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Economic and Cultural Transformation as a Result of Globalization in the Philippines

Words: 3311 Pages: 11 55242
Written by PapersOwl author

Globalization is associated with not only advancements in communication and ever-expanding trade routes but also transformation in political systems and the enhancement or destruction of cultural heritage (Block, 2004; Lieber & Weisberg, 2002). Indeed, it is apparent that globalization in developing countries has a significant impact on political, economic, and cultural aspects. Globalization arises from […]

Topics: Agriculture, Economy, Employment, Globalization, Pesticide, Philippine Government, Policy, Trade, Unemployment, United States

Benefits of College Degree

Words: 1354 Pages: 5 12335

Everyone wants an equal chance to achieve the “”American Dream.”” The average person wants to attend college, find a great career, start a family, and own a house and car. College provides students with a steady path, control over their lives, and a secure future. It has become the new way of life for current […]

Topics: College, Employment, Is College Worth It, Unemployment

Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Words: 1840 Pages: 6 24991

Gender inequality in the workplace has been an ongoing issue for decades now. Men and women have never been on the same page when it comes to work. Women have always been known to be more of caregivers and men have been given the tougher tasks. Gender stereotypes have always played a major role in […]

Topics: Critical Theory, Discrimination, Employment, Feminism, Gender, Gender Equality, Gender Inequality, Gender Pay Gap, Gender Roles

Women in WWII

Words: 1281 Pages: 4 14220

Women in World War II World War II lasted from September 1, 1939 – September 2, 1945. This war was a crucial and life-changing time in history that affected countries around the world. The war involved many countries and people, including women.Women at the time were seen as more equal to men than ever before.They […]

Topics: Critical Theory, Employment, Feminism, Gender, Gender Equality, Gender Inequality, Sex, Social Issues, World War 2

Unemployment as a Social Issue

Words: 931 Pages: 3 13038

Introduction. Unemployment is real issue in the modern society and has devastating impact on people’s lives. The effects are not limited to the unemployed individual but also family members and the wider community. As unemployment is time bound, with the duration of unemployment have far reaching effects even affecting the living standards in retirement 2. […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Policy, Social Issues, Unemployment
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Strategic HR and CEO at Netflix

Words: 1661 Pages: 6 7085

Abstract When the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings created the company in 1995, he a vision of more than just revolutionizing the way we watch entertainment. He also had a vision of running a company with a culture that exemplified freedom and responsibility. Netflix took the necessary time to restructure their Human Resources Management from […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Human Resource Management, Netflix, Strategic Management, Work

Gender Wage Gap Within Sports

Words: 2823 Pages: 9 8390

Introduction Women have always been thought of as inferior to men. Before World War II, women were only to birth children, raise them, and perform household duties (Garris & Wilke, 2017). Everything started to go up hill when women gained the right to vote in 1920. After World War II began in 1939, local factories […]

Topics: Discrimination, Employment, Equal pay for equal work, Gender Pay Gap, Gender Roles, Mass Media, Sexism

Women’s Rights in Pakistan

Words: 2236 Pages: 7 12362

“There are roughly 101,715,995 women in Pakistan currently, yet none have reached an equal status with men. Women’s rights have been a fight since the early 1900s for Pakistanis, yet very little has been done, few changes have been made on this subject matter. Females are disgraced in so many different ways, they have basically […]

Topics: Employment, Gender, Human Rights, Justice, Marriage, Sexism, Social Issues

Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid

Words: 1481 Pages: 5 6819

Giving examples to demonstrate your understanding of leadership, discuss the Mouton and Blake’s managerial grid Blake and Mouton identified two fundamental drivers of managerial behaviour as concern for getting the job done, and concern for the people doing the work. They argued that an exclusive concern for production at the expense of the needs of […]

Topics: Employment, Leadership

Walmart’s New Recruitment Strategy

Words: 1648 Pages: 5 6649

Walmart’s New Recruitment Strategy Marcia Lee (HRM440)  Recruitment, Selection and Employee Development Colorado State University Global Campus Dr. Danielle Camacho October 14, 2018 Walmart’s New Recruitment Plan Sticking with Walmart, it’s apparent their current strategy is ineffective. I have yet to walk into a Walmart and receive good customer service; however, their pick up and […]

