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Crime Prevention Essays

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Drug Abuse Prevention and Control

Words: 640 Pages: 2 6043

The deep, energetic and sonorous voice of Whitney Houston that graced our ears will truly be missed. She was found dead in her house as a result of cocaine overdose. She was about 48 when she died. So will young Mac Miller and Lil Peep- talented celebrities who died of accidental fentanyl overdose at a […]

Topics: Crime Prevention, Drug Abuse

Crime and Deviant Behavior: Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Words: 1360 Pages: 5 4904

Determining causes of crime and deviant behavior is a key goal for law enforcement officers in order for them to effectively implement public policy and better protect civilians. One contemporary theory that seeks to understand the causes of crime and deviance, and conceptualized by Ronald Akers and Robert Burgess, is the social learning theory of […]

Topics: Behavior, Crime, Crime Prevention, Deviance, Juvenile Delinquency, Social Learning Theory, Social Norm

Situational Crime Prevention

Words: 352 Pages: 1 4538

Introduction Situational crime prevention centers more around the window of opportunity to break the law. In addition, situational crime prevention looks to lessen the damages brought about by criminal acts through adjusting quick or situational factors in the conditions where criminal acts routinely happen. Alcohol is one of the many factors that take part in […]

Topics: Alcohol Abuse, Crime, Crime Prevention, Criminal Justice, Health, Justice, Morality, Social Issues, Violence

Law Enforcement against Crime

Words: 1429 Pages: 5 4061

“The terrorist attacks of the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001, saw new developments by the United States on the war against terror. The nationality and ethnicity of the attackers led to an increase by law enforcement agencies to enforce racial profiling on specific racial or ethnic groups in the name of national […]

Topics: Common Law, Crime, Crime Prevention, Criminal Justice, Human Rights, Injustice, Rights, Social Issues

Crime Prevention: Putting a Stop to Hate Crime

Words: 1790 Pages: 6 3852

Hate crime has been a major issue all the around the world and affects not just an individual but society as a whole. Hate crime could be defined as a series of harmful events committed against a person or group based on religion, skin color, social status, gender, disability or any other characteristic. The first […]

Topics: Crime, Crime Prevention, Discrimination, Hate crime, Hatred, Immigration, Research, Social Issues
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Customers Data Usages in Companies

Words: 841 Pages: 3 3817

We live in an age when many of us are addicted to technology. Computers, phones, smart watches, even smart cars have been making our lives easier. Due to the fact that we are connected to the internet, we are able to be connected to everything. The ability to figure out the score from last night’s […]

Topics: Communication, Crime Prevention, Data Collection, Information, Justice, Privacy

Methods of Database Security

Words: 1785 Pages: 6 5294

Abstract Database security is a growing concern indicated by an expansion in the number of announced loss or unofficial submission incidents to sensitive data. As the amount of data collected, retained and split is expanding electronically, so is the need to recognize the security of databases. When a user of a database creates a list, […]

Topics: Crime Prevention, Cyber Crime, Data Collection, Privacy

Home Depot Data Breach

Words: 1492 Pages: 5 3724

Abstract: Individuals who have discovered unauthorized charges on their credit cards or learned that someone has used their name to take out a loan are not alone. A recent CNN/ Money magazine article reports that more than 13 million people were identity fraud victims last year, up from 12.6 million in 2012, based on a […]

Topics: Crime Prevention, Data Collection, Justice, National Security, Privacy

Smart Cities Data Security

Words: 681 Pages: 2 3884

Data and privacy challenges solutions In this part we will briefly explain the basic building blocks for the privacy enhancing technologies that have been created over the past decades. The sort of security that PETs ensure relies upon the setting where they are utilized, for instance privacy in smart mobility, or privacy of body & […]

Topics: Crime Prevention, Cyber Crime, Data Collection, Privacy

Essay About Crime Prevention

On the other end of the spectrum, are those who believe crime leads to deviant behavior because it has become a realm for criminal activity, for example, bribery, doping, and discrimination (Pajcic & Sokanovic, 2011). Due to the amount of division in the perception of crime and sports, it has lead to a substantial number of tests and research done on the positive and negative correlation between the two. Henceforth, negative or positive, both crime and sports are multi-faceted concepts, which encompass many controversial topics, while having many correlations. But even with a relation between sports and crime, the positives of the two variables working in conjunction with one another, outweigh any cons that may arise.

Athletics have always been used as a form of intervention and assimilation for communities and prisons (Darko, 2015). Delinquency and sports participation are both prominent developmental themes during adolescence. Pre-adulthood plays an instrumental role in delinquency and crime because youth become more self-sufficient and begin to shy away from the guidance of their parents; they begin to make a shift of dependency towards their community, school peers and after-school activities (Fredricks & Eccles, 2008). This is why when studying the relationship between sports and crime; it is important and relevant to evaluate the affiliation during adolescence.

Participating in sports builds a foundation of discipline and mental strength for participants as well as increases responsibility. (All Gymnastics Company, 2017) As demonstrated in Richardson’s, Cameron’s, and Berlouis’s study, participating in sports has the ability to improve self-esteem, cognitive reasoning abilities and provide participants with a feeling of purpose (Richardson, Cameron & Berlouis, 2017). Specifically, in the criminal justice system, sports coupled with education provide inmates with a form of rehabilitation and a pathway to re-assimilate into society after jail (UNODC, 2018). Further, preventative measures through athletics and physical activity, allows juvenile crime rates to decrease (Darko, 2015). Through sports, participants learn the value of hard work and sacrifice. Classical criminal tactics for young adults no longer suffice in today’s society and Darko attributes the reappearance of adolescents in detention centers as a primary reason for governments to implement alternative methods to assist juveniles. There is an increasing number of crimes associated with young adults, (Darko, 2015) so it is important to understand the purpose of athletics and how it ensures a form of discipline that allows participants to curve crime and behavioral issues.

These measures have also been tested in other countries where crime rates were also very high. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) have created a program, which helps to alleviate potential crime in countries by creating a crime prevention program in the following areas: State of Qatar, Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, and South Africa to name a few (UNODC, 2018). These programs assist in alleviating lawlessness in the countries while improving psychological and physical health. This initiative prides itself on its resilience against crime, violence, and drug use while providing children with essential life skills, communication tactics and self-discipline, which helps to navigate against criminal activity. With almost 2,000 participants, UNODC’s youth crime prevention initiative not only impacts schools, youth centers, and young adults but also the communities it inhabits itself in (UNODC, 2018). Oliver Staple, UNODC’s program manager responsible for the curriculum, stressed the importance of athletics at his crime prevention banquet, saying sports have a fundamental impact in the community and it was only a matter of time before the program began using it as a tool to advance crime prevention (UNODC, 2018). 

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