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The is Compassion Definition

Words: 878 Pages: 3 101202

When Walter Williams, the founder of University of Missouri’s school of journalism wrote the famed Journalist’s Creed (1908), he mentioned that: “I believe that the journalism which succeeds best … is … constructive”, he had the idea of constructive journalism in mind. A story on CNN’s website on October 2018 read: “Tropical Storm Rosa is […]

Topics: Compassion, Concept, Research

Servant Leadership: Thematic Integration of Faith and Learning

Words: 1986 Pages: 7 3690

 Leadership can be defined as the act of ruling or governing a group of people or an organization at large. The study of leadership has been gaining popularity since the late 90’s although in actual terms, it has been around since the time of Plato and Socrates. During the late 90’s, leadership began to be […]

Topics: Concept, Goal, Jesus, Organization, Servant Leadership, Theory

Alex MacKnight – Christopher Nolan and the Film Auteur

Words: 2745 Pages: 9 3635

  Abstract: In this paper, I aim to explore the theory of auteurism within popular cinema. My paper will be focusing on the director Christopher Nolan and will discuss and analyze his works in reference to the concept of auteurism, making the argument for his existence as a film auteur. The basis for this paper […]

Topics: Batman, Concept, Film Analysis, Theory

Paper Books are Better than E-Books

Words: 1351 Pages: 5 4493

I am not suggesting that e-books are unnecessary or even more harmful. On the contrary, they are practical and modern. To say the opposite is to resist evolution, which has always been a Sisyphean work, and by no means pathetic, but miserable. Here is an e-book, it is indispensable, for example, when traveling, especially if […]

Topics: Book, Concept, Information, Perception

A Home is more than Just a House

Words: 1349 Pages: 4 9008

Edgar A. Guest says this in his poem, “It takes a heap o’ livin’ in a house t’ make it home.” The term “home” has always been defined and understood differently by people. Throughout the years, it has been the central theme of different art forms. Many would say that the word “home” is actually […]

Topics: Concept, Metaphysics, Privacy
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Inclusion, Equality and Diversity in the Workforc?

Words: 946 Pages: 3 1141

In the publication of Discourses of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion: Trenchant Formulations or Transient Fashions? British Journal of Management, we note that there are 4 main parts to it. Firstly, the reviewing of management literature in diversity, equality and inclusion in identifying the recurring themes and patterns. Secondly, analysing the Meta-level data in the published […]

Topics: Concept, Rhetoric, Science

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