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Criminology Essays

96 essay samples found

Racial Bias and Racial Injustice

Words: 1295 Pages: 4 5738

According to Alexander, In the New Jim Crow, mass incarceration is the new Jim Crow. Jim Crow Laws were created to criminalize black individuals and other non-white groups. They were created in the 1900s. During this time period, African Americans were criminalized if they did not accommodate White individuals. For example, if a black individual […]

Topics: Bias, Crime, Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Human Rights, Injustice, Justice, Law Enforcement, Morality, Prejudice And Discrimination

Alcohol Abuse is a Problem : Rural Term Paper

Words: 1958 Pages: 7 4137

Alcohol abuse is a problem that is very consistent among individuals who are usually charged or convicted by the criminal justice system for violating the laws, yet there have been limited efforts to survey the effectiveness of diversionary programs for offenders whose crime is related to alcohol use. The criminal justice system has seen an […]

Topics: Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Crime, Criminal Justice, Health, Justice, Morality, Prison, Sexual Assault, Social Issues

LGBTQ+ Special Needs Offenders

Words: 1726 Pages: 6 3956

The LGBTQ+ special needs offenders group includes persons who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual or questioning/queer. These persons are typically housed with the general population while incarcerated either because they are “passing” as heterosexual or due to extremely limited access to separate housing based off sexual orientation (Brydum 2014). After researching, there seems […]

Topics: Crime, Criminal Law, Gender, LGBT, Rape Culture, Sexual Assault, Social Issues

A Definition of Forensic Science and Methods Used for Solving Mysteries

Words: 405 Pages: 1 1279

Did you ever wonder who solves those impossible cases you have seen on T.V.? Well, surprisingly it is not the police officers, at least most of the time. It is Scientists. They study a science called Forensic Science. A reporter from UXL Science states, “Forensic science is the application of science to matters of law.” […]

Topics: Crime, Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Police

Source of Information about Crime

Words: 911 Pages: 3 4147

Violent wrongdoings (otherwise called violations against people) rule the vast majority’s contemplations of wrongdoing and wellbeing. Regardless of criminal justice experts explanations that an individual’s probability of being victimized little depends on him avoiding certain places, for instance, street gangs and drug peddler spots (Koper, Taylor, & Woods, 2013). This accumulation characterizes brutal violations as […]

Topics: Crime, Criminal Justice, Information, Justice
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Thesis: Racial and Implicit Bias Plays

Words: 727 Pages: 2 4787

Outline Thesis: Racial and Implicit Bias plays a significant part in how individuals are sentenced in our Justice system. Introduction Argument: Racial bias has been an ongoing issue for years, occurring in many different parts of the world. Racial bias not only occurs with people of color, but people of religion or even people of different […]

Topics: Bias, Crime, Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Hate crime, Ignorance, Injustice, Justice, Law Enforcement

Career Research

Words: 847 Pages: 3 3987

I interviewed Jenn Devan who is a paralegal. She works at the National Guard in Colorado Springs. A paralegal is somebody who gets employed by a lawyer to perform substantive legal work for which the lawyer in responsible for. The more specific roles of a paralegal are to assist the attorney when doing tasks such […]

Topics: Criminal Justice, Deviance, Justice, Lawyer

Routine Traffic Stop

Words: 710 Pages: 2 3344

Recently in America what starts as a routine traffic stop can turn deadly for mainly minority individuals. Perkins (2000) illustrates that the natural mistrust our community has developed for law enforcement is rooted in our knowing that racial stereotypes-factors promoting perceptions that Blacks and Hispanics are violent criminal offenders are institutional and manipulated for political […]

Topics: Crime, Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Human Rights, Injustice, Justice, Social Issues

Paul Butler’s Book, Chokehold

Words: 517 Pages: 2 4229

Policing Black Men was written to expose police brutality against black men. It has an almost similar approach to how the New Jim Crow shed light on violence that occurs in prison which is often directed towards African Americans.  The term chokehold for most African Americans is a term that invokes sad memories. Especially with […]

Topics: Crime, Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Human Rights, Injustice, Justice, Law Enforcement, Morality, Racial Profiling, Social Issues

Problems with Gun Control

Words: 801 Pages: 3 4005

When a problem arises, people are most likely to asses the situation, find what is causing the complication, and then take actions to exterminate the cause of the problem. In recent years problems with gun control have risen and politicians, in addition to the general public, seem to lack an understanding of the true problem. […]

