How the Media Portray Crime and the Criminal Justice System?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Crime has become one of the most consumed topics in America media. Since the U.S citizens greatly believe, rely, and get fooled on whichever the media spit out to them mostly with anything regarding crime, therefore, they do not take a moment to find, think, and analyze what they have heard, watched, or read from the media to compare with statistical facts. Rather, they digest any news that is being released from the media as true and credible. In fact, the media portrays crime and the criminal justice system very negatively.

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When an incident happens, for instance the case of Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman, of course it was a tragic situation that demand legal attention; however, the propaganda made by the media made the incident seemed like it was a racial discrimination case because Trayvon was a black and Zimmerman a white. The media condemned the criminal justice system as not doing his duty as prescribed the laws etc.

What T.V show did you watch?

COPS T.V shows “What Is the White Stuff on Your Face”?

Do you notice any common physical characteristics among the suspects?

No, there were no physical characteristics from the suspect. The suspect was very cooperative with the law enforcement officers when they approached and hand cuffed him. He did not offer any resistance to the police officers except he did not stop his car at first when the police ordered him to and continued to drive until the other backup police came.

Does there appear to be a “criminal type”?

Yes, the suspect was charged with three felonies offenses such as tempered with evidence, evading a police officer car, and he was already a convicted felon.

Do fictional television shows cast actors of a certain physical type to play offenders?

I would say yes, they do cast actors of a certain physical type to play offenders in order to better attract and influence the intended audience. Without being stigmatized because I am a black African-American, the fictional television shows often use black people actors to play offenders in a criminal case due to solely the fact that in our society, black people are seen to be the most criminal or to commit the most criminal acts which may not be true unless proven with statistical facts.

What characteristics (if any) are common to fictional criminals?

As I mentioned it in the previous answer that fictional television shows do cast actors of a certain physical type to play offenders. For instance, they would often use black people with tattoos and the muscled ones in order to make him appear as a wicked, a stupid, or a fool. They might also use other common characteristics such as an old wise man, a kind nurse, etc.

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