Topics: Employment, Walmart

The Purpose of this SWOT Analysis for Netflix

Words: 1469 Pages: 5 6480

Background on Netflix “Netflix has been leading the way for digital content since 1997” (Netflix.com, 2018) Netflix is currently the world’s leader in the realm of internet entertainment. Netflix has a whopping 125 million memberships in over 190 countries; members enjoy entertainment such as original content as well as an array of television series, documentaries […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Human Resource Management, Netflix, Swot Analysis, Work

Apple Inc. Analysis and Organizational Culture

Words: 2185 Pages: 7 8681

Abstract Technology today has in some way influenced our personal and professional lives. In touch of button we can make a phone call, order food, and even now facetime from our phones. Apple has become one of the largest companies providing consumers with electronic devices, computer software, and online services. Technology plays a big role […]

Topics: Apple Inc, Economy, Employment, Innovation, Organizational Culture, Steve Jobs

Why College Athletes should be Paid (treated as Employees)

Words: 1170 Pages: 4 8210

Introduction (Show News Headlines: Injury, Athletes career over) Stanley Doughty, of the South Carolina Gamecocks, was considered one of the top defensive linemen to ever play in college football. That is, before he suffered a career ending spinal injury in his final season. After a helmet to helmet collision in a 2004 practice game, the […]

Topics: College, Employment, Should College Athletes Be Paid

Supply of Various Items Rose

Words: 1066 Pages: 4 3829

Just like a coin, there are two sides to everything. Industrialization has brought revolution to the world as we know it today and want to serve people, help them in make their lives better, but it has also brought many ineradicable harms and negative effects in the society. Industrialization has brought revolution to the world. […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Factory, Industrial Revolution, Poverty, Unemployment

Hershey’s Company

Words: 1765 Pages: 6 3841

Hershey, who worked for 6 years without profits, decided to shut down his company and lost all his possessions. But he was not dominated by despair. He decided to travel across the states, moving from Denver to New York, Chicago, and New Orleans. , returning to Pennsylvania with a torch that lit his way. He […]

Topics: Child, Child Labour, Chocolate, Economy, Employment

The Problem of Child Labor

Words: 1646 Pages: 5 3937

We dwelled in the world where 306 children are employed in child labor (ILO REPORT 2010) Small children are the charming and beautiful flowers of this relatively flowers of this land. They are innocent inwardly and externally. There is no doubt, they are the great and precious beauty of the world. In the morning when […]

Topics: Child, Child Labour, Economy, Employment, Labor, Poverty, Social Issues

Information and Communication Technologies

Words: 1282 Pages: 4 3896

Introduction Over the past few decades, information and communication technologies (ICTs) have played an important role as a key solution for comprehensive development, poverty elimination, and the empowerment of groups discriminated against in society. The ICT sector presents tremendous opportunities for women, but for women to seize these opportunities equally as men, the gender stereotype […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economic Inequality, Economy, Employment, Empowerment, Gender Equality, Gender Inequality, Gender Roles

Decision Making Processes in Interagency Projects

Words: 2792 Pages: 9 3573

A functional social service system plays a key role in creating socio-economic wellbeing. The social service systems in the developed countries are well established. In such systems, the government and non-governmental agencies collaborate to provide people with various services and incomes. In history, the services provided have undergone evolution in ethos, program approach, policy, and […]

Topics: Adoption, Communication, Economy, Employment, Evaluation, Goal, Leadership, Learning, Organization

Raising the Minimum Wage

Words: 1206 Pages: 4 10330

Fighting poverty is basically what every human being is doing or in fact trying to do during their lives. In order to keep themselves away from that, people would work in jobs that pay the minimum amount of money while they figure out what might be next. Minimum wage jobs would not help people to […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Labor, Minimum Wage, Policy, Poverty, Social Issues, Unemployment, Work

The Negative Effects of Increasing Minimum Wage

Words: 981 Pages: 3 5843

There is a current issue that is become very popular at political debates around the US; to raise the minimum wage or to not? This question rose from the Fair Labor and Standard Act of 1938 which effectively set a livable rate at which employees could sell their work. The specific question that I will […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Minimum Wage, Poverty, Unemployment

Challenges for Women in Law Enforcement

Words: 1677 Pages: 6 5924

Abstract This paper explores a few of the challenge’s women face as law enforcement officers. Historically, women have always had to work hard to prove they belong in the work force and policing is no exception. Gender bias is very much alive and well despite all efforts of feminists and women around the world. Departments […]

