Situational Crime Prevention

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Situational crime prevention centers more around the window of opportunity to break the law. In addition, situational crime prevention looks to lessen the damages brought about by criminal acts through adjusting quick or situational factors in the conditions where criminal acts routinely happen. Alcohol is one of the many factors that take part in criminal activities and violence. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can bring down restraints, hinder an individual’s judgment and increment the danger of forceful practices. Because of this, Felson and Eckert (2018) address issues identified with alcohol and distinguish explicit methodologies that are taken to diminish these issues (p.

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Issues Related to Alcohol

There are a variety of offenses that can result from alcohol. One of the many being crowd problems. When alcohol is involved in large crowds such as, “football stadiums, concerts, political events, holiday parties, and entertainment events” (Felson, M., & Eckert, M. (2019), p.114) it is more than likely that disorderly conduct will take place. Using the situational crime prevention table strategies, removing the excuses and controlling the drugs and alcohol for large crowds will prevent individuals from rationalizing and justifying their actions. Another offense that can result from excessive alcohol consumption is danger in drinking zones such as bars, pubs, and clubs. There are many ways to reduce incidents within these areas. Increasing the efforts will allow entertainment facilities to control who has access to the services provided. Also, not allowing multiple facilities to be placed next to one another. Lastly, drunk driving is by far the most common incident related to alcohol that occurs. One of the strategies from the situational crime prevention table that can help in reducing drunk driving, is increasing the risks by extending guardianship. This technique can be helpful if individuals who plan on consuming large amounts of alcohol are responsible enough to have someone be the designated driver.


There are many advantages and disadvantages when consuming alcohol, such as violence, disorder, intentional attacks, and sadly accidental deaths. Although excessive drinking seems harmless and is self- inflicting it actually can affect many individuals and results in many criminal incidents.”

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