Topics: Crime, Criminal Law, Justice, Second Amendment, Social Issues, United States

Rosa Cabrera : Biography

Words: 416 Pages: 1 3844

On July 17, 2018, Mrs. Rosa Cabrera, who was born in Cuba and is a legal citizen of the United States, was alerted by a neighbor that the hair salon she owned for more than 20 years, had been vandalized and marked with four anti-Mexican graffiti on the walls of her premises. The graffiti was […]

Topics: Common Law, Crime, Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Hate crime, Justice, Law Enforcement, Morality, Murder, Social Issues

Women & Crime Jordyn Updyke

Words: 2242 Pages: 7 4053

As with many things in ancient or even recent history, women have effectively been pushed aside and left out of the main picture. It has been the men’s way of remaining superior to their frighteningly strong female subordinates in politics, education, career paths, and even criminological matters. Criminology and the scientific study of criminal behavior […]

Topics: Crime, Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Gender, Gender Roles, Law Enforcement, Prison

The Deoxyribonucleic Acid as a very Useful in the World of Forensic Science

Words: 405 Pages: 1 1020

Deoxyribonucleic acid commonly known as DNA is a genetic material found in the nucleus of cells in all living things. It is very useful in the world of science. Especially in the world of Forensic Science.DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is a tool that is used daily by Forensic Scientists around the world. The discovery of DNA […]

Topics: Forensic Science

Osama Bin Laden’s Death

Words: 842 Pages: 3 3054

In every article the message is derived from the language used, context of the paper and the opinion that the writer forwards in an article. The story on Osama Bin Laden was written in different contexts and depending on one’s opinion over the whole issue, there were different headlines and story lines that were developed. […]

Topics: Osama Bin Laden, Terrorism

The Necessity of Profiling in FBI

Words: 1360 Pages: 5 3774

Profiling is the idea of examining and analyzing offenders who are not known in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Howard D. Teten and Patrick J. Mullany first put it to use in 1972 on one of the unsolved cases that had been assigned to them. Profiling became a useful investigative tool to all law […]

Topics: Common Law, Crime, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, National Security, Racial Profiling, Social Issues

Cyber Security and how to Prevent Cyber Crime

Words: 1880 Pages: 6 7527

Cybercrimes are interrupting normal computer functions and has brought many known companies and personal entities to their knees. Over the last decade, crime has entered into the world of information. Crime is developing gradually since the days when merchandise was transported by stagecoach, theft or extortion has changed to keep up, even to our modern-day […]

Topics: Cyber Crime

Criminal Profiling

Words: 622 Pages: 2 3781

The crime I chose was robbery and ages 18 to 24 are most likely to commit this crime. I feel as though this age range is very accurate especially in society today the crimes being committed are by offenders around these age groups. Robbery is most likely to committed by males than females. In my […]

Topics: Crime, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Murder, Racial Profiling, Social Issues, Substance Abuse

Capital Punishment: Solving Murder with Murder

Words: 1684 Pages: 6 4212

In the year of 2018, 2,738 people were killed by the death penalty marked by July 1st. Majority of the executions since 1976 have been primarily white defendants with a number of 55.7% amongst another race. In our country the death penalty was set in motion by 30 states by October 11th, 2018; having Texas […]

Topics: Capital Punishment, Crime, Criminal Law, Harrison Bergeron, Morality, Murder, Social Issues

Negative Consequences of Second Amendment

Words: 1653 Pages: 6 3936

In late pasts guns were the only means of survival. The gun was what kept the home front safe from unwanted intruders from invading your land. It was also used to hunt for food to be put on the dinner table. However, today guns, as of late, are being used in the mass killings of […]

Topics: Health, Justice, Mass Shooting, Mental Disorder, Second Amendment, Social Issues

Less Guilty by Reason of Adolescence

Words: 454 Pages: 2 3976

Britney, I too found that one of the main arguments discussed in Less Guilty by Reason of Adolescence was that there should be a separate legal system for adolescents. This legal system would give adolescences reduced sentences, taking into account an adolescent’s impaired decision-making capacity, the circumstances surrounding the crime, the adolescent’s character (the circumstances […]

Topics: Adolescence, Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Justice, Law Enforcement, Peer pressure, Social Issues