Topics: Discrimination, Employment, Gender Equality, Justice, Sexism, Sexual Harassment, Social Issues

African American Groups

Words: 2703 Pages: 9 3629

Since the 18th- 21st centuries, African American groups fought against prejudices and racial barriers to establish themselves as a population deserving the “natural rights” granted in the Constitution. In this way, the defined rights that African Americans possess have greatly evolved, impacting their societal and political standing. The shaky establishment of African American civil rights […]

Topics: Brown V. Board Of Education, Employment, Human Rights, Jim Crow Laws, Justice, Racial Segregation, Social Issues

Vulnerable Population Immigrants

Words: 2845 Pages: 9 3669

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to discuss oppression and its different forms and variations for a greater understanding of its short term and long-term effects on vulnerable populations but focusing more on the vulnerable population of immigrants and children of immigrants. The meaning and application of discrimination will also be discussed. Laws that […]

Topics: Adolescence, Child, Citizenship, Discrimination, Employment, Empowerment, Hate crime, Health, Immigration, Justice

Should the Government Raise the Federal Minimum Wage?

Words: 1322 Pages: 4 13445

The federal minimum wage was first introduced in 1938 during the Great Depression under President Franklin Roosevelt, and since first being introduced, it has changed several times by Congress. The minimum wage is referred to as the lowest wage an employer can legally pay their employees. It was created to help Americans in poverty and […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Minimum Wage, Policy, Poverty, United States

Minimum Wage in the United States

Words: 1033 Pages: 3 4283

On July 24, 2009 the federal government set the minimum wage throughout the United States at $7.25. Millions of middle and lower class families struggle to make financial ends meet. Meaning the wage isn’t even enough for a family of two or three children. While the wages are low, it is also a burden to […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Food, Minimum Wage, Policy, Poverty, Social Issues

Lactones are Cyclic Ester Moieties

Words: 2852 Pages: 10 3666

Lactones are cyclic ester moieties widely found in hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes, plants, foods such as dairy, cosmetics, fragrances, and pharmacological drugs. The medicinal properties of lactones have been extendedly investigated initially through isolation of natural plant-based products. Lactone groups may be isolated from natural sources such as the Asteraceae or Myristicaceae plant families, while synthetic […]

Topics: Adolescence, Child, Citizenship, Discrimination, Employment, Empowerment, Hate crime, Health, Immigration

Title IX and Gender Equality in Sport

Words: 2202 Pages: 7 5324

Introduction Sport is one of few arenas that individuals expect to be judged only by their ability and athleticism; however, when gender is considered, there is still a great deal of inequality. Researchers, scholars, and participants in sport have been debating the need for more representation of women and equal opportunities in sport for decades, […]

Topics: Civil Rights Act Of 1964, Discrimination, Employment, Gender Equality, Justice, Social Issues, Title IX

Earned Lost Triumphs of the United States

Words: 1816 Pages: 6 3490

Discrimination comes in various flavors. A group of people believes it is racial, gender, race-ethnicity, or color. “In the United States, various groups have experienced many forms of discrimination, including ancestral discrimination, sexual discrimination (denial of certain rights to women), religious discrimination, cultural discrimination, age discrimination, discrimination against the disabled (both physically and mentally), and […]

Topics: Discrimination, Employment, Gender Inequality, Justice, Prejudice And Discrimination, Racism, Social Inequality

Child Labour Issues and Challenges

Words: 2116 Pages: 7 5376

Childhood should be a child’s happiest moment in life. They should be able to spend it playing with friends, spending time with family, and going to school; however, not all children are fortunate enough to have this opportunity. Their childhood days are taken over by their jobs. Millions of kids around the world, mostly in […]

Topics: Child, Child Labour, Childhood, Economy, Employment, Family, Labor

Child Labour in India: a Critical Legal Study

Words: 1943 Pages: 6 4724

Abstract Child labour has been prevalent in our society and across the world since ages and is a growing concern for the development around the globe. Much is taken away in the name of labour: childhood. Child labour is the denial of their childhood, their freedom and their future and their being as human being. […]

Topics: Child Labour, Economy, Employment, Family, Justice, Poverty, Social Issues
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