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Deviance Essays

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The American Dream Possible

Words: 813 Pages: 3 2283

One of the most influential theories of all time is Merton’s Strain Theory, which was engender in 1938. Robert K. Merton developed the structural strain theory as an extension of the functionalist perspective on deviant. Robert Merton argued that society might be set up in a way that inspirits an inordinate amount of deviance. Merton […]

Topics: Conformity, Deviance, Social Issues

Career Research

Words: 847 Pages: 3 4016

I interviewed Jenn Devan who is a paralegal. She works at the National Guard in Colorado Springs. A paralegal is somebody who gets employed by a lawyer to perform substantive legal work for which the lawyer in responsible for. The more specific roles of a paralegal are to assist the attorney when doing tasks such […]

Topics: Criminal Justice, Deviance, Justice, Lawyer

Creation of Serial Killers – Nature Versus Nurture

Words: 775 Pages: 3 5381

There is a difference between a serial killer and simply a murderer. So what defines a serial killer? Well, according to Crime Museum, “A serial killer is conventionally defined as a person who murders three or more people in a period of over a month, with “cooling down” time between murders. For a serial killer, […]

Topics: Crime, Deviance, Mental Disorder, Murder, Nature versus nurture, Violence

Crime and Deviant Behavior: Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Words: 1360 Pages: 5 4996

Determining causes of crime and deviant behavior is a key goal for law enforcement officers in order for them to effectively implement public policy and better protect civilians. One contemporary theory that seeks to understand the causes of crime and deviance, and conceptualized by Ronald Akers and Robert Burgess, is the social learning theory of […]

Topics: Behavior, Crime, Crime Prevention, Deviance, Juvenile Delinquency, Social Learning Theory, Social Norm
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