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Technology Essays

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Creating Anything we Desire

Words: 1789 Pages: 6 925

Creativity is arguably one of the most important foundations that compose an entire human being. As a personal view, it could be described as one’s ability to construct unique ideas and apply them to a long-term or short-term project or a goal. Creation is known to be strongly based on inspiration of those that came […]

Topics: Internet, Technology, Youtube

My Career as a Software Engineer

Words: 516 Pages: 2 1086

Technology & Life go hand in hand The experience of growing with technology has always made me keen on learning more about things that can be made and done, which at one point in life was nothing but a dream. Ever since my childhood, I was interested in figuring out how inventions take place, how […]

Topics: Cloud Computing, Cognition, Technology

Tesla, Inc. – the Company of the Future of our Society

Words: 3607 Pages: 12 1089

Tesla is the first American car company to go public in 2010 since Ford Motor Company in 1956 (Tesla, 2018). Since then, Tesla’s stock has gone up as the company keeps rolling out new features and models while simultaneously capturing the imagination of a curious public (Tesla, 2018). There are specific ways that Tesla has […]

Topics: Technology, Tesla Motors, Vehicles

Tesla, Inc. – One of the Well-Known Companies that Produces Electric Cars

Words: 1011 Pages: 3 1298

The company selected is Tesla, Inc., and the reason why I choose this company is that there is a growing concern among people about climate change and environmental protection. “As part of the historic Paris climate accord, 197 nations representing 97 percent of the world’s emissions have committed to national plans to cut carbon pollution, […]

Topics: Electric Cars, Technology, Tesla Motors

Events Held by Tesla Inc. to Reduce Production Costs

Words: 542 Pages: 2 1400

One of Tesla’s main goals is to lower their manufacturing and production costs. In order to achieve that goal, Tesla uses supply chain management. To lower manufacturing costs, Tesla has design and manufacturing under one roof. Tesla brought much of their production equipment at a lower price from struggling car manufacturers. As a result it […]

Topics: Electric Cars, Technology, Tesla Motors
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Whether Tesla Can be Triumphant or Just the Opposite?

Words: 645 Pages: 2 1239

Tesla has made a name for itself by proving doubters wrong, but in 2018 the company faced many challenges. Stemming from Elon Musk’s erratic behavior to the company’s financial health, all the way to not making enough cars, this might be the point of no return for Tesla. Whether it can survive all of these […]

Topics: Finance, Technology, Tesla Motors

Whether Consumers are Loyal to the Product Depending on the Area of Behavior

Words: 487 Pages: 2 1463

Brand Origin Knowledge or BoK is a term used to see if the customers can identify the product’s origin. It’s an important term in Consumer Behavior and is used to learn if the consumers are loyal towards a product based on its origin. If we specifically look at the “2016 Ranking of Top 100 Brand”, […]

Topics: Brand, Consumer Behavior, Technology, Transport

Elon Musk is a Billionaire Today

Words: 1304 Pages: 4 1306

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are two of the most talked about CEO’s and billionaires today. Both have pioneered industries Musk with PayPal which changed the online buying world dramatically, Tesla which developed the first affordable fully electric car, SpaceX which has innovated the reusable space rockets making space travel cheaper, and now he’s looking […]

Topics: Science, Technology

Fahrenheit 451 and Modern Society

Words: 939 Pages: 3 1298

From the beginning to the end of Fahrenheit 451, technology rules everyday lives and free thinking is frowned upon. Society is obsessed with technology and its distractions that it brings. Despite the fact that today’s technological evolution has not yet caught up to the authors illustrations of the future technologies, there is a huge chance […]

Topics: Mass Media, Social Media, Technology

Ever Changing Definition of Adaptation

Words: 628 Pages: 2 1420

Corrigan describes all definitions of adaptation to revolve around three different perspectives. Those perspectives are a process, a product, and an act of reception. Each of these can be represented through different areas of life and the many different materials, products, and resources we use every day. In “Defining adaptations” by Timothy Corrigan, he defines […]

Topics: Adaptation, Technology

The Influence of Entrepreneurs on Health Care

Words: 679 Pages: 2 1053

Entrepreneurs are people who take risks and they have the capacity to change a generation. They are innovators and leaders who create ways of progressing the current status quo. There are even Entrepreneurs in health care that help change the way providers deliver health care. They effect things like streamline clinical outcomes, update primary care […]

Topics: Health Care, Policy, Technology

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