How the Judges should or Shouldn’t Consider the RGE Evidence

Words: 1602 Pages: 5 3959

In this essay, I will be talking about how the judges should or shouldn’t consider the rGE evidence for the defendants in the hearing for the bail. I will be mentioning if during the pre-trails should it or should it not be based on the genetic predictions of the defendants’ future decisions. I will also […]

Topics: Behavior, Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Evidence, Justice, Punishment

A Analysis of Criminalistics in the Field of Forensic Science

Words: 748 Pages: 2 1202

Criminalistics is the professional and scientific discipline directed to the recognition, identification, individualization, and evaluation of physical evidence by application of the natural sciences in matters of law and science. Criminalistics includes the identification of physical evidence and findings as to its origin. Criminalistics is one of many divisions in the field of forensic science. […]

Topics: Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Science

Gender and Crime

Words: 1100 Pages: 4 6174

Gender has been attributed as one of the key factors that act a significant role in the crime patterns and the criminal justice systems. For a very long time, it has become a fact that women and men differ in their rates of committing crimes as well as their victimization pattern experience. However, from this […]

Topics: Crime, Criminal Justice, Gender, Justice, Morality, Social Issues, Violence, Virtue

Racism is Wrong which should be Stopped

Words: 888 Pages: 3 3989

Racism is a clear reality in our nation that affects all walks of life. Although, racism continues to shatter and destroy lives around the nation. Racial discrimination is a burden on people’s lives because of the harsh human judgment that has been placed upon color and how that judgment can affect other? lives. The presence […]

Topics: Common Law, Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Discrimination, Human Rights, Racism, Social Issues

Crime and Punishment: Women Mental Health in Prison

Words: 2474 Pages: 8 3858

An unsafe living environment is a risk factor for many future crimes, as young women who run away from home to avoid abuse are more likely to get involved in drug distribution, prostitution and property crime (DeHart, 2008). Drug distribution, prostitution and property crime (such as robbery and theft) become their only source of fast […]

Topics: Crime, Mental Health, Prison

General Strain Theory: Sexual Minority Group Illicit Drug Use

Words: 1836 Pages: 6 3471

Introduction The topic of my paper will be about illegal substance use among sexual minority adults and adolescents (also known as the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender LGBT populations) and how it is explained by the General Strain Theory GST using internal and external risk factors. My paper will explore this particular deviant behavior using a […]

Topics: Hate crime, Homosexuality, LGBT, Mental Health, Sexual Orientation, Social Issues, Substance Abuse

Suicide Attempt and Death in Jail

Words: 667 Pages: 2 3949

Suicide is not an uncommon cause of death within the criminal justice system. Just like individuals in society who faced mental health problems leading to suicide or death, those who have come across the criminal justice system have also faced similar problems. Suicide attempts and deaths in jails have considerably become a problem in the […]

Topics: Alcohol Abuse, Crime, Employment, Mental Disorder, Social Issues, Substance Abuse, Suicide

Example of a Sexual Assault Case

Words: 438 Pages: 1 3690

Sexual assault and rape are very serious social and public health issues in the U.S. Everyday there are women who are the victims of sexual assault and rape while men more or less are always the perpetrators. As an example in the article “Ford-Kavanaugh Hearing” by Ezra Klein it addresses the relationship between Christine Blasey […]

Topics: Abuse, Crime, Justice, Morality, Sexual Assault

Essay about Juvenile Justice

Words: 1338 Pages: 4 3497

By far the most common form of direct racial bias that Tim will come into contact with, is racial profiling, whereby authorities use stereotypes about a person’s race to single them out for greater scrutiny. Given that Tim’s neighborhood shows clear signs of social disorganization, it can be inferred that there are likely more police […]

Topics: Criminal Law, Juvenile Delinquency, Law Enforcement, National Security, Punishment, Racial Profiling, Social Issues

Against Violence of Arab and Muslim People

Words: 488 Pages: 2 3760

At the same time, President George W. Bush denounced private violence against Arab and Muslim people as “un-American and unlawful,” subject to hate crime investigations because “such senseless acts violate federal law.” In other words, hate crimes were “un-American” and “unlawful” in the sense that they violated the American creed of equality and fairness. Perhaps […]

Topics: Injustice, Justice, Prison, Rights, Social Issues, United States, Violence
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