Gender and Crime

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Gender has been attributed as one of the key factors that act a significant role in the crime patterns and the criminal justice systems. For a very long time, it has become a fact that women and men differ in their rates of committing crimes as well as their victimization pattern experience. However, from this report, we find that the victimization risk of violence among the male adults almost equal to that of female adults.

My perception, however, is different from the findings of this report.

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In the society, the female arrests made are always few compared to their male counterparts in virtually all the offences apart from prostitution. This also applies to the other countries concerning the literature available and of the data has been provided. Female are less represented than males when it comes to serious crimes. Since the 1960s in the US, for the offences such as homicide, aggravated assault crime of burglary and other property crimes, the women arrest have been below 10%. From the literature available and personal experience, there are no doubts that the males are more involved in serious offences than their female counterparts. The magnitudes of the offences they commit are also more harmful compared to that of the females. Women violence acts often result in less serious harms and fewer injuries. Their crimes on property in many instances it resulted in less property damage and monetary loss. This can also be attributed to the belief that women are believed to be the weaker sex in the society, and thus their impact on the manual jobs is not that recognized.

Regarding the age and rate of the victimization between the two sexes, the report has it that in both genders the rate of crime is highest while in their early twenties unlike when old. However, in this case, the females in the age bracket of 18-44 showed higher rates of violence victimization compared to men in the same bracket. In this age bracket, women tend to be more active, however past the age of 44 the rate of violent victimization in men is however higher. The can also be attributed to the physical strength of men at this age compared to women. At his age men also tend to be so much pressed in life issues and thus resolve to find money through other ways making them engage in crime. According to the report, they find out that men tend to be physically assaulted way from their homes compared to women. From the physical assaults reported in both male and female, the large percentage of men was attacked while away from their homes. Majority of men tend to go on social events which take place in public places and when provoked the engage physically unlike women who prefer verbal engagement. The male gender in most instances prefers using violence to solve their issues.

However, regarding sexual assault, most of the victims who were sexually assaulted were women. Women are more vulnerable to sexual assaults compared to men. The society also has a negative approach to women in the society and only views them as sexual objects only. The male socialization behaviour is known to promote active individualistic behaviour unlike in women where it evokes virtues such as sharing and a caring attitude among the women.

More important to note is that women offenders tend to their business solo unlike men, and when they gang up with others, the groups are usually small and temporary. Mostly women in the group are usually male accomplice. On the other hand, men are usually dominant in the organized gang’s crime which is usually lethal in their operations. This is the distinction clear with the tendency of men to specialize in gangs and women tend to operate alone. Therefore from the available data and literature review, the female gangs have remained less common at some point they are only imagined and don’t exist in reality.

The criminal justice system leniency towards the female gender gives a hint on the documented lower offending instances by women as compared to men. Likewise, the criminal justice, system tendency to be harsh towards the male gender explains it all how men are into crime more than women.

In most of the instances women have been viewed as a soft target and thus are very prone to assaults compared to men. Their fast reaction in case of a physical assault is that of a panic instead of defending their selves. This makes women the reason of being the obvious target of the many crimes in the society.

Despite the truth that the rule of law applies to men and women equally, there is no guarantee that men and women will be with equal measure. The many ways in which the society and the judicial system respond to react to different kinds of crimes with elements such as politics, ethnicity mental disability, and sex affect the outcome.

To understand this issues better factors such as the gender crime ration, what nature of crime has taken place and the relation of the crime to gender? This is the section the majority of criminologist have focused in their attempts to justify why the male gender is involved in criminal activities more than the men.

Gendered pathways, this explains the case nature and the behaviour of men to women in respect to the process of lawbreaking. Finally, the gendered crime will help explain the qualities of the females and males in causing violence and their overall participation in the committing of the offences. The on the relationship between gender and violence should be expounded especially on the role of women in crime prevention. Most of the women victims in many cases are always related to the accused person. The weapons involved in assaulting the person also vary.

According to the documented report findings, a lot of factors have been associated with being violent crime victims, ranging from stress, injuries and the disruption of the day to a routine. To prevent this person need to know how to conduct themselves in times of stress as well as know how to respond to simple arguments without engaging physically especially for men. The rule of law and the overall approach of the judicial system should be practised equally irrespective of the gender. The law tends to be more lenient towards the female gender even after finding such suspect culpable of committing an offence. However, more research needs to be done so that to enhance our understanding of the relationship between crime and gender and their impact on the criminal justice system.

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