Corporate Culture and Change

Corporate culture can be defined as the behavior and believes that are meant to be key determiners of how the employees of a certain company and the managerial body would interact in terms of business transactions that take place within a company or any other form of enterprises. Business culture is very crucial since it influences the decisions of the management and all other functions within a business organization such as production and accounting sectors.

However, the change of organizational culture can be very difficult attempt and it has been classified as one of the leadership challenges that has been common in many corporates. The reason behind this is because any single organizational culture as it comprises of interlocking components such as values, processes, goals, attitudes, communication practices and roles that are dedicated to different groups of people. Therefore, this piece of work will explore the NoJax company’s culture and the way its management can help their employees to adopt to change.

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Nojax Company has been expanding rapidly in the recent days due to the strong organizational culture that has enabled the company to plan and coordinate activities from various branches of the company which has finally translated to the increased revenue from sales and other profit making venture that it has been dealing with as a limited liability company. The organizational culture of this company comprises of different components that combine together to influence its overall functionality as a small scale company.

For instance, the decision making process of the company demands that such decisions should pass through multiple approvals since it has to pass through the direct managers as well as through a representative from senior team of management. Also, its business culture calls for consistency in roles of each department and team. This is reflected from the fact that employee rotation is not allowed nor are they allowed to change positions and the teams which they have been allocated. According to its business culture also, yearly evaluation of employees is done whereby it involves giving ranks to the employee. Average working hours as based on the culture of this company is 50 working hours in week and they payment is said to be above the average industry pay.

The process of hiring employees according to the company is done by the product manager and the resume for carrying out hiring programs is carried out in three months basis.The company’s structure is stipulates that power has to come from top managers and spreads down to the employees thought a chronological order. The structure clearly shows the distribution and allocation of duties and orders that are to be followed by all the employees. The senior managerial team comprise of R&D manager, marketing manager and also the design manager. Also in the production line of company, we have to a manager in charge of production of every shoe brand in this company.

This structure has a direct impact on the culture of the company in that it dictates the behavior and the practices of the company due to specialization of work. It also influences the relationship between the seniors and the workers because in case of complains there is a certain order that should be followed by employees in order to make their grievances reach the seniors. The leadership traits of these leaders show that that the organization has a well-organized leadership traits that clearly stipulates the role of each individual and the relationship boundaries among the workers and the movement.

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