Understanding of Artificial Intelligence Development

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The term Artificial Intelligence might be a frightening term but yet so useful in the human daily life. When you hear the term “Artificial Intelligence” you might imagine attacking robots, sci-fi movies or the worst case scenario, but this is way too drastic for what AI really is. Artificial Intelligence is whatever technological gadget that can mimic any human movement or thought. It is a door-opener that facilitates complete tasks with the help of technological gadgets or programs. Its high intelligence can create fear but there is no doubt that provides us so many benefits.

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The whole complex idea of Artificial Intelligence comes from an origin from a pioneer, a background story of why it was created, the benefits it provides to society and the fear of singularity.

The birth of Artificial Intelligence came early in 1956. It all started as a simple, not sophisticated idea introduced to the human world by a group of scientists and the protagonist, Dartmouth Professor John McCarthy. McCarthy and his colleagues were seeking to mimic the use of human language on machines, but they failed to do so since they lacked the technological advancement at that time. Even though they failed, they created a new concept for the world and for future generations, Artificial Intelligence. Despite their failure, they became the pioneers of what we know today as AI. Just like a baby learning his path to become a grown independent human being, Artificial Intelligence has been developing through the years and becoming more sophisticated. Since AI’s “birth date”, throughout the early years, many scientists developed improved Artificial Intelligence. Scientists tried to create programs that mimicked someone plays chess, and it got mastered in 1962. A computer program that learned to play chess got tested against a chess world champion, and the program won. “In the late 1950s, Arthur Samuel created programs that learned to play checkers. In 1962 one scored a win over a master at the game.”(Simonite, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Artificial Intelligence, Wired, 2018).  This advancement was proving that Artificial Intelligence was a promising thing for society, so it also inspired to future pioneers enhance the concept. As promising as this innovation looked more time and money started to be invested on AI and as AI developed, more smart machines were created. Throughout the ages, this concept became much better and more machines every day became more people independent for the benefit of humans. This opened many doors to history’s course and is responsible for many discoveries of things that once were queries for the world.

In all of History’s creations, there is always a reason why such a thing happened. In Artificial Intelligence, there is a background story of why it surged into the light. The origins of AI come from the late 1950s when the world was experiencing the Cold War. It was a non-direct conflict between the US and The Soviet Union, which were the two main superpowers of the moment. Even though it was never a direct contact dispute, in the Cold War a technology race started. Due to this, at that moment technology advancement was a very huge thing in order to prove who was more powerful. From the constant urge of who had a more advanced technology, scientists around the world were intrigued to discover new technologies. This is why the roots of AI come from the United States, because of their pursuit of technology dominance against the Soviet Union.

The creation and development of Artificial Intelligence have been beneficial to society in multiple ways. There are many doubts that AI can be a threat to society but AI most of all, offers positive benefits. “AI today is a huge benefit to society because it enhances our efficiency and throughput while creating new opportunities for revenue generation, cost savings, and job creation.”(Anand Sampat, 14 Ways AI Will Benefit or Harm Society, Forbes). Artificial Intelligence in the daily lives, has facilitated the completion of tasks in a more efficient and time-saving way. It helps business owners or factories to decrease costs and increase production by using AI factory gear that produces desired product all independently. With the labor being replaced from humans to AI gear, other new jobs are created like maintenance of gear or controlling the gear. So this is a win-win situation, cost saving, more output, and new jobs. With so much AI facilitates complete, humans have so much an advantage that can excel to complete their highest capacity on what they do in their lives. “Humans are not best served by doing tedious tasks. Machines can do that, so this is where AI can provide a true benefit. This allows us to do the more interpersonal and creative aspects of work.”(Chalmers Brown, 14 Ways AI Will Benefit or Harm Society, Forbes). The tasks that could have been done manually are done with the help of AI and that helps dedicate more time to yourself, on the goals and tasks to be done. This leads to the enhancement of lifestyle to society on where they can live a less time-consuming life and less stress related. There’s so much AI can benefit the world that it leads to solving simple problems to tremendous problems around the world.

Even though Artificial Intelligence is an idea full of positive benefits and so attractive to society, AI still has some possible outcomes that create fear for humans. The evidence there is that AI can be extremely intelligent at some tasks, creates the fear of singularity. That point of singularity is what humans fear, the fear of being replaced or outdone by Artificial intelligence. Many robots around the world have been developed in order to mimic human thoughts, language, and consciousness. This leads to the idea that humans can lose control over AI and be outsmarted or dominated. All these possible outcomes can happen or maybe might not, the course of history will give the answer of Artificial Intelligence.

To conclude with, Artificial Intelligence started out as a simple non-sophisticated idea that lead to the creation of something so complex it benefits society in so many ways. So many yet are to be discovered and created through AI but there is no doubt the fear of singularity will always be present in the human world.

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