needs carried out in a particular sector of the industry.

The first form of AI is reactive machines which consist of systems that can only react or make a move by analyzing what is then and there. These systems are unable to process future decisions or collect data on previously made decisions and their outcomes, it is a solely here and now machine. In the Zeolearn magazine, Bragin uses IBM’s Deep Blue chess player as an example of a reactive machine which can accurately analyze the next move based on the piece shown on the board at the time of the decision (Bragin). By using this technique, Deep blue was able to defeat one of the world’s best chess players Garry Kasparov and put AI on the map in that industry. Additionally, it must be noted that reactive machines have no intellectual engagement with the outside world and are strictly limited to the coding in which they were wired to perform, in this case being the proper moves in chess on any given move. This example alone goes to show how in depth and accurate even the simplest form of AI can be.

In addition to reactive machines, businesses also utilize limited memory systems primary in self-driving vehicles to detect movement, lane departure, traffic signals, and other driving attributes. We as a society have seen this most recently in both drones and Tesla, a car company which encompasses an “auto pilot” feature which allows the vehicle to drive itself using its limited memory system. Tesla states that “we believe [self-driving] will be a probability of safety at least twice as good as the average human driver” when describing their cars to others (Tesla).


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