My Perception and Concept of Forensic Science in the 21st Century

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Updated: Jun 28, 2022
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The essay is my perception and concept of forensic science in this 21st century criminal justice. This is attained by critically analyzing the importance of forensic science to various levels in the field of security, criminal investigation and policing, the court process among others. Additionally, the accuracy of how media represent the idea of forensic science and the influence it has on public opinion on issues relating to justice are also brought to light. Finally, the possible influences of CSI on judicial processes are also analyzed.

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According to Owen, 2000 the term forensic science also known as forensics refers to a process in which a wider spectrum of science is applied in order to help human beings answer certain questions that concern them in the field of justice. It is worth mentioning that in the ancient times, there were no standardized manners in which crimes could be analyzed and ascribed to a particular cause, this made it possible for criminal to escape being punished for their deeds. At present, starting from around 1186 to 1248, the development of forensic science has seen to it that perpetrators of crime are brought to books.

Importance of forensic science

There is no doubt that the concept of forensic science has been hailed for bringing forth vital evidence that have been used to implicate or exonerate a person deemed too have committed a crime (Bogusz, 2000). Additionally, the concept has made it possible for investigators as well as other relevant stakeholders to gain more insight about a crime incident. All these are thanks to advancement in technology. One notable importance of forensic science is crime-solving contribution. Through thorough investigation of events in the crime science and collection of relevant materials, it has been apparent that issues relating to what caused death of an individual or group of people, identifying those deemed to have committed a crime as well as finding the whereabouts of lost persons has been made possible by this concept of forensics (Owen, 2000). However it is worth mentioning that there are certain kind of sectors that benefit a lot form this idea and they include rape, homicide as well as arson investigations.

Forensic has made it possible for one to be possible to identify criminals. In any scene of crime, there are possibilities of those doing the act leaving behind some kind of evidence which can be of help to relevant authorities in their quest of coining an individual to certain criminal acts. Finger prints and DNA tests have been successfully used. Evidence such as blood, hair, fibers, soil, and fluid can be easily compared to what a suspect was wearing as well as his hair (Cuthbert, 1958). This has been done in several occasions. One advantage of this concept is that it’s has ensured that those individual that are innocent are exonerated while those who committed the crime face full wrath of the law. Forensic psychologists employ sketching to aid locate suspects. By examining scene of crime, psychologists are capable of determining the patterns of a criminal as well as their personalities hence having the ability to narrow down the group of suspected individuals.

Additionally, forensics has helped in determining the cause of human death through autopsy. As pathologists carry out the procedure, they critically analyze body fluids as well as tissues to establish what caused death and the whole issues surrounding death. In ancient time, death caused by drowning could be established by finding water in lungs, while broken neck cartilage was evidence that one died as a result of being strangled. Such information is useful in court process as they help in solving unanswered questions.

Finally and more importantly, forensic science has made it possible for investigators to identify tools and weapons used in committing a crime. In cases where a firearm was used to commit a crime, detectives are able to use bullets remains in a scene of crime and accurately establish the type of gun used. This is achieved by contrasting striations found on ammunition against the bullets fired from a firearm deemed to be the weapon used in committing the crime (Owen, 2000). On the same note, in cases for instance involving burglaries, criminals use certain crude tools to find their way in. These tools can be used as tool marks. With the technology the world is experiencing, the forensic science has been thrown in the public site through the media. This has made possible revisiting of cases that were long forgotten, making justice be done to the people due. This is done using the new forensic techniques. Innocent people who were convicted out of lack of proper way to handle cases, have eventually gotten their freedom due to the forensic technology developed.

The accuracy of media in the representation of the forensic science has been for years taken with a lot of discontent. Some says that it has helped in the delivery of justice while others critics feel that media is just one misleading thing. Despite what has been said about media, the evident thing is media plays a positive and a negative role towards the same. If the merits are taken seriously, an impact can be seen in justice delivery (Owen, 2000). Media has been the cause of knowledge on some case where the judicial system made a bad ruling making it to be revisited in a more intensive way using the forensic science method. Due to the media influence, some innocent people who were convicted wrongly have been sent free after a thorough investigation. The media has been used as a watchdog in the judicial system to ensure that it does not go too far and ensure that it is held accountable by the public. In ensuring that their public picture continues to be held in the required esteem, judiciary ensures they work alongside their norms.

The media to a commendable extent has been accurate in the presentation of forensic science. This is out of the camera and related technology that gives their work a good quality. The quality information that shows the finest detail involved in their work, makes it be reliable in investigation by the relevant authority. Forensic science has played a paramount role in investigation of criminal justice. There have been well-trained personnel to deal with these cases. Medical forensic examiners determine the accuracy of the facts represented in a certain case. For example cases regarding rape, assort have benefited very much in the forensic science technology. Forensic science has skewed the dissemination of the justice as it help in getting the finer details of a complex and simple case. The personnel dealing with the forensic science are trained very well to deal with crime scenes investigation getting evidences of how the crime was committed, personal testimony that leads to a good evidence of a certain case thus success in prosecution or case defense.

According to Cuthbert, M. (1958), the crime scene investigation has had effects on the judicial system by increasing unreasonable expectations leading to prosecution burden. This is brought by how the cases in the CSI are solved as they always use forensic science. This makes jurors to be conditioned that all cases can only be investigated using the forensic science technology. As the CSI shows that, the police will always use their investigation and I the investigation deviates from theirs they turn to be critical shows incompetency. They also affect the way evidences should be taken with their notion that if evidence is gotten without use of forensic science, it is incomplete. Though they some available methods that are viable for evidence collection like DNA test, they are not the only method of proving that somebody is guilty.

For a person to be convicted of the crime committed there should be prove to unreasonable doubt. However, showing the jurors not convicting criminals because there is no forensic science evidence is shows a big problem if that is followed I the judicial system. Forensic science is good but cannot be used alone. For comprehensive evidence that will lead to success in the court of law, a balanced mode of investigation and coverage should be maintained. By this I mean, balanced media system, forensic science investigations system and the rest methods of investigations.

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